42 cool wall tattoos for the youth room in a graffiti look

cool wall decals - youth room-graffiti-look-colorful

The furniture in the children’s room doesn’t necessarily have to be cool, but the decorations do. Something colorful and contemporary in any case. But save yourself the stains of color when painting the walls and the paste stains when wallpapering and decorate the youth room with wall stickers. Cool wall decals, that suit teenagers’ tastes but are difficult to find. That is why we have put together some great suggestions for you that would automatically spread a good mood in the youth room.

Cool wall tattoos by Giulio Rossi

cool wall decals - youth room-abstract-graffiti-look

The contemporary graffiti look is perfect for the teenage room and these wall decals are perfect examples. These motifs were developed for Stikka by talented artists and designers. Inspired by street art and pop art iconography, the wall stickers from Stikka impress with their great motifs, bright colors and attention to detail.

Cool wall stickers – Claudio Crispo (left), Wil1 by Willow (right)cool-wall-tattoos-youth-room-boy-street-art

Immerse yourself in the fantastic, colorful world of Stikka and browse through his wonderful collections by different artists and designers. Your teens would definitely fall in love with these fun motifs.

 Shikoku wall sticker perfect for the girl’s room


Alberto Corradi, AG5 by Ale Giorgini and Art2 by Damu

cool wall decals - youth room - abstract - drawings - caricatures

Wil by Willow and wall stickers by Vlady Art


AC3 by Alberto Corradi and GGT by Ggt


Graffiti wall stickers from GGT


IUS1 by Iurissevich Giulio and One by One Hp


Deru by Frederica de Ruvo


right – IUS4 by Iurissevich Giulio and Love wall sticker Hackatao


Wall stickers in red and black by Alberto Corradi


Stefano De Longhi, Sonia Bertagnoli, Pao by Paolaccio

cool wall decals youth room-boy-cartoons

Hack by Hackatao and IUS by Lurissevich


Hippo and Elephants


GGT2 by Ggt, FB1 by Fabian & Barny


People silhouettes


Bed headboards


colorful wall decorations with blue eyes