35 ideas for creative children’s room design with color

Children's room design with color mural girl flowers brown green

There is a wide variety of creative ideas and contemporary designs that would bring color and mood to your child’s bedroom. While neutral wall colors are preferred for the modern living area because of their versatility, bright colors are popular in children’s room design. the Children’s room design with color offers us the freedom and creativity we want to decorate children’s room walls attractively. There are several methods that you can consider.

Children’s room design with color – paint beautiful pictures

Children's room design with color wall painting bed pitched roof bed green

Structure paint and various painting techniques

Textured wall paints are a great way to paint the walls in a child’s room in a striking way. If you want to achieve an interesting effect with conventional paints, you should roll up a plastic bag, wrap it around a paint roller, dip it in paint and paint the wall. This creates a wrinkled effect on the wall. Also, try the other painting techniques with dry brush, washcloth, and more.

Children’s room design with color – stenciling

Children's room design with color triangles colorful lowboard television white yellow

Contemporary pattern

Stencil the walls in the children’s room with different designs that look modern and at the same time use the child’s favorite colors. For example, vortices, points or squares. Choose colors like pink or purple for the girls room and red or blue for boys.

Romantic wall painting in the nursery

Children's room design with color romantic wall decal butterflies purple pink gray

Wall painting and whole landscapes

Another idea for creative ones Children’s room design with color would be to embellish the walls not only with randomly arranged pictures using stencils, but also to create entire scenes that specifically match the motto of the decoration. In this way, the girl’s room could be transformed into a huge blooming garden. Choose bed linen with floral motifs to round off the overall picture. For a boy’s nursery, buy blue bedding, fish-shaped pillows, and paint the walls blue with a variety of species of fish. So it will look like an aquarium.

Color blue for boys

children's room design with color blue design wallpaper carpet stripes

 Wall painting for real princesses

children's room-design-color-wall-painting-orange-octopus-boy

A big orange colored octopus for boys

children's room-design-color-wall-painting-loeva-bed-canopy-green-blue

Children's room design with color-wall-painting-tree-ceiling-sky

Paint the sky on the ceiling

Children's room-design-paint-walls-paint-airplane-mountains

simple but beautifully made

children's room-design-color-wall-deco-animal-pictures

cute animals

Children's room-design-color-wall-painting-girls-room-flowers

enchanted garden

Children's room design with color-stencil-decorative onion-girl

Children's room design-color-stencil-panda-berries-red-black-white

children's room-design-color-stencils-city-buildings-baby-room-boy

Children's room design with color-stencils-green-wall-paint-white-tree-uhus

children's room-design-color-stencils-flowers-branches-girl's room

idea of ​​a children's room design with color-modern-baby-room-stencil-forest-motifs

children's room-design-color-stencil-tree-maedchenzimmer

children's room-design-color-stencils-trees-black-white-boy

Children's room-design-color-stencil-mermaid-dolphin

children's room-design-color-stencil-children-silhouettes-swings

Children's room design with color-stencil-giraffe-tree-stripes-baby room-boy

Children's room design with color-stencil-tree branch-cats-purple-wall-girl's room

Children's room design with color-wall-painting-underwater world-boy

children's room-design-color-wall-painting-garden-ikea-loeva-bed-canopy

Children's room-design-paint-stencil-tree-owl-pastel-yellow-wall paint

Children's room-design-color-stencil-tree-sloping roof-baby room-dark gray-wall-paint

Children's room-design-color-modern-pattern-boy-orange-blue

Children's room design-color-modern-laundry-shelves

Children's room design-color-paintings-girls-flowers-reading-niche

Children's room design with color-wall-painting-princess-castle-maedchenzimmer

children's room-design-paint-girls-room-tree-painting

Children's room-design-color-girl-stencil-cherry blossom tree

children's room-design-color-girl-stencil-tree-pink-furniture

Children's room design-color-tree-stencil-leaves-wallpaper-scraps-bookshelves