30 great youth room ideas and tips for small rooms

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Teenagers need a space they can call their own, even if those spaces are just small bedrooms. Since a small room has a lot to accommodate, you can face several challenges when designing a youth room. But with the right furniture and some clever solutions, small youth rooms can be furnished practically and beautifully. Check out the great Youth room ideas below and see for yourself how creatively you can use the limited space.

 Youth room ideas and clever furnishing tricks


Choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. For example, a single bed with a bed box is used for sleeping, sitting and offers enough storage space. A bed with a pull-out bed would also be a good choice if you have two children or friends are frequent guests. Loft beds can accommodate an entire work area with a desk or a wardrobe underneath. Wall shelves and cabinets can effectively use the vertical space to store reading books and stereo. A high chest of drawers also fits a lot of clothes and is a good alternative to a wardrobe. Built-in furniture doesn’t take up much space either and is preferred to bulky pieces of furniture. A floating wall shelf takes up much less space than a bedside table. Instead of a sofa, choose a window seat, instead of a desk, mount a desk top on the wall.

Teenage room ideas for boys

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 Pick a color scheme and theme for the room, but keep the colors bright and the patterns – simple. Dark colors make a room look smaller, while light colors make it look bigger. Buy appropriate bedding and other accessories to create a consistent look.

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Youth room ideas – patchwork carpet

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Design youth rooms in red and white

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Light wood and orange accents are a good combination

youth room-small-girl-boy-orange-wood-furniture

Neutral colors

youth room ideas-unisex-small-rooms-beige-cream-bed-drawer

dark veneer paired with red accents

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The desk top in the corner doubles as a bedside table

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Single bed with storage box and Star Wars posters

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Wall shelves use the space vertically


Built-in wardrobe and lots of wall shelves

small-youth-room-built-in wardrobe-loft bed-desk

Let natural light flood into the room

small-youth-room-bed-bed base-corner wardrobe-desk

space-saving single bed with bed box

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youth room-boys-small-room-bed-bed box-desk-white-blue

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youth room-girl-loft bed-wardrobe-storage space

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