25 nursery furniture designs and ideas for boys nursery

thematic children's room for boys GOTHAM CITY cia international

Every boy has his favorite cartoon characters like Batman and Superman. They are enthusiastic about their supernatural powers and their life full of adventure. Just as pink princess rooms are hugely popular with girls, the superheroes are a hit with little boys. The colors like green, blue and gray are classic. Check out this 26 Ideas for boys nursery and think about which accents, colors and interesting furniture designs you could recreate at home.

Themed ideas for boys nursery

thematic children's room boys superman KRYPTON

CIA International are offering you two kids’ rooms packed with superpowers – Gotham City and Krypton. The wardrobe, bed and other furniture are covered with pictures from the comics. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent’s adventures come to life in these totally cool bedrooms!

Ideas for boys children’s rooms – colors and materials

clever wood furniture boys nursery green

If you want a more classic theme, then the next nursery is perfect for you. Alpine 009 by Clever is characterized by fashionable and sober colors. Warm wooden fronts and matt lacquered surfaces with a pleasant emerald green color.

compact bedroom for two boys

GIESSEGI ideas for boys children's room fresh green white storage space

A compact children’s room for playing and studying GIESSEGI. Original ideas and functional furniture for children and teenagers that introduce flexible design and lots of color. Space-saving children’s room furniture that arrange desks, beds and wardrobes in an optimal way. The joy and vitality of color, the provision of a wide collection with intelligent choices for dynamic children and innovation in materials characterize the children’s room furniture by GIESSEGI.

Wall decoration with beautiful waves

waves deco wall ideas for boys nursery moretticompact

stylish design in blue and gray

Tomasella Compas modern children's room furniture blue gray

Children’s room with a sloping ceiling

Tomasella Compas ideas for boys nursery modenr

SOLID WOOD by G.Viganò   solid wood children's room furniture GViganò ideas for boys children's rooms

small boys room with loft bed

Limba small bedroom boys storage ideas

interesting curvy wall shelf

nursery furniture ideas boys nursery dear kids

red, blue and white – classic color combination for boys

boys children's room red blue furniture Sangiorgio Mobili

cute wall shelf design

boys children's room furniture wall shelf klou xl

boys children's room furniture modern Doimo Cityline

ideas boys children's room ROS1SA wall decal sayings

Ideas for boys children's room ROS1SA modern blue white shelving system

ideas boy children's room furniture white mistral

ideas boys children's room furniture ROS 1 SA

Ideas for boys children's room Bopita blue white black

ideas boys children's room blue yellow corner wardrobe mistral

GIESSEGI blue white ideas for boys children's room two

design ideas for boys children's room shelving system superworld

clever start 25 ideas boys room light blue simply modern

two boys children's room red blue carpets Colombini

boy set up children's room colors blue yellow Colombini

ideas boy children's room pensarecasa furniture wood

boy children's room clei klein carpet red wall decoration