Loft bed in a teenager’s room – modern furnishing ideas from Tumidei

Loft bed in the teenage room girl-furnishing-tegal-sofa-modern-design

We will provide you with interesting ideas for Loft bed in a teenager’s room presented by the Italian company Tumidei. The space-saving variants are the perfect furnishings for small rooms or for a room that several children have to share. They are easy to redesign and look very friendly thanks to the fresh color palette. Modern and comfortable – here come the designs!

Loft bed in a teenager’s room – modern colors


The Italian manufacturer Tumidei has specialized in children’s rooms that not only look trendy, but also have a lot of storage space. That Loft bed in a teenager’s room is an independent alternative that occurs in combination with different pieces of furniture – sometimes with a desk, with a base cabinet or with another bed. The collection offers numerous design options for every taste and every room. The interesting color palette is suitable for both girls and boys – yellow, green, purple, gray, black, white and red are preferred by the designers. The chic design and the accents are clear proof that the loft bed can also be an alternative for adults.

Loft bed in a teenager’s room


The youth room furnishings are tastefully combined with the appropriate duvet. Lighting, wall decorations and even the stairs are designed with adults in mind, not children. The designers have come up with different constructions made of wood. The bed headboard is mostly covered in leather. That Teenager room with loft bed Can be used perfectly as a furnishing idea for students in the dormitory – this piece of furniture will certainly serve you well for a long time. Tips for everyone who wants a loft bed – protection should be provided even for adults. People who turn around a lot while sleeping would not feel comfortable in the loft bed. If you opt for a loft bed with a desk below, you can place the bed near the window and benefit from the natural light source. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and find the perfect variant for your interior!

Loft bed for two


While the loft beds for the children are equated with games and pure enjoyment, they are a retreat for the teenagers, where you can relax undisturbed, read exciting books, talk to friends on the phone or spend long hours with good friends. Loft beds are sometimes only a stopgap solution and are therefore very beneficial for tight living spaces. That they are very practical and create additional living space is not your only advantage. They are available in different versions and impress with their unique designs.

Increased sleep and work


If you choose the cot with great care, this piece of furniture is a long-term purchase and is also very suitable for the teenage room. Loft beds are real space miracles and provide more freedom in designing the interior. A raised bed in a teenager’s room is not just a loft bed. The loft beds that grow with the child, for example, are very practical and, thanks to their frame, offer several construction options. Such a bed can be constructed at an individual height, used as a single bed or, if necessary, used as a bunk bed. Note the height of the youth room before purchasing. Depending on the ceiling height, there are loft beds with variable dimensions. Depending on the height of the bed, the number of steps is also different.

Green children’s room with a loft bed

Loft bed closet design-green room

The loft bed in the teenage room scores points not only because of the multifunctionality and the additional storage space but also with great designs that make teenagers’ hearts beat faster. Loft beds in plain white ensure elegance and tranquility, while furniture in electric colors and dynamic patterns give the room that certain something. A loft bed in white matches different furnishing styles and can be combined as desired. A bed in soft pink, for example, will make a girl’s heart dream. A modern design with geometric figures and contrasting colors is also an attractive solution for the young adults. Natural and warm colors bring nature into the teenager’s room and make it a place of well-being.

Beige-blue colors in the teenager’s room

space-saving loft bed design

The empty space under the loft bed can be designed according to your child’s personal ideas. Comfortable seating can be created there, which is very important for a teenager. Comfortable beanbags and chic poufs invite you to linger and relax. Good friends are very important, especially at this age, and with the right furniture, nothing stands in the way of a pleasant visit. You can accommodate a practical workspace with a desk, office chair and small shelves in which you can store your office utensils.

Green color in the nursery

Teenager room-space saving facility

Teenagers can use this workspace for studying or for various hobbies and creative activities. The space under the loft bed also makes another design option possible. Depending on how the bed is positioned in the room, you can set up a small wardrobe there or accommodate a chest of drawers with several drawers. It is precisely in this exciting phase of life that the perfect appearance for young adults is in the foreground. Open or with a chic curtain, you can turn the space into a great walk-in closet. Both girls and boys will be delighted with this design idea. A closet under the loft bed in the teenager’s room is a great and uncomplicated solution for creating space, even in small spaces.

Girls room with Canopy bed

red four-poster bed design

If two teenagers share the youth room, you can create a single and attractive youth room facility thanks to the numerous design and combination options. An underbed, for example, is very practical. The room looks very dynamic and relaxed thanks to this great furniture composition and the siblings can also have long conversations about falling asleep and discuss the impressions of the past day with each other. Another original variant are two loft beds of different heights that are placed next to each other. This gives the teenager room a very special, great flair.

Red nursery for teenagers

Room two-red wall

Teenager’s room with a loft bed – also a good option for student apartments

Children's room-two loft bed closet

 Neutral colors in the youth room

white teenage room loft bed design

Sweet pink children’s beds

cute loft bed nursery design

yellow nursery design idea

Children's room furnishing-loft bed design

Loft bed desk ideas

Designs by Tumidei.

101 ideas for the youth room – modern furnishing and creative decorating

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The beanbag in the nursery – 33 cool furnishing ideas

Beanbag design play corner design children's room

Create a cozy sitting area in the children’s room – and set up a room where the child can paint and play. We give you 33 ideas that you will surely appreciate from the many possible uses of the Beanbag in the nursery will convince.

The beanbag in the children’s room – multifunctional, comfortable, simply cool

Babies small beautiful nursery origami birds

Nowadays there are different designs for Beanbag in the nursery offered. The shape and the upholstery can vary, the most important thing is the ergonomic design. Nowadays, beanbags for toddlers and babies are offered that are very well thought out – and ensure the correct sitting and lying position. Combine the beanbag with an Indian tent – and with a lot of imagination you have set up a playground in the children’s room. Smaller rooms in particular will benefit from the idea – put the beanbag under the bookshelf when you don’t need it. Invite the children’s friends back home – and organize a children’s party where everyone can relax on the beanbags.

Beanbag in the nursery – designs for boys and girls

Beanbag nursery design idea football

Boys and girls – and even their parents – all love the beanbag. Designs for girls and boys are offered on the market. Tender pink and purple color, shaggy upholstery and a round shape are the perfect design for the girl’s room. A beanbag with a sports theme fits in the boy’s room. Cool idea is to write the child’s name on the beanbag – this will personalize the room. You don’t need to wait until the child grows up – there are bean bags for small babies. In the photo gallery below you will find other exciting designs and ideas.

Creatively design children’s rooms – beanbags in the play area

black taffle beanbag cot

Beanbag with apple shape

Apple pear shape set up children's room

Scandinavian furniture design

puristic design children's room Scandinavian furnishings

Youth room with a cozy reading corner

Teenager room beanbag design

Sweet nursery with wall sticker

Beanbag design wall tattoo animals green

Design a study corner in the children’s room

Coloring materials storage space beanbag knitwear

Flower pattern nursery design wall shelves

ergonomic design beautiful colors girl

The beanbag as a bedside table in the nursery

Beanbag in the nursery bedside table

Children's room ideas reading corner vintage bed wood

Girls room with a sport theme

Sport theme set up girl pink stripes

Setting up aircraft tent beanbag

Pink girl’s room with a small beanbag

cute baby room beige beanbag

The girl’s room is characterized by red color

Beanbag flowers upholstery design idea

Beanbag cake pink shape blue

Furnishing youth room neutral colors design

Design idea Scandinavian style beanbag design

Learning and playing in the nursery

Play corner children's room beanbag blue color

Kids design ideas names laptop study corner

Ideas kids girls boys blue color

cute decor idea pink reading corner loft bed

Play corner with black taffeta

Idea blue orange modern nursery decor

Stripe carpet beanbag design idea

Children’s room with a sloping ceiling

Pitched roof furnishing ideas beanbag

Youth room for boys

Nursery sport theme design idea

Set up teenage room beanbag white Shabby

green blue nursery decor blue beanbag

bright beanbag in the nursery design ideas purple yellow

Design nursery wallpaper design

Organize kids party green red blue

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Ideas for a youth room – 18 suggestions for furnishing corners


The modern youth room design is an inexhaustible and individual source of inspiration. Today’s youth have their own Ideas for a youth room and its furnishings in terms of colors, furniture and wall decoration. In this article we are going to consider some examples and how the special features of a teenage room draw our attention. Whether it is a study counter, sleeping area or technology point, the contemporary space offers girls and boys enough activities and space for their own rest and relaxation.

Ideas for a youth room with graffiti

Graffiti design ideas wall decoration youth room

Ideas for a youth room with graffiti on the floor or as wall decor is not for everyone, especially when it comes to the opinion of parents. Graffiti design is a creative way of showing your own preferences, characters and thoughts in an alternative way – on the floor or on the wall. They can even embellish a brick wall and inspire your boy. In the growing up phase, comic books are a popular hobby and part of the youth world. Girls find inspiration and imitation in this world and put black and white figures on the wall in their room, while the boys experiment more with colors and patterns. Of course, it is individually omitted which motifs and heroes appear in each room.

Ideas for a youth room with colors

Wooden-wall-with-shelves-and-desk-drawer baskets

Designing youth rooms in color refers not only to the walls, but also to the furniture. Green, orange, and blue are great Ideas for a youth room with color design. We find the blue color palette on the ceiling of a boy’s room and recognize cloud patterns. Dark wood, bookshelves and an office table are part of the wall for creative thinking in the youth room. Classic white or beige walls are equipped with bedroom furniture of retro design, or with individual preferences for Asian symbols or geometric figures from the world of mathematics. For the not-too-old age of the teenage times, signal green walls with orange carpets and colorful wooden furniture would be perfect to support the more creative preferences of the children.


Design youth rooms with colors

Wall decoration with figures art wall youth room

Light floor, office table, art wall


Practical youth room, furniture for little space


Retro furniture with classic accents


Learn to design a creative idea for a youth room


Boy's room-with-plush-dog-brick wall-with-graffiti

Youth room-retro-with-dark-wood-classic

Youth room with blue sports jacket






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Teenage rooms for boys – 33 ideas for the right interior

loft bed storage space decoration pillow purple carpet trendy

teenager Room for boys Setting it up properly isn’t that complicated at all. Take a look at our ideas and be inspired!

Rooms for boys – helpful tips and tricks

room for boys white blue colors palette

A teenager Room for boys should look fresh and youthful. We therefore recommend that you focus on the lighter tones. Green, orange or yellow are considered to be particularly trendy. Bold pops of color can appear here and there to add some variety. Design ideas are numerous. There is a wide range of models and colors available. You should just find out what’s on your little one’s heart. What he likes to do? Then make sure there is enough space for the teen to enjoy their favorite pastime. Use interesting decorative elements and give the room individuality and charm. The best thing to do is to go along with possible improvements with the boy. He would surely be flattered that you listen to him and cater to his wishes. After all, you make sure that your child feels at home there.

Rooms for boys – creative ideas for nice surprises

modern decor ideas open concept large terrace plants

Be creative and let yourself be inspired by new, unusual ideas. The fresh composition of colorful pieces of furniture enliven everyone Room for boys. Blue is the classic color of many attractive interior design ideas for boys. Opt for light-colored backgrounds and put the new details in the scene – wall decals, posters or guitars can serve as such. Teenagers are tough, they don’t talk a lot, and they rarely share their preferences with you. Do not worry. If you research his habits and lifestyle more closely, you will quickly learn what he likes and what he would be happy about. Remember, teenagers are still kids even if they try to act like adults all the time.

Use accents of color!

room for boys wall sticker bright spacious geometric

The room for boys, but also the youth room in general, is a place to sleep, study, meet friends and not the last place to retreat. The teenagers need privacy and the teenage room serves as a retreat where the little adults are not disturbed. When planning the youth room, you should consider how you will delimit the individual functional areas in the room. Most of the time, the children’s room is redesigned and turned into a youth room. First, sort out everything that your son no longer needs. The toys are most likely no longer needed and there are certain items of clothing that have become small or no longer please.

Modern furnishing ideas

rug schabby chic style furnishing design strong colors fabric

When choosing furniture for the youth room, you must not forget that people live in this room and no longer play. Just like adults, your boy needs comfortable seating to lounge and work. Chic stools, comfortable seat cushions or poufs invite you to relax and make the room look cozy and relaxed. A bed, a desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bookshelves are among the classic furniture for teenagers. The furniture should look cool and young, but it must also offer sufficient storage space. The desk is an important purchase. There your son can not only devote himself to learning, but also not to creativity and his hobbies.

Light colors look fresh and inviting

many variants models single bed office table wood plate floor lamp terrace

Various office utensils, the desk lamp, the laptop and the printer can be found on a large desk. Depending on the size of the room, a sofa bed would be very practical so that friends can also spend the night there. A large, fluffy rug and perhaps a small table where the children can put their drinks will certainly be well received. If the youth room is small, you can create additional living space with a loft bed. If the teenage room for boys is under the roof, you can take advantage of the sloping roof with a window and turn it into a great sitting area where your son can relax, read or listen to music. Take into account the preferences of the young adults and put together a wonderfully beautiful youth room. Furniture that fits this exciting phase of life can be found in every furnishing style. Create individual furniture sets that are entirely to your boy’s taste.

Symmetrical and stylish

room for young teenagers two people share a room

The former children’s room can shine in a whole new shine with a fresh coat of paint. Whether your child decides on their favorite color or on wallpaper with unusual patterns, a creative and original wall design determines the room atmosphere to a large extent. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into the room, you can achieve this with great pictures or wall tattoos. Tastefully framed posters or a personal photo wall also look great and fit very well into the new youth room. The self-made collages with vacation photos or photos of friends give the room a very personal touch. Favorite quotes or mantras are a great alternative.

Let in plenty of natural light

room for boys room two people brothers share symmetrical shape

Let your child decide for themselves whether the wall design should be kept subtle or bright colors and colorful accents on the wall. When designing the walls, the principle is that light colors and pastel colors allow airiness and lightness to move into the room. Should your son still prefer more eye-catching colors, perhaps an accent wall can be painted in the color of your choice or pieces of furniture can be selected in calmer colors. Textiles in the room also provide great, colorful accents. Modern curtains, bedspreads or unusual decorative pillows can provide a real highlight in the room for boys.

The loft bed can save a lot of space

room teenager carpet fluffy trendy decor ideas stairs

The boys’ room is of course given the finishing touch with the right decoration. The young adult can take on this task completely. Eventually the room will become its own realm and besides, the tastes are known to be different. The young people spend most of their time in this room and the decoration is without a doubt an important part of the complete, cozy and attractive interior, which gives it an individual touch.

teenager space-saving tips loft bed furniture office table computer

room for young teenagers bright simple design ideas

room suitable for young teenagers furnishing ideas fresh

room for young teenagers own taste pay attention to advantages

room for young teenagers design ideas designers

teenage claims accentuate chair designer model stairs loft bed

teenager age important blue gray background bright furniture

Furnish rooms suitable for young teenagers age

teenager age accent color blue floor lamp bedside table

fresh colors blue green office table computer space plush toy

room for boys shelf storage space decoration carpet

room for young fresh elements green hues carpet

strong colorful mood brings pieces of furniture blue green white

teenage taste dark wood contrast bright interior design  modern furnishings ideas fitness equipment enough space to create order  room for boys children teenagers decoration elements

room for boys bright clean order flooded with white furniture

bright fresh accent deco cushions storage space accessories

green wheelchair light wood furniture use decorative elements   colorful accents set modern furnishings mood colorful

room for boys bunk bed creative ideas save space

design ideas teenagers carefully plan taste preference note

design ideas teenager age complicated storage space under bed blue

room designer pieces of furniture simple equipment plush toys stylish

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5 practical ideas for convertible baby bed designs in the nursery

davenport model convertible designer baby cots in children's rooms

These ideas for convertibles Baby bed designs in the children’s room are not only particularly practical, they also look fabulous. The baby will grow up quickly and you will need practical furniture that will “grow” with the child. These fabulous ideas for wooden baby cots that can be converted into cots or normal adult beds are sure to impress you and give you some very practical and easy-to-implement ideas for children’s room furnishings.

Convertible Baby Crib Designs – The Davenport Design by Baby Appleseed

baby appleseed convertible designer baby cribs in the nursery

the Baby bed designs from Baby appleseed are a real fashion statement and impress with their simple but elegant design. The Davenport design is made of dark solid wood and embodies the timeless style. In addition, the cot can easily and easily be converted into a cot and a normal bed for adults.

davenport dark wood convertible designer cots in the nursery

Convertible baby bed designs – the Deco design from Minure Furniture

Minure deco convertible cot designs in the nursery

the Baby bed designs for the children’s room by Minure Furniture look classic but elegant. The deco design made of solid dark wood represents a practical baby bed that can be converted into a normal bed. With some colored duvets and the matching children’s room decoration, you can furnish the children’s room of your dreams.

colorful sleeping blanket convertible designer baby cots in children's room

Convertible Chelsea cot for the nursery by Natart Juvenile

chelsea design convertible designer baby cribs in the nursery

Natart juvenile convertible cot designs in the nursery

Saffon wooden baby bed in white by Westwood design

flower wall decor convertible designer baby beds in the nursery

white color convertible baby crib designs in kids room

The Majestic Design cot by Minure Furniture

majestic design convertible designer baby cribs in the nursery

minure furniture convertible cot designs in the nursery

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25 ideas for beautiful baby room furniture – complete and individually

Baby room furniture -complete-girl-soft pink-gray-ROS-MINI-4-TAC

There is no exact time that perfectly fits the needs of every family regarding the purchase of the Baby room furniture fits. However, there are also general questions to think about and specific guidelines to keep in mind.

Baby room furniture with a sophisticated design

Baby cradle-design-modern-VOYAGE-KENNETH-COBONPUE

Which baby room furniture do you ideally need to buy? There are several pieces that are particularly important. First and foremost is the safe baby bed. Antique baby cribs are not recommended as they rarely meet all safety requirements. The cot must also have a secure mattress and bedding. You still have to decide whether the baby will only use the bed or a cradle as well. A safe changing table is another important piece of furniture in the baby room. Many people use an ordinary dresser, or alternatively, you can buy a standalone changing table or a combination of changing table and dresser. Also consider buying a rocking chair or armchair with a stool. Finally, you will also need to purchase a large closet that could provide ample storage space.

What should be considered when buying baby room furniture?


As soon as you have decided on the baby room furniture, consider whether you want to buy a complete set or individual, coordinated pieces. Where do you want to buy the furniture from? Do you have a favorite brand? Can you pick them up right away, or is there a long delivery time? Are you the one who will buy the furniture or are there family and friends who want to buy the baby room furniture as a gift? The answers to these questions can help you make that decision sooner.

expandable baby bed MINI 22 AIR by ROS


ROS Mini 21


Ros Mini 20

Baby room furniture -complete-girl-purple-white-ROS-MINI-20

Ros Mini 9 – Chameleon

Baby room furniture -complete-girl-pink-cream-ROS-MINI-9-CHAMELEON


Ros Mini 25


ROS Mini 12 Luxor

Baby room furniture -complete-white-gray-green-ROS-MINI-12-LUXOR

Baby room furniture -complete-neutral-ROS-MINI 5-LUXOR-ROS-1-SA

Ros Mini 11 puzzle

baby room furniture-complete-girl-purple-white-wood-ROS-MINI-11-PUZZLE

ROS Mini 1 Tic

baby room furniture-complete-boy-white-blue-ROS-MINI-1-TIC

Ros Mini 8 Chameleon

baby room furniture-complete-boy-ROS-MINI-8-CHAMELEON

Ros Mini 23 Duo

baby room furniture-complete-wood-white-ROS-MINI-23-DUO

Ros Mini 2 Tic

baby room furniture-complete-wood-white-green-accents-ROS-MINI-2-TIC

Ros Mini 15 Tic

baby room furniture-complete-gray-white-green-ROS-MINI-15-TIC

Ros Mini 7 Connection

Baby room furniture -complete-gender-neutral-ROS-MINI-7-CONNECTION

complete furniture programs from Ros 1

cot-storage space-classic-style-cream-lacquered-PASSEPARTOUT-Caroti


baby bed-birch-wood-white-FUSION-Mathy-by-Bols



wrought-iron-baby cradle-roll-four-poster bed-CARLOTTA-ESSENCE-Cantori

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Youth room with a pitched roof – 35 ideas for design

In general, rooms with sloping ceilings are very popular. Partly consciously, partly unconsciously, they are associated with the mysterious attic and ensure a cozy atmosphere, so that you can’t help but feel secure in them. However, furnishing a room with a sloping roof can be a challenge, as care must be taken to ensure that it does not appear too cramped.

Youth room with a sloping ceiling – a private island of calm

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-skylights-wall-tattoo-line-drawing-car

When it comes to one Youth room with a sloping ceiling you have many options. The loft bed, which is so popular with young people, does not work out. You can play with the colors to add some depth to the room. For this purpose, individual walls are painted in color. Wall tattoos are also very suitable for this.

Set up a small youth room with a sloping ceiling

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-design-space-saving-wardrobe-built-in

It is also important to use low furniture for the youth room with a sloping roof, because they are another way to make the room appear larger. And because of the sloping roof, you hardly have any other choice. They prevent you from setting up a large closet one way or another. Instead, it is best to use the sloping ceilings for custom-made closet systems that offer enough space for clothes.

Shelving systems can also find space there and offer sufficient storage space for decorations, books and other things. A sideboard is also practical. On the one hand, you meet the requirements for low furniture, get additional storage space and can possibly place a television on it. But you can also put the bed under the sloping ceiling.

Designing a bedroom with a sloping ceiling – 23 modern living ideas

31 living ideas for sloping ceilings – tips for furnishing

28 furnishing ideas for children’s rooms with sloping ceilings

Properly illuminate youth rooms with sloping ceilings


Something that you should avoid as much as possible in the youth room with a sloping ceiling are hanging lights. Because these ensure that the room looks narrower and smaller. Plain ceiling spots are a good solution for lighting sloping ceilings because they are embedded in the ceiling and do not take up any space. They are inconspicuous and can be distributed over the entire area.

Provide an individual look with decoration


Then set accents with suitable decorations. Let your child vote for you. In order for the youth room with a sloping ceiling to have an individual look, it should reflect the taste and preferences of your child.

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-modern-design-wall-upper part-illuminated

If you need a few examples to get an idea of ​​the right furnishings for a teenage room with a sloping ceiling, you can find them below. We have put together a gallery of 35 ideas for teenage rooms with sloping ceilings to show you how to furnish it practically.

The wood structure underlines the slope

Youth room-sloping-window-wood-construction-decorative-lighting

Daylight enters the room through the skylight. In addition, several artificial light sources provide sufficient lighting. Swiveling spotlights were mounted on the rafters, a functional table lamp with an adjustable articulated arm stands on the bedside table and a third lamp on the floor illuminates the sloping roof from below.

Patterned walls make the large room look smaller and cozier

Youth room-playroom-with-sloping-ceiling-wall strips-black-white

Many young people discover music and composing as a hobby. In order to preserve the peace of the neighbors, the attic can be well insulated and a music room can be set up. Of course, an artistic wall design in the rehearsal room is a must. The vertical stripes in black and white make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. Red is a nice color accent.

Only the lower part of the sloping wall is decorated with borders


A simple but effective trick in rooms with sloping ceilings is to make the lower part of the wall colorful while the upper part remains lighter. This type of wall design brings more dynamism to the room and creates a feeling of airiness.

Inclined wall with wood paneling

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-white-duvet-wood-wall-paneling

Light wood looks very subtle and can be wonderfully combined with different styles. In this example, the sloping wall behind the bed is clad with horizontal whitewashed wooden slats. Thanks to the whitewashed surface, the grain emerges perfectly. Warm diffused light also emphasizes their natural beauty.

Wall tattoos as a visual highlight

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-wall-decal-tree-leaves-colorful-bedspread

Wall tattoos are a quick and easy solution for effectively designing your walls. The background can be white. This allows the colors of the design to come into their own, without it getting restless. The residents opted for sliding doors with mirror panels for the built-in wardrobe. They save space and reflect the daylight that falls into the room through the roof window.

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-ideas-design-decoration-portrait-pictures

When choosing the wall and floor coverings for the youth room with a sloping roof, pay attention to the light-dark contrast. If the walls are painted white, the floor covering can be a little darker. White walls can then be embellished with colorful murals or loose picture frames.


If you want to convert the attic into a children’s room, then impact sound insulation is essential. A carpeted floor is ideal for making the room a bit more homely. It is best to choose a light shade for the floor and walls. You can add beautiful color accents with individual colorful carpets, decorative pillows and wall pictures.

Youth room-with-sloping-windows-sun protection-blinds-wooden bed-teenagers

If there are skylights in the room, you should also think about sun protection. Bright sunlight is particularly uncomfortable early in the morning. As window decoration, blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds offer functional comfort. They not only enhance the appearance of the room, but also provide optimal heat protection. With a blind you have the advantage that you can regulate the amount of sunlight individually. Thanks to the simple operation, it is entirely up to you how much daylight should enter.

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-window-near-floor-bed-pillows-colored-pattern

If no sofa would fit under the sloping ceiling, you can set up a nice cozy corner with lots of pillows. It serves as a small nest in which young people can withdraw and rest. The perfect underlay are soft mats that are placed next to each other or an old mattress. Very different pillows are placed on it. They offer support to lean on and make for more comfort. To make the surface even softer, you can also spread a blanket on the mats. If you want to make the cozy corner even more versatile and beautiful, you can also decorate the walls creatively.



Youth room-with-pitched roof-white-wooden-floor-desks

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-high-ceiling-wooden chest-bedspread-colorful-patterned


Youth room-with-sloping-roof-Scandinavian-style-cozy-fur-carpet

teenager-room-with-sloping-ceilings-window-sill-upholstery-color accents


Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-wall-pink-painting-carpeting-square-pattern

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-hanging-bed-wooden-interior-wall-cladding-slats

Youth room-with-pitched roof-color scheme-green-orange-carpeting

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-sofa-set-colorful-colors-loft-bed-walls-yellow-green

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-floor-level-bed-white-walls-green-floor-pillows

Youth room-with-sloping-roof-bunk-bed-colorful-textiles-floral-patterned

Youth room-with-sloping-ceiling-decoration-fairy lights-modern

youth room with sloping roof vanilla wall color white furniture bed carpet parquet

youth room with sloping roof modern blue canape yellow accents sleeping corner

youth room with sloping roof boys idea wood wall colorful reading corner built-in chest of drawers

youth room with sloping roof wall color olive carpeting blue-gray furniture boys

youth room with sloping roof girl purple wall sitting area window

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Ideas for designing a youth room – 10 cool examples

youth room design sports theme wall painting indirect lighting bed

Creating a space for a teen where they can sleep, study and chill at the same time is often a huge challenge. All teenagers are different – some never want to leave their rooms, while others want to go somewhere other than home. We’ll show you today 10 Examples of excellent youth room design, where every teenager would feel comfortable. Get some ideas!

Youth room design – blue accents

youth room design blue accent 3d effect boys room parquet

A simple room can quickly be spiced up with a bit of color and given a modern interior. In this example for the youth room design, the color blue was chosen. There is also an interesting pimple design with a 3D effect.

Yellow youth room design

youth room design girl furnishings yellow wall building accent three-dimensional white furniture

The white furniture is emphasized by the yellow accent wall that extends over the ceiling. As in the example above for the youth room design, the wall has an interesting and modern 3D design.

Simple youth room

youth room design boys simple gray sofa panels wall decoration

The simpler the youth room is designed, the more modern it looks. In this boy’s room, it is immediately noticeable that the subject of music plays a major role. Records adorn the wall and create an effective youth room design.

Romantic accents in the girl’s room

youth room design colorful colors maedchenzimmer stripes stone wall white

The modern youth room is given a particularly pleasant charm by romantic accents, which are achieved through the colors. The advantage of white walls is that you can play with any color.

 Youth room design by HQTeam

hq-team youth room design -boy-ideas-gray-white-combination

The first example is a totally cool teenage room for a boy and was made by HQTeam designed. The creative wooden slat wall serves as a modular storage space system. The shelves can be easily moved or removed to store various items such as an entire bicycle. The dominant colors in the youth room are gray and white, but you can also see fresh splashes of color such as a lime green table lamp and a petrol blue swivel armchair.

Gray wall covering

hq-team youth room design boy-skateboard-gray-shades

Modern furniture in gray color

hq-team youth room design boy-learning space-storage space

Practical idea for stowing the bike

hq-team youth room design bike-stowed-on-the-wall

Metal shelves in the youth room

hq-team youth room design boy-wood-wall-panels-shelves

Last design for a modern look

hq-team- youth room design -storage-bicycle-wall


hq-team-youth-room-design-wood-desk-without-tangled cables

  Youth room design by Olga Podgornaja


The next youth room provides us with a converted youth room in the loft by the designer Olga Podgornaya. The room offers plenty of seating, but does not seem overloaded at all. The decorations are characterized by the industrial style and love of football. The green wall paint is perfect for a boy’s bedroom.





 Visualization of Dima Dolgykh

youth room-design-color-petrol-wise-wall-color-gray-sofa

The third example comes from Dima Dolgykh and is also influenced in a subtle way by the football theme, especially the love for Real Madrid. But that’s not the first thing you notice in the room, but the pleasant petrol color.

youth room-design-color-petrol-accent-wall-real-madrid-fan

Designer: FH Studio

youth room-design-sloping-ceilings-yellow-asymmetrical-shelves

This room from FH Studio gives a feeling of modern playfulness. The combination of gray and yellow is suitable for both boys and girls. The interesting, yellow shelving system in particular creates a beautiful visual line and is very decorative.

youth room-design-sloping-ceilings-gray-accent-wall-yellow-spots of color

youth room-design-sloping ceilings-tailor-made-shelves-yellow-accents

youth room-design-sloping-roof-colors-gray-yellow

 Designer: Maria Gluzdakova

youth room-design-girl-purple-sofa-white-sideboard-desk

With this room by Maria Gluzdakova we can already see a specifically female youth room. Although it looks a little dark, there are plenty of light sources that illuminate the room. The orange hammock next to the window front offers a fun retreat. The changing area and dressing table are hidden from view behind a curtain.

youth room-design-girl-learning place-decor

youth room-design-girl-large-window-front-rocking chair

youth room-design-girl-purple-corner-sofa-wood-wall cladding

youth room-design-girl-wardrobe-dressing table

 Designer: Tania Ahmed

youth room-design-idea-colors-white-black-yellow-sofa

This last youth room by designer Tania Ahmed would be perfect for both boys and girls, but in this case it is specially created for a sophisticated, modern girl. The yellow sofa easily converts into a double bed. The accent wall is a testament to the creativity that many teens of this age want to express.

youth room-design-idea-white-plastered-brick-wall-sofa-bed

youth room-design-idea-black-white-interesting-wall-design

youth room-design-idea-black-white-yellow-sofa-bed-accent

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