New Year's Eve

Style simple party hairstyles with bangs for New Year’s Eve yourself

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve smoothed chin length

There are only a few days left until the end of the year and maybe everyone has something great planned for New Year’s Eve. Chic food, a glamorous New Year’s Eve gala or a romantic toast with loved ones at twelve, there are many ways to slip into the New Year. Certainly every real woman has become a bit more hectic and certainly has nothing suitable to wear. As for the outfit, you can never be badly dressed if you choose a little black dress with a nice cut. The perfect look is rounded off by great accessories, party make-up and of course a pretty hairstyle. We have a selection for every taste and helpful styling tips.

Simple party hairstyles with bangs: fringe bangs are trendy

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve medium length hair messy look zendaya

Every woman has thought about getting a pony cut at least once in her life. Admittedly, the decision is not an easy one, because for the hair to be right, hairstyles with bangs have to be well styled. That is because it involves a certain amount of effort. But one thing is certain: the bangs are one of the hairstyle trends of 2018. The fringe bangs in particular are trendy. It is reminiscent of the looks from the 70s and the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle.

Easy party hairstyles with bangs for medium length hair

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve waves center parting center parting dakota johnson

The Brigitte Bardot hairstyle is considered iconic and is celebrating its comeback. Lots of stars lately have been sporting casual, effortless long bangs that are parted in the middle and run to the sides. The middle parting is usually not very clearly defined, which gives the appearance a particularly casual note. With the fringe bangs, the whole hair is cut in layers, giving the hair styling more dynamism and volume. So you can easily conjure up structure in your hair.

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve side parting waves casual

The biggest advantage of the medium-length mane is that it is relatively easy to style. You can achieve a lot with a curved straightening iron and use it for straightening hair as well as for casual curls and waves. This gives the hair more structure, which is a good prerequisite for further hairstyles that last longer.

Simple party hairstyles with bangs: retro flair with water waves in the 20s style

simple party hairstyles pony new year's eve vintage 20s water waves

With a pony you can totally change your type. Especially since it can be cut short, long, straight or fringed and asymmetrical. Of course, a long pony offers more options for styling. Party hairstyles with a retro flair and inspired by the 20s or 50s, for example, are particularly chic and perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. With a little practice, a curved straightening iron or curling iron and some hair wax, the popular water waves can also be conjured up at home.

Simple party hairstyles with bangs: conjure up volume in your hair

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve volume blow-dried medium-length hair

The ladies with fine hair always strive for more volume. This can also be achieved at home with the right blow dryer technique. For this you need a good and powerful hair dryer with a straightening attachment and a round hairbrush, which varies with a diameter of 6 cm to 12 cm depending on the length of the hair. The wet hair is first dried with a towel, but without rubbing it, and then with lukewarm air until it is almost dry. Then you turn the temperature up and blow-dry your hair with the help of the hairbrush. For better results and a longer hold, it is advisable to apply heat protection and volume spray before blow-drying.

Simple party hairstyles with bangs: bring movement into your hair

simple party hairstyles pony new year's eve fringed updo casual rita ora

Correctly coiffed, the pony is very changeable. It can cover the whole forehead as well as be worn sideways or tucked away for a day. A haircut with bangs is able to add some real variety to the simple party hairstyle. For example, you can style individual strands forward on the forehead area. In this way, more movement is conjured into hair styling and attention is drawn to the face.

Easy party hairstyles with bangs for long hair: updos

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve bun bun variants

With long hair you definitely have more leeway when it comes to festive and party hairstyles. The bangs are usually cut in a straight line and are a little longer. In this way, the eyes are emphasized and accentuated on a magnetic look. An updo with bangs is very chic and just perfect for special occasions like New Year’s Eve. This shouldn’t be expensive or look very stylish. Casual buns and updos are perfect for this.

simple party hairstyles bangs new years eve updo updo volume

It looks especially nice when you pull a few strands out of your hairstyle. The bangs flow gently into the rest of the pinned up hair. If you blow-dry the tips inwards, attention is focused on the face and the contours of the face are emphasized.

The undone look, or still known as the messy look, is totally hip and suitable for both wild and quiet parties. That’s why you can’t go wrong if you style your long mane into a casual updo and prefer not to overdo it with the hair styling products.

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve back volume still updo

If you want to appear without a pony, this can be concealed in a stylish manner. To do this, when you blow-dry the front part of the hair, it is best to come back on one side and shape it nicely with the hairbrush. Before that, when the hair is still wet, you have to apply sufficient hair foam and only then blow-dry. Finally, you should fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

Simple party hairstyles with bangs: ponytail always works

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve ponytail high taylor swift

Whether for a wild party, training or a cozy meal with loved ones: a ponytail is always a good idea. The deep and very precisely cut bangs provide more glamor. You can do this simple hairstyle yourself. An important prerequisite for a perfect look is the cleverly cut bangs. So you don’t have to visit the hairdresser on New Year’s Eve, but a few days before so that the professional can cut a nice pony.

simple party hairstyles bangs new years eve long hair vintage retro volume

Depending on the case, the long hair can be tied into a tight or loose, high or, on the contrary, a low ponytail. Currently there are very modern hairbands, hair bows and all hair accessories that give the hairstyle evergreen more glamor.

Easy party hairstyles with bangs for short hair

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve short hair side parting gelled

Even with short hairstyles for women, you can conjure up a beautiful hairstyle yourself for New Year’s Eve or any other special occasion. Often, oblique, long bangs make sense even with short hair. It is precisely this that can be styled beautifully and in a variety of ways.

simple party hairstyles bangs new year's eve short hair front charlize theron

To match the outfit and depending on the individual style, you can experiment a lot with long bangs with short hair. It can be styled elegantly on one side or, on the contrary, designed cheekily to the front with light waves.