New Year's Eve

New year’s resolutions: these ideas can be realized!

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Many people take the turn of the year as an opportunity to tidy up properly. Unpleasant habits fly overboard and corresponding changes are targeted. Good resolutions are in the air on New Year’s Eve. The new year should be different.

But the disillusionment is great when the old pattern breaks through again in the first weeks of January. Picking up a cigarette, going to the car or a short stop at McDonald’s is too seductive. Good intentions rarely survive until spring. It doesn’t seem so tragic when they quietly disappear either. After all, it was just a silent agreement with oneself. Those who write down their individual goals or communicate them to others, think differently about the matter Study from Dominican University (California) found out. But other things also play a role in the early flight of the shotgun: The self-imposed goal is too unrealistic or the initial spark is missing.

A look at the Germans’ dearest resolutions shows that they can be realized with a few tricks and great ideas.

New year’s resolutions:

1. More time with family and friends

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Plan activities and take advantage of leisure activities

The time of reflection already begins at Christmas: What is really important to me in life? Many come to the conclusion that they spend far too little time with family and friends. But that changes in the new year – as far as the theory goes.

Commitment is the order of the day so that joint activities and great experiences with loved ones really get a place in the new calendar. The candlelit dinner, a wellness weekend in the Allgäu or the adventure in the escape room should be booked as early as January. For ideas like this, the Offer from Jochen Schweizer a diverse selection and fresh input. Many activities can be easily put into practice with little effort, be it for individuals, couples, groups or the family. When the first step becomes concrete, the continuation is only a matter of form.

New year’s resolutions:

2. Eat healthier – small steps lead to the goal

good resolutions for 2019 eat healthy

Cookies, gingerbread, roasts, raclette – there is a lot of feasting again at Christmas time. The conscience is calmed, after all, healthier food is on the to-do list for the new year. Basically everyone knows why healthy food should be on the menu: it’s better for the body, better for health, better for well-being. If only it weren’t for the habit. Because like many other substances, the body gets used to the many sugary and fatty foods that it receives over a longer period of time. Changing your diet radically at the turn of the year is therefore usually a hopeless undertaking.

good resolutions to eat healthily in 2019

It is better to get yourself from reputable sources like TK to inform about healthy eating, to set smaller, achievable milestones for yourself and, for example, to leave out a certain type of food first. The sugary drinks are ideal here. Then the body can still draw on what sugar it otherwise receives. And the mind is happy because it doesn’t have to give up everything right away. It is also a great help when people can find fellow campaigners. Those who fight against the desire for cream cakes alone give up more easily. Bringing the family on board or starting a food challenge in the office – that brings the necessary motivation.

New year’s resolutions:

3. More sport – this is how you stay on the ball

good resolutions 2019 sport train yoga

Some want to finally lose a few pounds, others don’t want to get out of breath when the elevator to the third floor fails. More sport after the turn of the year is an extremely popular undertaking. It does not have to be the registration in the gym. A little more exercise in everyday life is just as effective. The motto is: just leave the car behind when the route can be mastered just as easily by bike. Stairs are not only easy to climb, they can also be conquered at a run. And if you have children, you can burn an incredible number of calories playing catch.

Resolutions 2019 sports training tips

The equipment is there, the motivation is not: Many stumble over the weaker self.

Anyone who wants to try their hand at the gym or running training should definitely look for like-minded people. The decision is made too quickly not to set off for once today because it’s just so cozy at home. Meeting other people at a certain time triumphs over convenience, because most people are reluctant to break a promise.

New year’s resolutions:

4. More time for yourself – free time also needs to be planned

good resolutions 2019 more time yourself

Professional and family challenges often have life so tightly under control that there is hardly any time for yourself. Anyone who wants to change that in the New Year needs a concrete plan. The mere plan is not enough, because something keeps coming up: a meeting can be inserted into the lunch break. The board game is played quickly with the youngsters. When everyone is finally out of the house, housework is on the agenda. Most of them sacrifice too much of their free time for others.

New year’s resolutions:

5. Stop and enjoy the moment – when nothing else matters

Good resolutions 2019 friends enjoying vacation

A large part of your free time should be reserved for your own thoughts or for your own relaxation. Above all else, it is important for doing the beloved things that are on your personal waiting list. It’s the pizza that is eaten lying on the couch, far from being a role model, or the long bath with beautiful music. For your well-being, it is important to take time out where you can do what you enjoy. It also helps to create a specific list. Similar to a training plan, certain times should be reserved in the calendar for these phases. Potential sources of interference should be switched off – be it cell phones or other people. Those who consciously spend a few hours a week with themselves are more receptive and happier in everyday life. Your own battery is then charged again.

Conclusion: Everything has its time and should find a place in the appointment calendar

Good resolutions in 2019 create more free time

Those who set the bar too high will quickly throw their good resolutions overboard again in the New Year. Specify one or two projects at the beginning, make an appointment or make binding agreements – this is how the resolutions made can be achieved. Some ideas can be cleverly combined with one another. And besides, nobody stipulates when new impulses can enrich their own life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the turn of the year.

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