New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve ideas with children: 10 party tips for a celebration with children

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After the Christmas days, which were definitely stressful for some, the next celebration is on the program. Perhaps the most common question at this time of year is surely: What do you do on New Year’s Eve? For many families with children, especially when they are small, it is a challenge to fill the time until midnight and a few hours afterwards with varied content for the little ones. Most of the time you celebrate with the children at home or with friends who also have children. It is convenient for everyone, not expensive, and everyone has company. If you want a very special New Year’s Eve party where everyone can have fun, you will find a few creative New Year’s Eve ideas with children as well as helpful tips here.

New Year’s Eve ideas with children: The atmospheric decoration

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Waiting for midnight with kids can be really long at times. The little ones are often impatient and quickly lose motivation to wait. Nor can you just sit quietly at the table. You should have prepared exciting activities. However, every real party also needs a cool decoration. Start in the afternoon to prepare your apartment together with the children for the upcoming New Year’s Eve party. It is easy for you to inspire the little helpers to fill balloons with confetti, inflate them and hang them up afterwards.

Party hats for the little guests

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Depending on how old the children are, they can let off steam creatively and make some of the party decorations themselves, for example party hats. We offer a hat template here and the handicrafts can start. The following materials are required: cardboard, wrapping paper or another nice decorative paper, scissors, adhesive tape and elastic sewing rubber thread. For the girls you can also get a few simple headbands, make little party hats and attach them to the headbands. Party hats can also be made from paper cups by nicely decorating the paper cups and attaching an elastic thread or ribbon to both sides.

new year's eve ideas kids paper hat make yourself template

Photo booth for little ones

new years eve ideas children photo boat background accessories

With a little more creativity, you can make great photo boat accessories and use them to take beautiful, funny group photos. Mustaches, party hats and a colorful background are part of the basic equipment. Depending on how tall you and the invited children are, you can make the accessories yourself. There are numerous templates on the Internet that can be used as stencils. In addition, there is always the option of buying these ready-made in the party shop.

Motto party for children

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Children also like to celebrate and like parties, especially if they are exciting. And they definitely think dressing up is exciting and really fun. Come up with a nice motto and make the party accessories with the help of your children. If it’s on the topic, get face paints and templates that the kids can use to do their own makeup. Instead of buying individual costumes, you can simply prepare white T-shirts for everyone and perhaps a few templates and leave the children the opportunity to make the disguise themselves.

Balloon countdown

new years eve ideas kids balloon countdown

As the parents already know for sure, the children never have patience and questions like: “Mamaa, Pappaa, how long will it be until the new year?” Can be annoying. A great New Year’s Eve idea for kids is a balloon countdown and you are guaranteed not to hear this question again. For this you get enough helium balloons and label them with your children with the times from the start of the party until midnight. It can be either an even hour or a half hour. At the time it is on a balloon, the children are allowed to burst it. It gets even more exciting when you fill the balloons with confetti.

Surprise bags

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To make the “long” time until 00:00 exciting for the children, you should come up with more than just a surprise. A wonderful New Year’s Eve idea with children is five or six surprise bags that you fill up with small New Year’s surprises. On each bag you write a freely chosen time when the respective bag should be opened. The last one is at 11:55 p.m. In each you put a small activity and the necessary materials for it. This can be coloring pages with New Year’s and Christmas motifs, an exciting cartoon for the evening, a card game or a quiz. The last bag and perfect for the start of the new year include sparklers, snap peas, air trunks and confetti. The children can even make the last ones themselves.

Make confetti yourself

new year's eve ideas kids confetti make yourself tips

Confetti is part of New Year’s Eve, but it is not something that children are allowed to play with. However, you can make great confetti poppers yourself. For this you need: push-up cake pop containers, colorful scraps of paper, washi tape and tinsel. Now fill the push-up cake pop container with the small particles. When you push it up, the pressure will burst the container and it will rain confetti. Instead of buying push-up cake pop containers, you can make a confetti cannon yourself using simple means. A paper cup, confetti and a balloon are all you need to make reusable confetti cannons.

Party cocktails for children 

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Of course, the youngest party guests want to celebrate and experience everything like the grown-ups. On New Year’s Eve, it is mainly sparkling wine that is drunk and fireworks are enjoyed. Of course, alcohol and pyrotechnics are not for children, but there are child-friendly variants, for example non-alcoholic cocktails and homemade confetti. You can pour the non-alcoholic sparkling wine into beautiful glasses and add colorful gummy bears without much effort.

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In addition, traditional lemonade or mineral water can be colored exotic with fizzy food coloring and if you also add a little syrup for a special taste, the result is definitely something very special. Here is a quick recipe for colorful lemonade: dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar in 3 tablespoons of water, add 1 teaspoon of coconut extract, 1 liter of lemonade and a few drops of food coloring, mix everything very well and pour into glasses. It is also important for the children whether a drink or food looks appealing.

Decorate cupcakes

new year's eve ideas children cupcakes decorate delicious

Cupcakes can also be beautifully decorated without a hot glaze. Just bake several small muffins in advance and provide shish kebab skewers, maybe a few disposable spoons and any edible decoration, such as: various toppings, frosting, sugar sprinkles in different colors, white and brown chocolate hearts, sugar pearls. The decorating is up to the children and their imaginations. Before that, all you need to do is cover the area around with foil or paper and have an apron for each child.

new years eve ideas kids cupcakes decorating