New Year's Eve

Celebrate New Year’s Eve for two – ideas and suggestions for a romantic and exciting New Year

new year's eve for two new year's eve festive mood set table

The year is almost over and you and your partner are already planning New Year’s Eve? But this time you don’t feel like being in the hustle and bustle and would like a pleasant, quiet and perhaps romantic New Year’s Eve with your partner? To spend New Year’s Eve as a couple, you don’t really need to have any reasons. Whatever drives you to celebrate New Year’s Eve for two is a perfect opportunity to devote yourself exclusively to your partner, to spend the last hours of the past year together and to slide into the new year with a loved one. In the following article we have put together great New Year’s Eve ideas for two, among which you are sure to find something suitable for yourself and get into the new 2018 healthy and happy!

Celebrating New Year’s Eve for two at home

traveling for two on New Year's Eve watching the fireworks

Do you often travel for work and long for relaxing hours for two, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? How about a cozy and romantic New Year’s Eve for two without leaving the warm and cozy apartment? Especially if you spent the days around Christmas with several visits from relatives and friends, you will definitely enjoy New Year’s Eve for two.

New Year’s Eve ideas for two – cooking together and enjoying a festive menu

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A festive occasion undoubtedly also needs a corresponding, sophisticated menu that pampers your taste buds and gives you pleasure. Anyone who appreciates home-cooked food and places great value on fresh ingredients can come up with a more elaborate menu and purchase the necessary ingredients while shopping together with their partner. If you need inspiration for your New Year’s Eve dinner menu, you will definitely find it here. Hobby cooks will have a lot of fun preparing the holiday menu. With the right recipes, even beginners can prepare their favorite food. If you want to cook dinner for two on New Year’s Eve, it’s not really about the end result. Stand together in the kitchen and enjoy the time spent together with a delicious aperitif.

New Year’s Eve for two ideas for the festive mood

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You are also welcome to create the table decorations together and create an atmospheric ambience. The festive decoration can be simple or lush and colorful. Whether you sprinkle confetti on the table, distribute balloons all over the living room or decorate romantically with several scented candles, you can decide to your heart’s content. Even if you only celebrate New Year’s Eve with two people, you can support the festive atmosphere with good music. Depending on your preferences and mood, decide whether you want to hear romantic ballads or enjoy a little more rhythm.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve for two with exciting games

Spending New Year's Eve for two with games

So that tiredness does not creep in during the evening, amusing New Year’s Eve games can help you to stay in a good mood until 0.00. Funny New Years Eve game for two are really many. Whether you play classic and well-known games with your partner, or come up with something creative especially for New Year’s Eve, is entirely up to you. How about, for example, the great game “Questions about Questions”, which promises great moments with tears of laughter? Even the note on your partner’s forehead with the names of prominent personalities brings the mood to another level. Those who want not only entertainment but also some dynamism can opt for games and activities that require movement. Why not organize a beer mat race that calls for coordination and speed. A great way to bridge the time until the turn of the year, isn’t it?

Spend New Year’s Eve as a romantic couple

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With good planning, you can make New Year’s Eve at home very romantic. A romantic New Year’s Eve for two is not only a great opportunity for newly in love couples to devote themselves entirely to their partner and to have a good time together. Sit together at a romantic candlelight dinner and maybe decorate the table with candles and rose petals. When the wind blows outside, you can sit for two in front of the fireplace on New Year’s Eve, talk for a long time and remember the beautiful moments of the past year.

movie night new year's eve ideas for two happy couple

If you want to surprise your partner, you can organize an exciting photo show and relive funny and for you particularly emotional moments that you have captured in great snapshots with the help of the photo review. A relaxed film evening with your favorite films on the subject of “Happy New Year” also creates the right New Year’s Eve mood.

New Year’s Eve ideas for two on a short vacation

Go out celebrating sparklers for two on New Year's Eve

You can celebrate New Year’s Eve as a couple not only at home, but also on a trip. It is up to you whether you book a short vacation in a beautiful place in Germany or travel abroad. So you have the opportunity to combine the togetherness with leisurely and long walks and visiting various sights. A short vacation is one of the most beautiful New Year’s Eve ideas for two if you like to travel and want to add new impressions and unforgettable stories to your life together.

spa massage for couples on new year's eve enjoy sparkling wine

If you want to end the year together in a relaxing and romantic way, you can book a wellness hotel after the dynamic day and enjoy a wellness massage with aromatic oils for two. After such a treatment, you are guaranteed a successful start to the new year.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve for two in the mountains

new year's eve ideas for two mountain hut fireplace romantic

Those who would like to escape from the dynamism of the big city, love nature and prefer to watch the wild fireworks from a distance, can book a vacation in the mountains and experience the New Year’s Eve countdown up on the mountain. If there is a lot of snow, you can spontaneously organize a snowball fight or leave each other romantic messages in the snow. Then what could be nicer than enjoying the cozy atmosphere in a warm mountain hut with your partner.

New Year’s ideas for two by the sea

romantic dinner on the beach new year's eve in the warm

You can also spend a fun and exciting or a quiet and romantic New Year’s Eve in a warm place. If you would rather bathe in the sun at the end of the year, a short trip to the south would be an excellent idea for you. You can spend romantic hours on the beach with a delicious cocktail or glass of sparkling wine together with your partner in a warm country. New Year’s Eve picnic on a beautiful sandy beach sounds a bit crazy, but it promises a romantic and unforgettable New Year’s Eve for two.

celebrate new year's eve for two short trip gift surprise

Regardless of which of these New Year’s Eve ideas you should choose for two, the main thing is that you are in agreement and thirsty for new emotions and exciting events. We wish you a happy new year in a healthy and happy 2018!