New Year's Eve

20 ideas for a New Year’s Eve theme party: Dressing up is fun

Motto parties create a good atmosphere and are perfect for parties where guests do not know each other. A creative costume serves as the perfect icebreaker. Whether for a birthday or New Year’s Eve, guests have a lot of fun with a party theme. Today we’re going to give you some great ideas for one New Year’s theme party, Matching panels and accessories that would guarantee a stylish New Year.

1. New Years Eve themed antiquity

new years eve-party-ideas-antique-costume-cleopatra

Past epochs and ancient civilizations still fascinate us today. Costumes of Greek goddesses, Egyptian pharaohs, Roman legionaries or Aztec warriors are ideal for an ancient theme party.

2. New Year’s Eve theme party Middle Ages

new year's eve-party-ideas-medieval-knight-cardboard-aluminum-foil

If you could travel back in time, would you choose the Middle Ages? Not only knights and queens have an authentic charm, but also costumes of fools and peasant women. Other ideas from this era would be Jeanne D’arc, William Wallace from Braveheart and Robin Hood.


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3. Theme party for New Year’s Eve in the style of the 20s

new years eve-party-ideas-golden-20s-party-pearl-necklaces

A real classic among the theme parties is the “Golden 20s” theme. Women wear Charleston dresses, headbands and long pearl necklaces, while men slip into cool suits with vests and bow ties. As accessories you can take a stick or smoke a cigar.

new year's eve-motto-party-ideas-20s-men-big-gatsby-style

4. 50s rock ’n‘ roll theme party for New Year’s Eve

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-50s-rock-n-roll-dresses-elvis

Rock’n’Rolla dresses and bandana hairstyles were very popular in the 1950s. For men, the Elvis Presley costume is a classic.

new year's eve-party-ideas-costume-men-elvis-presley

5th 60s flower power hippie party

new year's eve-party-ideas-60s-hippie-trend-man-woman

The hippie theme party offers a lot of possibilities for music, outfit and decoration. The hippie clothes should be colorful and strongly patterned. A headband, flowers in your hair, lots of rings and chains, long open hair in a tousled look complete the outfit. Don’t forget the smileys and peace signs too.

new years eve-party-ideas-60s-hippie-style-woman

new years eve-party-ideas-60s-hippie-style-rings-chains-haekeltop

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-60s-hippie-man

6. 70s disco party

new years eve-party-ideas-70s-disco-party-outfits

new years eve-mottoparty-ideas-70s-disco-trend-saturday-night-fever

7th 90s

new years eve-party-ideas-90s-costumes-colorful

Find out more about the 90s party here.

8. Rock stars

new years eve-party-ideas-rockstar-mann-angus-young-ac-dc

new years eve-party-ideas-rockstar-alice-cooper-costume-makeup

new year's eve-party-ideas-rockstars-kiss-men-women

9. Mafia party

new year's eve-party-ideas-maffia-party-italy-al-capone

new year's eve-party-ideas-mafia-party-women-feather-boas

10. Nerd party

new years eve-party-ideas-nerdparty-trousers-glasses

new years eve-party-ideas-nerdparty-woman-man-glasses-sweater

11. Wild West

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-wild-west-cowgirls

Western classics are sheriffs, Indians, cowboys and cowgirls.

new years eve-motto-party-ideas-wild-west-man-cowboy

new year's eve-theme party-ideas-wilder-west-indian-makeup

12. Fairy tale

new year's eve-party-ideas-fairy tale-snow white-alice-wonderland

new year's eve-party-ideas-fairy tale-magic forest-fairies

13. Countries

new year's eve-party-ideas-countries-party-usa-great britain

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-countries-india-mexico

14. Superheroes

new years eve party ideas superhero mask t shirts

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-superhero-superman-women

new years eve-party-ideas-superhero-superman-clark-kent

15th theme party glitter and glamor

new year's eve-party-ideas-glitter-glamor-gold-silver

new years eve-party-ideas-glitter-glamor-bling-bling-man-woman

16. Black and White Party

new years eve-party-ideas-black-white-mafia-party-costumes

17. Celebrate with one color, for example, make purple

new years eve-party-ideas-color-selections-purple

18. Famous couples

new years eve-party-ideas-famous-couples-romeo-julietta-movie

new year's eve-party-ideas-famous-couples-romeo-julietta

new year's eve-party-ideas-famous-couples-cleopatra-caesar

new year's eve-party-ideas-famous-couples-caesar-cleopatra

new years-party-ideas-famous-couples-Bonnie-clyde-Julianne Hough-Ryan-Seacrest

19th film party

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-movie-maleficent-costume

new years eve-theme party-ideas-film-princess-leia-starwars

new years eve-theme-party-ideas-film-katnis-everdeen-costume

20. Vintage Hollywood

new years eve party ideas vintage hollywood stars

new year's eve-mottoparty-ideas-black-white

Other exciting theme parties for the winter: Glamorous James Bond party

Theme party themed winter inspired by James Bond movie Casino Royale

Motto party for the winter: Winter Wonderland 

Theme party Winter Wonderland costume for women and men King and Queen headdress crown

If you want to organize a themed party in winter, then the motto “Winter Wonderland” (in English “Wonderland”) is ideal. It is inspired by the English song of the same name, in which the author describes a beautiful winter landscape. This landscape became the backdrop for many Christmas parties. Over time, other winter fairy tales also gained popularity and together formed an eclectic magic world that the party organizers reinterpret over and over again at Christmas. As versatile as the fairy tale characters are, they all have one thing in common: They have moved in completely in white or white and blue and live in a world where snow and ice rule.

Motto party winter magic: the ice queen 

Motto party winter fairy tale Frozen Elsa costumes adults and children

If you are planning a theme party for families with children, then you can be inspired by the Disney film “Frozen”. All movie characters have beautiful costumes that you can easily find in stores or make yourself. In addition, you can book a “make-up fairy” who will conjure up happy motifs on children’s faces with watercolors. Create a buffet where the adults can chat and fun for young and old is guaranteed.

Motto party winter magic: Frozen – costume ideas for women

Winter wonderland costume ideas for women ice queen with bolero

If, on the other hand, you are invited to a theme party on the subject of winter magic, then creativity is required. Find out about the dress code at the beginning. In many cases, guests are asked to move in white or light blue. However, if the organizers are planning a costume party, then you need to plan the outfit in advance. Combine a simple maxi dress with a faux fur bolero, wear a headdress with flowers or a crown. Round off the outfit with vintage jewelry made of old silver.

Winter Wonderland theme party costumes for men and women

Motto party winter wonderland costume elves ice queen men forest spirit

If you are invited to a costume party with the motto Winter Wonderland, then you can choose between numerous fairy tale characters. Forest fairies with voluminous wigs and eye-catching face paint, forest spirits, flower children, tree keepers and elves are just a few of the possibilities. Your imagination has no limits. If you already know the other guests, you can ask them how they will dress up. If that’s not the case, consider opting for a simpler outfit. Then you don’t risk being the only one in a costume.

Mottoparty winter fairy tale: three beautiful fairies in the magic forest

Winter wonderland magic forest decoration ice queen costume for women

Winter Wonderland theme party: Christmas angel costume for women

Winter wonderland costume from winter fairy tale angels for women

Winter Wonderland costumes for women 

Mottoparty winter magic women tinker angel wings costume

Winter Wonderland theme party costumes for women: Snowflakes made of fairy lights and wire and an illuminated ballerina costume

Mottoparty white winter wonderland costume ballerina with led light chain and snowflake

Motto party winter fairy tale: make-up, wig and headdress – ideas

Mottoparty Winter Wonderland Frozen Wig Hair Accessories Makeup

Magic forest costume ideas: fairy with a colorful mask

Magic forest costume ideas forest fairy dress up flowers hair accessories

Winter magic fairies with Venetian masks 

Motto party winter magic ice princess costume with mask and LED fairy lights

Magic forest costume ideas for women: forest fairy

Magic forest costume ideas women autumn leaves and deer antlers girls

Magic forest costume ideas: Little forest fairy with dress with artificial flowers and flowers as hair accessories

Magic forest costume ideas women flower dress

Mottoparty Beachparty in winter: costume ideas for women

Theme party summer in winter ideas Hawai

A beach party in winter makes us dream of exotic islands and palm trees. Decorate the room with raffia mats, parasols, straw mats and a sandpit. A photo booth quickly becomes a hit, especially at theme parties. You need a universal mobile phone holder and a poster with a Caribbean beach as a background to take the perfect vacation photos of your guests. Guests can complete their look with cool sunglasses, flower garlands and other accessories. Also in the program: exotic cocktails, beach volleyball (if space allows) and limbo dancing.

Mottoparty summer in winter: 1001 nights

Mottoparty themed winter 1001 nights inspired decoration

Motto party glitter and glamor: Burlesque dancers

Mottoparty Black and Gold outfit ideas for women and costumes 20s dress up as a dancer

Many parties have a dress code, especially on New Year’s Eve. If you are invited to a “glitter and glamor” theme party, then you need to find out in advance whether the party brings a touch of the 1920s or whether the dress code is “gold and black”. If the party organizers were inspired by the movie “Great Gatsby”, then you should opt for an opulent costume. The women can dress up as cabaret dancers, for example, and wear a shimmering sequin dress or a loose fringed Charleston dress. A matching headdress with feathers effectively completes the outfit. The men’s fashion of the 20s, on the other hand, can be described as conservative and classic. A pinstripe suit, a plain-colored tie and suspenders with rhinestones create a stylish look that is effectively rounded off with a fedora hat.

Motto party glitter and glamor: Black and gold outfit for women inspired by the 20s

Mottoparty black gold from 20s inspired festive decoration ideas

Organize a glitter theme party in black and gold

Mottoparty Black and Gold Outfit Ideas for women the little black dress

A cool theme party with the dress code “gold and black” can, but does not necessarily have to be, inspired by the 1920s. If the organizers interpret the topic in a modern way, then you don’t need to worry too much about your outfit. A mini dress in black, the matching gold jewelry or a black blazer, gold shirt and black jeans and the party outfit is already put together.

Motto black and white outfit ideas for men and women

Motto black and white outfit for women and men

Glitter and glamor party outfit for men

Glitter and glamor party outfit ideas for men

Motto party in white: outfit ideas for women

Mottoparty white outfit ideas for women Burlesque dancers with glittering dresses

White is worn for a theme party in white. Subtle accents on clothing such as rhinestones, sequins and silver fringes make the snow-white color shine. As far as styling is concerned, whatever you like is allowed. When putting your outfit together, make sure that you can move around freely. Because the parties in white are mostly organized by clubs and there is a lot of dancing.

Mottoparty glitter outfit for women

Motto party Winter company party organize ideas

Motto party in white: face paint for men and women

Mottoparty Winterzauber headdress women and men outfit ideas

Rockstar theme party ideas 

Rockstar theme party ideas outfits for men and women

Especially at a rock star theme party you have the opportunity to let your creativity run free. You can either decorate old clothes with rivets or buy a completely new outfit. The right decoration: vortex ceiling hangers, VIP table and a red carpet will give your guests the opportunity to make an effective appearance. The fun is guaranteed.

Apres ski party outfit ideas in 80s style

Apres ski party outfit ideas inspired by the 80s

Apres ski party in the style of the 80s

Apres ski party outfit ideas for men

Apres ski party outfit ideas for women

Apres ski party outfit ideas for women

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