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With these cool and trendy Negative Space Nails, less is more!

negative space nails rhombus purple white short nails

Whether nail design or nail polish, there will always be some news when it comes to nail trends. For a while now, negative space nails have been very popular. Here we reveal what this attractive nail creation is all about and how you can imitate this trend in the comfort of your own home. In our picture gallery you will find great negative space nail design ideas with which your fingernails will attract everyone’s attention.

fingernails filed straight negative space white black nail polish

The diverse nail trends offer us a wonderful opportunity to express our personality and fashion consciousness. The news in the beauty world is actually a perfect occasion to try something new. When it comes to nails, this view applies with full force. So you can create a real eye-catcher with the Negative Space Nails.

What is behind the term “Negative Space”?

elegant manicure black and white negative space nails

This nail art trend has been popular since the autumn-winter season 2017/2018. Behind the strange term “negative space” is a nail polish trend in which the art of skipping is very important. This trendy nail design is created by deliberately omitting parts of the nails. While with the other nail arts the desired shape is drawn on a colored background, here the patterns are created by leaving a piece of the natural nail free.

short fingernails simple nail design white negative space nails

Although the Negative Space Manicure sometimes looks particularly elaborate and sometimes requires a bit of skill, the look can be easily reproduced with the right technique, even by inexperienced people. Whether different geometric shapes, crescents, circular or rectangular surfaces, with the popular negative space trend you can create designs that make the beauty heart beat faster.

How is the negative space created? – Instructions

modern nail design negative space nails white black diamond

In the following, we will explain the basics for creating negative space nails step by step.

Required materials:

transparent or nude-colored basecoat

transparent top lacquer

self-adhesive stencils

colored nail polish

paint brush

Tweezers or rosewood sticks

nude nails negative space nails white stripes

How to do it:

1. Remove any remaining varnish from your nails. File them into the shape you want and slide the cuticles back.

2. Then paint your nails with a base coat and let the coat of varnish dry well.

3. Take a self-adhesive stencil and stick it on the nails where you want. If you have a steady hand and you dare, you can of course also apply the desired pattern by hand with a fine brush.

short fingernails trend manicure geometric figures black and white

4. Next, the desired nail polish color is applied. As soon as the varnish has dried but not completely hardened, carefully remove the stencil using tweezers. If you have decided on a multi-colored design, you should start with the lighter nail polish and work your way up to the darker one.

5. Finally, you should seal the resulting nail design with a transparent top varnish.

Instructions for great nail design with black nail polish and metallic accents

short nails negative space nails gold stripes black

The following materials are required for this somewhat edgy, but undoubtedly nifty Negative Space nail design:


Top coat

Black nail polish

Nail polish brush (please first clean the brush with nail polish remover)

rose gold striped ribbon

Cuticle scissors

negative space nails make utensils yourself

1. After the base coat is dry, draw crescents on each nail with the black nail polish. Carefully fill in the area with the same brush. It is up to you whether you follow the natural shape of the white nail moon of your nails or draw larger crescent moons. Before moving on with the other hand, let the nail polish dry well.

marble nail design negative space nails gold accents

2. Now cut 10 pieces from the rose gold ribbon with the cuticle scissors. Glue it on the edge of the table or on a smooth object so it’s convenient to hand. Then stick the strips horizontally on your fingernails. Use the clean brush to straighten the tape. There shouldn’t be any bumps so that the strip doesn’t pop off later.

3. Cut off the excess tape.

4. Finally, apply a layer of top varnish and let it dry well.

manicure trend nails white nail polish glitter triangle negative space nails

Browse through our picture gallery and find great inspiration for your next nail design. Whether minimalist, elaborate or daring, below you will find great ideas for a modern, exciting and fascinating manicure.

nude nails short negative space nails colored stripes

nude negative space manicure trendy short nails

negative space nails gray elegant triangle manicure minimalistic

negative space nails gray mustard round nails

pink negative space nails heart just filed

negative space nails geometric silver gold

crescent manicure red gold negative space nails

negative space nails instructions salmon crescent

straight filed fingernails negative space nail art salmon flower

negative space nails design pointed color apricot

dark blue gray stripes point negative space nails

geometric light blue white black negative space nails ideas

negative space nails diy black white short nails

acrylic nails gray ballerina nail shape negative space nails

dusky silver stiff negative space nails diy ideas

diy ideas simple negative space nails silver glitter mint

nail design ideas red gold negative space nails

gemstone look manicure negative space nails marble gold silver

nail design ideas colored negative space nails red blue black

manicure trends star blue white red negative space nails

negative space nails blue black round nail shape

almond shaped nails negative space nails galaxy stripes gold

ballerina nails salmon black rhinestones negative space nails

negative space nails trend neon yellow striped

negative space nails glitter red gold stripes just filed

black pink striped straight filing negative space nails