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Painting nails – 35 pretty nail design ideas

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This summer, create a long-lasting and strikingly beautiful manicure for yourself. Follow these simple steps to Paint nails and you will enjoy strong and beautiful nails for at least a week. Also, we have 38 examples for you of how to style your manicure this summer. These breathtaking nail designs in wonderful and cheerful colors and patterns will be a real eye-catcher and a perfect accent to any outfit. Try them out and stay on trend this summer too.

Painting nails- the steps

nail painting blue white flowers summer look

Painting nails first goes through the way of care. Oil for nails or protective varnish as a base is very important if you want to have healthy and strong nails. Therefore apply a thin layer of protective varnish. This is intended on the one hand to protect the surface of the nail and on the other hand also serves as a substrate for the upcoming varnish, through which it holds better.

Don’t overdo it with the amount of nail polish – painting your nails is also easier

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Next, apply two thin coats of the varnish you want. Before everyone Paint nails use the brush to run along the neck of the bottle to allow the excess paint to drip off. This will prevent you from overdoing it with the crowd. This is important so that the paint can dry faster and the result is perfect.

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First paint the middle, then the sides

nail painting salmon color silver glitter zigzag white

For better stability during the Paint nails, place your hand or finger on a stable surface. Then always apply the nail polish in three steps: first a line in the middle and then on both sides. This way you avoid painting the skin on the side of the nail.

Use brushes properly

nail painting pink tiger pattern tips

After the second layer, press the brush on the tip of the nails. This will seal them up and help keep them from breaking too quickly. Hold the brush vertically, then run it down the top of the nail to color it too with a thin, even layer of nail polish.

Apply a top coat


After the second layer of paint has dried, you should apply a top coat Paint nails, which fixes the rest and adds shine to the colors. Finally, hold your fingers under a hair dryer that blows warm air for about 2 minutes to evaporate the solvents and then for about 3 minutes under cold air to set the nail polish.

Rhinestones Stars Figures Nail Designs

Neon colors for the nails


Pink ombre effect

Nails-care-varnish-protective oil

Trapezoidal shape nail design

Flower Pattern Adhesive Pattern Nail Design Ideas

Africa nail design art

Nail design-protective varnish-glitter varnish-dark

Oasis of green


Rainbow nail design


With geometric figures

Purple-blue towel nail design

With wavy patterns



Party nail polish with glitter

transparent-base-protective-varnish-glitter varnish

Protective varnish rose nail polish nail design

Sand color silver gloss nail polish

Fashion jewelry-nail-design-bright-base


Youthful look


red base bird head nail design


Flower pattern nail polish nail design

French manicure with floral designs

Flower pattern nail design french manicure


Modern nail design

Rose blossom deco nail design rhinestones

Nail polish design nails painting

With floral patterns

Rhinestones Floral Pattern Nail Design Ideas

Wedding nails with pearls and stones


Dark colors are trendy


light base nail polish protective varnish purple tones