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Well-groomed fingernails are the figurehead for many people. Especially if you have frequent professional and private contact with others, it is important for you to leave a good impression with it. It is therefore not surprising that a own nail salon is a very popular alternative nowadays. For many women, having their own studio is also a great way to start their own business.

Open your own nail salon – a job with great responsibility

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However, it is easy to take it lightly in this emerging profession. After all, nail designers “only” make the fingernails pretty. However, the opposite is true:

– The women and men who visit a nail salon are generally willing to pay a lot of money for the luxury of beautiful fingernails. In return, they expect a good performance.

– The customers’ fingernails are advertising for the studio. If they fail or if the nail designer does not generally do a good job, other people will notice this at a glance.

– Careful and professional work is necessary. If the owner does not work carefully, small injuries can occur on the nail or cuticle. If inflammation forms here, it is often tedious to treat and associated with severe pain.

Hygiene also plays a major role in nail design. If this is not the case, there is a risk that infections will spread from one customer to the other. This is possible with nail fungus, among other things. During the diagnosis, the thought quickly arises that having one’s own nail salon could be the cause and can lead to customers staying away in the following period. In addition, there is a high probability that a complaint will be received by the health department and controls will be carried out.

Own nail salon – the necessary capital and know-how to get started

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Even if setting up in many studios is not very expensive, sufficient capital should be available to set up a business. The smallest item is the work material and tools that are necessary to shape fingernails. The furniture and renovation of the shop are also to be planned. If you only intend to design nails on a small scale, you could save a lot of money by using a room in your own four walls for this. However, it must be clarified with the health department whether all hygiene regulations must be observed there.

If, on the other hand, you want to appear professional to the outside world and perhaps even plan to employ employees or open branches in the future, you should prefer a retail store from the start. Since the rent can be relatively high depending on the location, equity is necessary here. Initially, there are not enough customers and a solid base only builds up over time, but there should still be enough money to bridge at least the first year including all ancillary costs. This can quickly result in sums of € 15,000. If there is no capital, the likelihood is that the studio will close again after a few months because the owners cannot pay outstanding bills. A compact overview of how it should proceed from the idea to starting a business is offered This article.

Your own nail salon – find the right training

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A professional impression can be reinforced if the self-employed have a good education. The profession of nail designer is not standardized and the designation is not protected. Even those who have not attended a course should be able to start their own business with this activity. In order to differentiate yourself from self-proclaimed professionals, it makes sense to seek training from a recognized provider. Nail polish manufacturers like Alessandro International often bid Nail design courses for career changers and professionals on different subject areas.

In many schools, the training is quite extensive, so that the graduates can start their own business with a good feeling. However, you should not assume that you are creating perfect artificial nails from the start. After an apprenticeship, there is time to test and refine your new skills on as many friends, acquaintances and family members as possible.

The courses include:

– Health aspects such as skin and nail diseases and allergies

– Hygiene in the studio

– Material science

– Basics in business administration

– nail design

The nail design is not of the greatest importance, as it attracts customers. But the other points should not be neglected either, since the business can only be operated in the long term if the relevant knowledge is available. If they fall short in the training, it is advisable to deepen them in self-study.

Attend a nail design school

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If the school is within easy reach, it is advisable to pay a brief visit before booking.

– It is advisable to announce your arrival by telephone so that an employee has time to answer questions.

– He should react calmly to questions that arise. If the student does not feel that they are being taken seriously, it is questionable whether lecturers will address their problems in class.

– The training rooms must be clean and tidy. A dirty company can hardly convey hygiene regulations properly.

– In order for every student to have sufficient practical experience, it is necessary that the classes are relatively small. A maximum of eight students is often recommended.

– The teachers should not be young professionals, but should have been able to gain experience with customers for some time.

– The school provides the students with working materials and reading material.