Nail design

Nail design with a wow factor: Inspirational picture ideas


In the spirit of today, the currently trendy nail art, which Hollywood stars such as Rihanna, Katy Pery, Blake Lively, Rita Ora and others have discovered as a fashion statement, is presented. The famous ladies show a fine sense for fashion and show how stylish you can be Nail design now wears. The following applies to the nail polish trends of 2014: Playing with colors, shapes and textures is the order of the day. Here you can take a look at chic nail design creations with WoW effect and let your imagination run wild.

Nail design with a metallic sheen


You can create cool effects on your fingers with nail stickers, nail jewelry such as rhinestones, glitter, and pebbles. A golden border gives the fingernails a classy finish. However, if you want to approach the nail project a little more professionally – there are appropriate products for special effects. For example, the magnetic nail polish, available in various colors – due to the magnetic pearls contained in the nail polish, you can form small, precise strips with the help of a small magnet. If you like a fashionable, sugar-like finish – there is a special Suger Crush nail polish for that.

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Nail styling with a golden edge

nail-design-french-manicure-golden-edge-nail-polish-color-mint green

Let your fingertips shine in a soft turquoise tone and pattern highlights. The fashionable nail polish is glittery, playful, fancy and a little bit crazy.


nail design eyeshadow applicator ombre effect


elegant-nail-design-nude-color-nail-bed-white-nail polish-trends

Spice up the nude look with stones


French nails with a bright pink edge

nail-art-disco-feeling-triangle-pattern-black-nail polish-trends

Nail polish with effects

manicure-nail jewelry-lush-pearl-rhinestones-gold-nail polish trends

Lush nail jewelry nails as a statement piece

nail-design-striking-with-crazy-patterns-magnetic-nail polish

Create stripe patterns on the nails


Colorful nail polish

Blue-white-nail styling-DIY-stripes-nailart-nail polish-trends

Spice up your nails with summery aqua colors


Bright colors with imaginative patterns


Nail art with a cartoon look

nail-design-water-color-base coat-nail-decorations-purple-diy

manicure-modern-effect-nail-metallic-gloss-nail polish-trends

Nail styling-nail jewelry-golden-base coat-watercolors-turquoise-ideas

Nail styling-nude-look-design-french-color-pastel-yellow-diy

Nail styling-peacock feather-effect-nails-elegant-ideas-re-styling

Nail styling-disco-feeling-starry sky-ombre-nails-pink-violet

Nail styling-nail-design-summer-ombre-yellow-pink-neon


nail-design-funny-nail polish-trends-pastel-nude-colors-stones