Nail design

Nail design – some great ideas to imitate

nail design ideas-design-styling-ladies-colorful-colors

That Nail design as a modern form of art, like all other technologies, it is developing very quickly. As a result, more and more methods and materials, such as gel, are available to create a wide variety of designs and effects. As a result, we can use even fingernails that are not so pretty like a canvas these days and design them in a remarkable way and through our own creativity. Nowadays, a lot of ladies want to and often do their own styling their nails in their own home.

A nail design with lush nail jewelry

nail design deco-jewelry-bow-beads

However, it is advisable to inform yourself well beforehand, as for that Nail design certain knowledge is necessary to work the nails in a high quality. In addition, an expert can also explain and give you tips on how to shape certain figures or create 3D effects by applying the different materials. And once you start styling your nails yourself, go boldly at each one Nail design approach no matter how complicated they seem. There is always a way to get there, provided you don’t give up right away. And your work is ultimately rewarded with beautiful designs with which you can express your own personality. Just follow your ideas and implement your ideas.

Nail design with marble effect

nail design marble-effect-blue-white

A very popular one Nail design, which you can also imitate at home is the marble effect. But it can also be that you need a little practice first and it does not work the first and second time. First, have nail polish of any color and a small container ready. Fill this with warm water. Next, drop a few drops of each nail polish into the water, the more colors the better. Now all you have to do is dip your fingernails into the container so that the nail polish sticks to the fingertips in a great pattern. Finally, simply clean the skin around the nail with a cotton ball and nail polish remover and you’re done Nail design with marble effect.

Trendy gel nails


The so-called gel that is used for the Nail design is a sticky mass with a portion of plastic. This is then hardened with a UV lamp. However, this takes a little more time and is not suitable if you are in a hurry. In this case, we have another suggestion: paint your nails any color. Just before the nail polish has dried, add a few drops of nail polish of a different color, which you smudge with a nail polish remover so that different shapes are created. This creates great effects. Then apply a clear top coat to make the Nail design complete.

Animal motifs


Below we have a couple of interesting examples of that Nail design prepared. Let yourself be inspired and get started right away!

Two nail art suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Nail Design Ideas-Valentine's Day-Nail Edge-Heart Shaped

Nail-Design-Valentine's Day-Idea-Stars-Hearts-Motives-Decoration-Ideas

Spring-like motifs

Fingernails-manicure-spring-flowers-blue-base coat

Fingernails-manicure-blue-tip-motif-as-nail jewelry


Fall nails

Fingernails Manicure Fall Tree Drawings Ideas Nail Art


Glitter French for Christmas and New Years Eve

Fingernails-manicure-sponge technique-French-glittering-gold

Geometric designs


Nail-design-pink-fingernails-manicure-matt-base coat



French-nail-design-bow-beads-3d-jewelry-ideas-nail art


Nail design snowflake light pink base coat