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Nail design motifs – 75 ideas for attractive summer motifs

nail design motifs summer look ideas red rings stones colorful

In summer, clothes, make-up and nails can be bright and colorful! Luminous colors like yellow, turquoise and pink are all the rage. Your summer nails can either match your outfit and styling, or simply express your summer feelings. Try some of these trendy ones Nail design motifs out for summer and every time you look at your nails you will get summer mood. Even if it rains outside.

Nail design motifs – neon colors in ombre look

nail design motifs neon ombre idea pink orange summer

When it comes to the design of the artificial and longer nails, there are of course several options available, but if you are looking for ideas for short nails then you will find them in this collection too. The main thing is that summer nails should express happy attitudes to life. Sunny yellow, sea blue, mint, orange, salmon, coral and bright neon colors are real eye-catchers on summer nails. Nails with a maritime look in red, navy blue and white are very popular. A small anchor or a steering wheel often adorns the ring fingernail.

Nail design motifs in a maritime look

nail design motifs maritime mint green salmon anchor gold

Color gradients can be easily implemented here. You can also add small decorations such as stickers and rhinestones. Think of summer motifs that would give us that holiday feeling. Palm trees, cocktails, ice cream, starfish, parasols and colorful summer fruits such as melons and strawberries are of course at the top of the list. Exotic animals like parrots and leopards also work well for the summer nails. Plus, you can paint a whole landscape on your nails – a palm beach, a beach with shells, or even the colorful underwater world. Check out these cool designs here, choose a combination of sunny nail polish colors and let your imagination run wild.

Flower motif and nails in rose

nail design motifs rose white flower ring finger idea

The possibilities that there are for decorating nails are huge and very diverse. If you have a steady hand, you can paint filigree motifs on the nail with a thin brush. There are also stickers and nail tattoos in different designs. They are printed on a thin sheet of adhesive and stuck on the nail.

Beautify nails with the stamping technique


Stamping is a very popular technique. With simple means you can make beautiful, filigree motifs on the nails. The stamping technique is also perfect for beginners. For this you need a stamping template with the desired motif, a stamp, the so-called scraper and colored nail polish. Many recommend a special stamping varnish, but it also works with a normal nail varnish.


The varnish is applied to the stencil. Then you pull over the motif with the scraper so that the color only remains in the punched out motif. Now the stamp is used: the motif is removed with the stamp and applied to the nail with light pressure.

Monarch butterfly nail design

Summer nails-monarch butterfly-neon-orange-pink

Nails with playful color gradients look absolutely beautiful. First the nail is primed with a soft nude shade. Then a small sponge is painted with two to three colors. To create a nice beach look, you can choose a dark blue for the tip of the nail, a light turquoise blue for the center of the nail and a light sand tone for the lower nail area. For Monarch butterfly nail designs, however, you should use yellow and orange. With a dotting tool it is very easy to score points.

Marbled nails with water and nail polish

summer nails-idea-orange-pink-blue-blurry

Unique random patterns are created using the marble technique. The principle is very simple: you put a few drops of nail polish in a yogurt cup with water. You will stay on the surface of the water. Drop another varnish in the middle of the first varnish. Then take a toothpick, model a pattern and insert your finger into it. The design should be printed on the nail. The paint residue is removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. The best: No special nail polishes are required and you can try out different color combinations and patterns.

Waves motif in yellow for the summer

nail design motifs orange pink yellow wave summer design

Two-tone fingernails can also be made without a sponge. The easiest nail design in the world can be done with tape and nail polish. Simply cover one half of the nail with tape, apply the second nail polish, let it dry and peel off the tape. You can add a different color accent where the two colors meet.

Crescent manicure in pastel colors

nail design-summer-colors-pastel-purple-green-pink-white

The half-moon manicure is also particularly popular at the moment and can be implemented using almost the same technique. For masking, you simply need a sticker with a rounded edge. You can use ring hole reinforcements for this, for example. First, paint the nails with a light shade of nail polish. A white nail polish was used here. Let the nail polish dry well. Then cut the ring hole reinforcements once on one side so that they better conform to the curve of the nail. Now the crescent is pressed firmly against the nail bed. Paint the rest of the nails a darker shade. Let the nail polish dry for at least ten minutes before removing the ring hole reinforcement.

Adhesive strips are well used

nail polish-summer-pastel-colors-pink-mint

Nail designs with adhesive strips are another great idea. The thin decorative strips are sold in rolls and can be cut to the desired length. They are also self-adhesive and come in many different colors. The strips are simply stuck onto the nails at any distance and pressed into place. You can also use tweezers to position the adhesive strips more precisely. You can experiment with different patterns and motifs. Your designs can be as amazing as only your imagination allows.

The stripes can either stay that way or be painted over with a different shade of nail polish. While the paint is still damp, the strips are gradually removed. At the end there is another layer of top coat and the manicure is done.

Trendy nail design motifs for the summer – aztec pattern


Nail design motifs that convey that holiday feeling


Maritime look

summer nails-maritime-motifs-stripes-dots

Colorful and gaudy

summer nails-short-zig-zag-pattern-black-multicolored

Neon colors and graffiti look

Summer nails-ideas-neon-color-graffiti-motifs

Turquoise and gold

Summer nails-idea-mint-gold-rhinestones

cool effects with glitter nail polish in pink

Summer nails-idea-light-pink-lacquer-color-particles

summer nails turquoise nail polish color glitter particles

Luminous maritime blue


Ethnic motifs

nail polish-blue-white-ethno-motifs

Mint and gold for the beach


Stickers and stampings


golden anchor on the ring fingernail

nail design motifs summer-maritime-theme-red-white-blue

colorful fruits like watermelons are sweet


Coral, orange and gold – look perfect together








summer nail-fuchsia-turquoise-dotted

Summer nails-ombre-effect-white-blue-glitter-ring-finger-palm


summer nails nail polish color orange coral ring finger golden glitter

summer gel-mint-golden-glitter-black-white


Summer nails-ideas-silver-nail-polish-color-dots-neon-colors



Summer nails-blue-white-silver-stripes



nail polish-design-ombre-glitter-paint-color

nail design motifs beach motif sea sand

nail design-summer-black-white-light blue-zig-zag-dots

nail design-summer-neon-pink-black-white-aztec-motifs

nail-design-summer-motifs-colorful-dots-sugar sprinkles


summer nail designs lilac-color-flower-stickers

nail design-summer-ideas-blue-white-glitter-lacquer


nail design-summer-yellow-white-goose-flowers



nail design motifs summer-neon-pink-lacquer-black-stripes-kiss-stickers

nail design-motifs-summer nails-colorful-gaudy


nail design motifs-summer-blue-purple-pearls

nail design-motifs-summer-animal prints-blue-white-black

nail design-maritime-motifs-summer-stripes-anchor-red-white-blue


Summer nails-red-white-ribbon-flowers






sun nails-coral-paint-color-silver-glitter-paint


Summer nails-neon-green-salmon-nail polish-color-strips

Nail design motifs -summer-white-maritime-blue-paint-paint-anchor-ring finger

nail-design-motifs-summer-pastel-lacquer colors

nail design motifs summer kiwi neon green

Summer nails nail design motifs -ideen-2014-lacquer colors