Nail design

Nail design ideas – trends for spring and summer

nail design ideas exotic flowers hibiscus yellow orange summer look

We show you the latest trends for the spring and summer season 2015 – these nail design ideas are a real beauty statement and can be perfectly combined with jeans and a T-shirt as well as with a chic mini dress.

Nail design ideas – subtle, attractive patterns

nail design ideas colorful geometric pattern orange green cheeky

You can easily imitate many of the nail design ideas at home. However, if you are not confident about the designs, you can still use them as a template for your manicurist. Whichever design you choose, you will definitely feel unique and enjoy spring and summer with a nice styling.

Nail design ideas in bright colors

nail design ideas motley glitter green blue yellow pink orange checkered

Be brave and play with bright colors! Create, for example, such an upbeat, checkered pattern and finally add glitter in a larger format. You get in the summer mood right away, don’t you?

Subtle aztec nail design

nail design ideas stripes colorful aztec pattern spring summer

Since the Aztec pattern is trendy, you can add it to your nail design ideas in spring and summer. If you don’t like it so conspicuous, you can also choose this more subtle variant, in which you only paint a colored stripe on the middle area of ​​the nail and then decorate it with Aztec patterns in white.

Subtle and elegant nail design for spring and summer

nail design ideas simple white base coat black dots simple

This nail design is just as subtle. Paint the nails with white varnish and add tiny, black dots. The design looks cheerful and elegant at the same time and can therefore be chosen for any occasion.

Nail design ideas – stickers with bows

Nail design ideas-bows-motifs-pink-orange

First apply nail polish in a cheerful pastel shade / pink, blue, lilac, peach /, then nail stickers with bow motifs and at the end, apply glitter polish for a bling-bling effect. This nail design is extremely simple and perfect for beginners. Let your creativity run free – and try different variants!

Nail design ideas – drawing animal patterns


This nail design is a little more complicated, but practice makes perfect. You need paint in green, beige and black. First apply the base color and let it dry. Then draw points with the accent varnish and let them dry. At the end, frame the points with black. complete!

Nail design ideas – combine glitter polish and stickers

Nail Design Ideas Orange Fingernails Stickers

Glitter varnish in shimmering nuances is really trendy right now – orange, green and purple are the hottest colors. The lacquer is semi-transparent and contains special glitter particles. Apply stickers with cool designs to the paintwork. Just be careful – glitter paint is traditionally difficult to remove.

Nail design ideas – nail polish with stripe motifs

Nail design ideas stripes pink gold pictures

Not only does striped nail design look attractive, it is also pretty easy to do. If you feel insecure, you can use special templates – these make the task much easier.

Nail design ideas – dots in a contrasting color

Nail design ideas beige black dots

Black and ivory nail polish create a delightful contrast. The dots in different sizes automatically attract attention. The perfect nail design for a confident office appearance!

Nail design with birds in pastel colors

Nail design ideas autumn leaves pastel colors

Nail design with roses in fire red


Nice nail design as an alternative to French manicure

Nail-design-ideas-tip-white-nail polish-apply

Nail design with rhinestones – cool ideas


Nail design in bright summer colors – orange and yellow

Nail Design Ideas Sunglasses Motifs Sticker Pictures

Nail design with a checkerboard pattern in lavender and purple


Nail design with natural motifs – tree leaves and nail polish in mint color

Nail design ideas mint green silver rhinestones

Nail polish in pink and green – contrasting colors are perfect for summer


Tribal motifs decorate the fingernails

Nail design-ideas-tribal-motifs-pictures-colorful

Nail design with nail polish in ivory, orange and brown

Nail design ideas-beige-orange-black-rhinestones


Nail design ideas-fingernails-dots-rhinestones-orange

Nail design ideas-check-motifs-green-blue-white

Nail-design-ideas-purple-yellow-nail polish-motifs-stars