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Nail design for the winter – knit nails as the current nail polish trend

Nail design for the winter gray-white-wintry-nail-designs-knitted-nails

When the weather is cold, it is better to stay at home and put on the cozy knitted sweater. Exactly the popular pattern of the warm sweaters has inspired the latest trend in winter nail designs. The so-called knit nails were already a total hit among the nail polish trends last year and are just as popular this year. This beautiful one Nail design for winter you can combine them with any colors and motifs and even make creative winter nails yourself. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas!

Nice nail design for the winter with Knit Nails

Nail design for winter knit-nails-snowflakes-delicate-colors

Knit Nails are an elegant winter nail design in which 3D patterns are conjured up on the fingernails. In the end, the nails look like a cozy sweater and also have a textured surface. Thanks to its elegant look, the nail design is the perfect complement to your favorite sweater in winter.

How to do knit nails as a nail design for winter

Nail design for winter knit-nail-nail polish-trends-3d-pattern

Knit nails are usually made with a thick 3D gel nail polish so that the applied motifs are structured. To get the popular effect, the so called dotting tool or an alternative tool with the same function is used. With it, elegant knitting patterns can be applied to the fingernails and beautiful winter nail designs can be conjured up.

Nail polish trends – knit nails with different effects

Nail design for the winter knitting pattern-glitter-snowflake-rhinestone

With the popular knitting pattern, different nail designs can be made for the winter. You can opt for the classic cable pattern, or choose a design with waves, diamonds, dots or stripes. There are no limits. There are also various alternatives for the final effect of the nail design. Whether matt or glossy topcoat, the same or different colors for the pattern, an accent nail or knitting pattern on all nails – the decision is yours.

Make different knitting patterns yourself

Nail design for winter knit-nails-knit-pattern-fingernails

Winter nail designs with knit nails are usually a bit more difficult to do yourself, but with a little dexterity and a steady hand you can also achieve good results. We have put together three instructions for different knitting nail designs that you can copy.

DIY knit nails as winter nail design – instructions for diamond patterns


Diamonds are a popular pattern for sweaters in winter and also look beautiful as a nail design. Before you start with the pattern, you should paint your fingernails in any color and let them dry. Now the pattern can be painted on. You can make shiny patterns on a matt base coat and vice versa. This makes the knitting pattern easier to see.

Make your own nail design for winter with the classic cable pattern

nail design-winter-nail polish-trends-knit-nails-do-it-yourself

You can also paint the selected pattern with a lighter shade of the base color by mixing the base coat with white nail polish. The cable stitch is a popular choice for cozy sweaters as well as for winter knit nails.

Make matte 3D knitted nails yourself


For a cable pattern with a matte effect, you can mix the nail polish with a fixing loose powder and use the mixture to paint on the knitting pattern. To further strengthen the effect, you can apply a matte top coat on the finished nail design for the winter.

DIY simple nail design for winter in a knitted look

nail design-winter-knitting-pattern-do-it-yourself-instructions

You can also make a nice knitting pattern yourself with simple nail polish, but the 3D effect is lost. In this case, it is imperative to use a contrasting color for the pattern, otherwise it will be barely noticeable.

Winter nail design for Christmas


If you want to have a themed nail design made for Christmas, then the knitting pattern is perfect. In combination with Christmas colors such as red, green and white, beautiful nail designs with knitting patterns can be conjured up. You can even match your fingernails with your favorite Christmas sweater and thus reflect the Christmas mood.

Nail design ideas for New Year’s Eve

nail-design-winter-new year's eve-fingernails-white-glitter-rhinestones

In contrast to Christmas, neutral colors in combination with a little sparkle are more suitable for New Year’s Eve. Again, you can opt for knit nails, but also consider a few rhinestones or glitter to make the nail design glamorous.

Nail design for winter with three colors


The trendy nail design for winter can be combined with different colors and looks elegant in every color combination. For a creative design, you can paint the patterns in more than one color. Different nuances of the same color as well as contrasting tones are suitable for this.

Different knitting patterns for every fingernail

nail design-winter-knit-nails-nail-trend-pink-tones

If you wish, you can of course also paint all the nails in a knitted design. However, if you do the nail design for the winter yourself, you should take into account that painting the knitting pattern on each fingernail takes some time and is a real precision job.

Striking pattern with contrasting colors


Pick a contrasting shade for the knitting pattern, then you can make sure that your nail design for winter immediately catches the eye. Light patterns on a darker base coat usually look nicer and better reflect the knitted effect.

The favorite sweater as inspiration for the nail design for the winter

Nail-design-winter-creative-idea-knit-pattern-check pattern

If it is difficult for you to decide on the pattern and color, you can use your favorite sweater as inspiration. With decorations such as pearls, artificial snow or small rhinestones, your winter nail design will be even more impressive.

Combine current nail polish trends for winter

nail design-winter-pattern-fingernails-trends-knit-nails-glitter

The fingernail trends for this winter are based on rich colors, graphic patterns and glittering elements. You can combine all of these tendencies for your winter nail design and paint the nails as real eye-catchers.

Dark red for the winter nail design


Dark tones were and will remain a popular trend for winter nail polish. Dark red fingernails look stylish and are suitable for festive occasions as well as for everyday life. With a 3D knitting pattern, you can make the red manicure more playful by highlighting only individual fingernails.

Experiment with different knitting patterns


If you cannot decide on a single 3D pattern, you can also conjure up different designs on your fingernails. In addition, the design should not always be on the ring finger – the middle finger and the little finger are just as beautiful ideas for accent nails.

Knit Nails for short fingernails

nail design-winter-do-it-yourself-accent-nail-knitting-pattern

This season, the elegant, short fingernails are one of the current nail trends. Natural nails can also be decorated with subtle motifs, such as an elegant knitting pattern in nail design for winter.

Elegant nail design for the winter


Knit nails combine beautifully with Christmas motifs such as stars and snowflakes and are one of the most popular nail designs for winter. Such a nail design gives a festive mood and is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.