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Nail design for Halloween – 30 ideas to do it yourself

nail design for halloween bats black pastel lacquer nude

Scary skulls, funny pumpkins or mysterious bats – these motifs can decorate your nails on Halloween. With a little skill and a lot of imagination, you can prepare for this celebration. We’ll show you 30 ideas for Nail design for Halloween – including some video instructions on the subject.

Nail design for Halloween – funny or scary motifs?

nail design for halloween cats stars orange black idea

If you dress up for Halloween, then you can choose suitable motifs. For example, if you have sewn or rented a witch costume yourself, you can decorate your fingernails with bats. The bloody fingernails go well with the zombie costume, funny Jack O ‘Lanterns go well with the bird-shy clothes. And if you want to scare your friends with a vampire outfit then you can paint Dracula on their nails! The possibilities are simply limitless – and best of all – these simple motifs can be painted with an old ballpoint pen or toothpick. And if you would like to try out a nail design for Halloween, at least not confident in this painting technique, you can opt for a simpler variant – namely the nail stickers. They’re super easy to put on and take off, and have one drawback – don’t last long. So let your creativity run wild and try one or more of the nail designs below!

Nail design for Halloween – cemetery

nail design for halloween blue metallic cemetery picture moon bat

Did you know? Although Halloween is celebrated in North America today, the festival actually comes from Europe – here the Celts celebrated the end of summer with a so-called festival of the dead. That is why people traditionally disguised themselves as ghosts and painted their faces in white. The custom was later adopted by the people of Ireland and brought to the United States. There it enjoyed increasing popularity and was then brought back to Europe at the beginning of the last century. The legend of Jack O’Lantern, a farmer who allegedly outwitted the devil, was born around this time. In recognition of his cleverness, the devil gave him a lantern – with it he could light his way to heaven after death. Perhaps because of legends like these, the great popularity of certain motifs – pumpkins, skulls, ghosts.

Stars on nails in black and orange for Halloween

nail design for halloween french stars orange black idea

Black nail polish for Halloween


Nail design for Halloween – colorful motifs


The cat with shining eyes in the dark


Faces of favorite heroes from creepy children’s stories


Interesting nail design for Halloween with bats 

Halloween nail design ideas original creative

Pumpkin on your fingernails – why not??!

Painting pumpkins yourself ideas guide

Spiders – nail design for Halloween

Nail design instructions ideas spider skull motifs

With nail stickers, detailed drawings can be attached to the nails

Artificial Nails Nail Stickers Design Ideas Pumpkins Jack OLantern

Artificial nails with funny designs

Nail design ideas paint pumpkins

Nail design for Halloween – Jack O’Lantern pumpkins

Skull paint Halloween nail design ideas

Nail design for Halloween – scary ghosts

Halloween French manicure French bat

scary halloween ideas eyes white

Halloween cool ideas paint spider web

Nail design white base draw your own ballpoint pen

Nails pumpkins paint gold accents details ideas

Nail design ideas spider web drawing designs

Nail design ideas spider web ghosts witches pumpkins evil

Nail design ideas ghosts pumpkins witches nail stickers

Nail design Frankenstein green drawing toothpick

Nail design sticker bats castle mysterious

Nails enchanted forest purple orange nail polish sticker

purple nail polish gold ornaments rhinestones

Paint the fingernails of old ballpoint pens and apply nail polish

white lacquer number stick nails paint spider web

Halloween pumpkins Frankenstein motifs cute

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