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Nail Care Tips – Healthy nails with proper care

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In addition to the visual design of nails with subtle or unusual designs, nail care is always an important routine. Today we’re going to give you a few nail care tips for beautiful, well-groomed nails.

Nail Care Tips – Balanced Diet

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The nails as well as our skin are already influenced by our diet. Vitamins A and B as well as the micronutrient iron are important building blocks of the nail structure, which should be adequately absorbed with a balanced diet. In the case of deficiency symptoms, preparations can also provide support, if possible after consultation with a doctor.

The consequences of nutrient deficiency and illnesses are manifold. Wavy nails appear quite often: The cause of this can be a deficiency symptom but also infections that have weakened the immune system. In the event of persistent occurrence, consideration should also be given to poisoning by metals or excessive drug use. In this case, consult your doctor.

In addition to these indirect influences, the wrong manicure can also lead to damage such as discoloration or damage to the nail bed and cuticles. Typical mistakes are shortening the nails too much and the associated damage to the nail bed. Often the instruments of a nail burr or classic manual instruments are not used properly. For example, the cones of an electric nail file are used to remove ingrown nails – a burr would be better here. on for example, there is a wide variety of electric and manual nail care kits on offer.

Nail Care Tips – How To Take Care Of Your Nails Properly

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In addition to general criteria for healthy nails, such as a good supply of nutrients and a good state of health, direct care of the nails is crucial.

1. Nail Care Tips – Adequate moisture and fluid

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Similar to the skin, a nail can suffer from insufficient moisture. The result is porous nails. A nail cream and nail oils can serve as a remedy, which in addition to a lot of moisture and fat supply the nail with nutrients. Typical ingredients are vegetable oils such as those from the jojoba bush, vitamins and antioxidants. If you don’t have a special cream on hand – use skin cream. In addition, it is important to ensure a high level of fluid intake (at least 2-3 liters of water a day)!

Although nail polish and thus the nail polish remover are essential for the women of creation, this also contributes to a porous and sensitive nail. When buying, look for nail polish remover with natural ingredients that are as free from acetone as possible.

2. Professional manicure with nail burs

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Basically, hand and toenails can be worked with both a classic manicure and pedicure set and with an electric nail cutter. Working with the milling cutter is advantageous because of its many attachments and the associated possible uses.

You can get cheap models for 10 € at the drugstore – but it is better to spend a little more. High-quality electric manicure sets have more functions such as stepless speed control, LED lights and better and more durable attachments.

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There are usually 3 types of attachments: cutters, cones and washers. Occasionally, cylinder-shaped attachments for replaceable sandpaper are also included. The attachments are also often used for foot care.

3. Shorten nails with washer attachments

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The plate disks made of sapphire, sometimes also diamond, are used in the first step to shorten the nails. Usually there are 2 discs: The coarse disc with stronger particles is specially designed for long or particularly thick nails (toe nails). You can greatly reduce the nail within a few seconds.

Then use the fine disc for “fine tuning”. This reduces the risk of injury and makes it easier for you to shape the shape of the nail.

4. Smooth the nails with the felt cone


As with teeth cleaning, after the actual treatment, the surface is smoothed. Due to the rough processing with the lens attachments, rough and sometimes pointed spots are not missing – the risk of tearing is increased, it does not feel good and the difference is also noticeable visually. The felt cone smooths the nail and gives it a chic shimmer.

5. Work on nails with the sapphire cone

nail care-tips-milling-sapphire-cone-attachment

In contrast to the lens attachments, the sapphire cones can be attached to the nail at many angles. Whether horizontally or strongly angled, here you can freely remove the surface of the nail.

6. Milling cutter for special cases

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The thin cutters can easily reach difficult areas.

With the so-called flame cutter, which has a conical head end, you can work on ingrown (and often painful) areas. Be careful when you enter the indentations or have it done professionally in the nail salon.

The cylinder milling cutter, on the other hand, has a cylindrical head. This can be used for sensitive nails and lignified nails for careful trimming and smoothing.

The sapphire cutter is also often included. This is used to remove layers of skin such as corns and calluses. Its head is spherical.

After the manicure, it is advisable to wipe your hands and apply cream again and to push back the cuticles with a skin pusher.