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Micro French Nails: The minimalist nail trend with a big impact!

As every year, in January there are numerous new trends that will influence our style over the next few months. Whether chic logo nails or fine pearl decorations – the nail designs that are in focus for the coming season are subtle yet colorful and give our hands a fine touch of glamor. Without a doubt, “less is more” applies to the nail trends 2021. One look we all loved back in the 2000s is the classic French nails. Noble, chic and super elegant – the classic is currently celebrating a big comeback and is available in numerous different designs. Micro French Nails are THE nail trend that all fashionistas and fashion influencers are obsessed with. And that doesn’t surprise us either – the style is incredibly subtle and the playful details and bright colors create a modern twist. Whether classic in white or rather in pastel pink – let our picture gallery inspire you for your next mani.

Gel nails natural pink Micro French Nails nail trend

If you have short nails and love simple and minimalist nail designs, then you are in good hands with Micro French Nails! The main difference to the classic variant that we all know is that the nail tips are painted much thinner. This makes the look much more natural and elegant and gives our hands a feminine touch. And the best thing? With a little practice and a little dexterity, the trend can be easily copied at home, so that you don’t have to run to the nail salon straight away.

Micro French Nails: It’s that easy to get the look yourself at home

Make your own nails easily Micro French Nails nail trend

As mentioned earlier, the only difference between the classic French manicure and the Micro French Nails is in the thickness of the tips. So if you have already mastered the classic well, you should also achieve the micro look without any problems. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an experienced nail artist to paint your nails yourself at home. All you need is a set of drugstore French nail strips! A base and top coat, and a nail polish color of your choice for the nail tips – that’s all you need for the trendy look! The nail trend may seem a little boring to some of you, but the truth is we can get as creative as we’d like. If you like, you can use different embellishments such as pearls or glitter to spice up your manicure even more.

French nails variants for short nails nail trends 2021

  • First file the nails into the desired shape and apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • Let it dry completely and stick the auxiliary strips as close to the front of the nail as possible.
  • Now paint the nails with the desired nail polish up to the glued-on strip. Here’s a little tip from us – if your nails are short, you can make them look a bit longer by pulling the sides down slightly.
  • Let it dry and remove the auxiliary strips.
  • Now seal with a top coat and you have the perfect Mico French Nails!

Subtle yet very elegant: pastel-colored nail tips provide a modern twist

Micro French Nails Nail trends pastel colored nail tips

Pastel-colored nail tips have been trendy for a few months now and are clear evidence of how versatile micro French nails can actually be. The soft and cool colors look very elegant and turn our hands into real eye-catchers. Whether with a matte or glossy finish – the look always looks fabulous and is ideal for the office.

Micro French Nails in blue for a colorful yet subtle look

Micro French Nails Nail Trend Blue Nails Trend

Blue nails in all possible variations are currently conquering all social media and our hearts. So how about combining two nail trends in one and opting for these beautiful micro French nails in blue. Whether in a rich royal blue or rather in trendy baby blue – which nuances you choose depends only on your own taste and style. Don’t be afraid to play with different colors and experiment with your look. With the Micro French Nails, anything you like is allowed!

Pastel Tips Nageltrend Micro French Nails Nail designs for short nails

Micro French Nails work wonderfully on both super short and slightly longer fingernails. The nail trend looks particularly elegant and romantic with the popular almond-shaped nails. Another advantage of the elongated nail shape is that it makes your fingers look thinner than they actually are.

French Nails nail designs for short nails nail trends 2021

Take your Micro French Nails to the next level by opting for metallic lacquer accents and lacquering the nail tips in shiny silver. The look adds an extra touch of glamor and is the perfect choice for an elegant manicure for a festive occasion.

Micro French Nails: The most beautiful nail designs to imitate at a glance!

French Nails variants nail trends spring 2021

A minimalist look with a big effect: Micro French Nails in the classic white variant

Painting short nails Micro French Nails Nail trend

Get creative and paint your nail tips in two contrasting colors

Micro French Nails nail trend nail designs for short nails

Fine pearl embellishments add a touch of romance and elegance to your French manicure

Micro French Nails nail trend pink gel nails short

Black nail tips are another trendy variant for micro French nails

Micro French Nails nail trends 2021 painting short nails

The nail trend is the perfect minimalist addition to your outfit

Nail designs for short nails Micro French Nails nail trend 2021

Experiment with different colors and nuances to get a unique look

Nail design ideas for short nails Micro French Nails nail trend

Or get creative and paint two very thin white lines

Nail trends spring 2021 Micro French Nails

Light blue micro French nails are perfect for the warm spring days

pastel colored nail tips nail designs short nails micro french nails nail trend