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Make ombre nails yourself – instructions and pretty nail design ideas

Ombre Nails instructions-sponge-blue-white-gradient

The popular nail designs with color gradients have been very trendy in recent years and can be adapted to every season and every occasion. The so-called Ombre nails you can combine them with any outfit, so they are always a good idea for a manicure. You can even make a nail design like this very easily at home and achieve good results – we will show you how to do it!

Ombre nails as a popular nail polish trend

Ombre Nails everyday-light-colors-combine

With ombre nails you shouldn’t choose between your favorite colors, but can combine them in the nail design. That is why ombre nails are always an appropriate decision, regardless of the occasion. The trendy look in a neutral color combination is perfect for everyday life and can be combined with almost any outfit.

Make ombre nails yourself

Do-it-yourself ombre nails-white-blue-glitter

For those who do not have time to visit the nail designer, the ombre nail design offers a good alternative. You can easily make ombre nails yourself at home and with a little skill you can even achieve professional results. What you need are nail polishes in the chosen colors, nail polish remover, cotton swabs and a nail sponge.

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It’s that easy to design pretty ombre nails yourself

Instructions for ombre nails

Ombre Nails instructions-base coat-application-light-color

Start by painting the nails first. In the first step, apply a base coat to protect the nails against discoloration. Then apply two coats of the chosen base coat until an intense color results.

Nail sponge for a nail design with a gradient

Ombre Nails varnish with a sponge gradient

Now the nail sponge is used. However, if you do not have a special nail sponge, you can replace it with a make-up sponge or a commercially available sponge. In order to conjure up the beautiful ombre look on the nails, you should now apply the base color and the second color for the tips to the sponge horizontally. For an even better gradient, you can use two or three similar shades of color.

Painting ombre nails with a sponge


Before you conjure up the effect with the sponge, the base coat should be completely dry. Now carefully dab the nail sponge with the nail polish onto your fingernails until you get the desired result. Let it dry thoroughly again and then seal it with a top coat. The nail polish that has gone over the nails can be easily removed with a cotton swab and nail polish remover.

Ombre nails with gel


If you want to enjoy the pretty ombre nails longer, you can make ombre nails with gel yourself. Gel nails usually last longer and the nail polish is not so easy to damage. To make ombre gel nails yourself, you need a UV lamp and matching nail polishes.

Two-tone nail design with a vertical gradient


To make the nail design more playful, you can also style the popular ombre nails with a vertical gradient. For this you should apply the nail polish for the ombre effect vertically instead of horizontally on the sponge.

Ombre Nails for Wedding


If you are looking for a beautiful wedding nail design, then you are certainly right with ombre gel nails. Combinations of light colors such as white and a nude shade such as beige are best for this. If you want your dress to be the center of attention, the simple wedding nails are a perfect choice. The ombre wedding nails do not distract from your wedding dress, but look very classy and elegant in delicate pastel tones. The ombre nails also go perfectly with the different nail shapes. The delicate color gradient looks just as beautiful on rounded fingernails as it does on pointed or almond-shaped nails.

Painting dark ombre nails


Dark gradient nails look really stylish and go well with an everyday outfit as well as with a party look. The color combination of black and red is a real classic in manicure and is perfect for a tasteful ombre nail design. The classic combination of black and white will give your outfit a special touch. You can determine yourself which shade of red you choose for the manicure and whether black is only hinted at or is noticeable at first glance. Just apply a layer of the base color and let it dry.

Matte Ombre Nails Instructions


Now you can make a line of the red and black nail polish on the sponge and carefully stamp it on the nails. Keep stamping until you have achieved the desired color gradient. If the varnish is already dry, you can finish your ombre manicure with a layer of top coat. Whether you make fine lines or rather coarser ones is a matter of taste. Just try it out and stick with the variant that you like best. These ombre nails look stylish, elegant and feminine without a doubt. For a really trendy look, you can give the ombre nails the popular matte effect. For this you need a matting top coat, which you should apply to the finished nail design.

Ombre gradient without a sponge


If you would like to make a modern nail design with a gradient yourself, you can also do this without the nail sponge. Alternatively, a thin brush can be used to conjure up the effect. This technique works best on an ombre with glitter. First, apply a layer of nail polish with glitter pigments. The area at the nail bed should only be covered with a few glitter. You can apply more layers towards the tip. This makes the tips darker and darker and covered with lots of glitter particles, which creates the desired effect. Of course, you can also create the reverse variant of ombre nails with glitter nail polish yourself by emphasizing the nail bed with glitter and making the tips lighter.

Nail design ombre in party look


Glitter mostly speaks for a party and is preferred both in clothing and in nail design for the evening look. With the nail sponge you can make sparkling ombre nails yourself and attract everyone’s attention at the party. In the example above, the black color was selected as the basic tone. The dark manicure is loosened up by the shiny, silver nail polish. Even if you only decorate one or two fingernails with the great ombre gradient, you create a manicure that looks very elegant and will ensure enthusiastic looks at the upcoming party. The black ombre nails are best for short to half-length nails that have an angular shape. In order for the manicure to look really classy, ​​you need to apply the dark nail polish perfectly and, if possible, without flaws. Although opinions often differ when it comes to black nail polish, it just looks great in an ombre look and offers endless design options.

Combine ombre nail designs with diamond nails


The ombre nails combine beautifully with different accents and decorations in the nail design. Diamond Nails is a brand new nail polish trend from Korea that is made with diamond cellophane paper. Both nail designs can be perfectly combined with each other and ensure a really splendid manicure. In this beautiful manicure, the attractive royal blue nail tip on two fingernails was combined with a nail bed painted in black, while the other nails impress with a great interplay of glittering blue and pink.

Spice up gradient nails for spring


You can make an ombre nail design yourself with any color and thus conjure up a suitable manicure for every season. For spring, happy color combinations with yellow, green, pink, orange, purple and red are perfect and can be designed as a beautiful gradient. The ombre nails can then be spiced up with different motifs and painted in a really creative way.

Summer nails gradient with three colors


Those who prefer it colorful can do the ombre nail design with three or more colors. Such a playful nail polish is perfect for spring or summer and reminds of the coming vacation. To do this, select colors that go well with each other and create a harmonious overall picture. Make a small sample on a piece of paper before applying the design on the nails. As far as the choice of color is concerned, you are free to decide which color nuances to combine according to your own preferences. The color blue, for example, with all its shades from turquoise to green blue to dark blue, is an ideal summer color for your manicure. Blue is reminiscent of the crystal clear sea water and the cloudless sky on hot summer days.

Nail design for summer with pineapple


Luminous colors are perfect for summer manicures and can be used to conjure up beautiful ombre nail designs. If you combine the ombre nails with matching summer motifs as decoration, you can make beautiful nail art yourself. If you are not that good with the brush, you can use water decals. Those who like to let off steam artistically, on the other hand, can conjure up various motifs with a fine brush that are reminiscent of the hot summer days. For example, you can easily create a starfish or a shell. A small crab would also be a good idea that can be easily implemented with the help of a toothpick. Depending on the choice of color, tropical fruits, palm trees or sea and waves are nice motifs for your ombre nails for the summer. The flower nails also look very cute and bring a happy and summery mood. You are welcome to paint on some elongated petals and dab a colored center with a toothpick or brush. Several small flowers on a fingernail look very nice in combination with the trendy ombre nails. A flower meadow made of several cute daisies also looks great and immediately evokes a summer feeling.

Make autumn ombre yourself


The colors of autumn are also suitable for a beautiful ombre. With red and orange you can turn your fingernails into colorful autumn leaves and prepare for the colorful season. With an overcoat with glitter, you can put the ombre nails in the limelight.

Ombre Nails Ideas for Short Nails


The ombre nail design doesn’t depend on the length of your nails. So it looks great on both long and short nails. Ombre nails with glitter and color are a good idea even for very short fingernails.

Thematic ombre nails


Ombre nails are reminiscent of the sky with their beautiful color gradient and you can use them to make pretty theme nail designs yourself. With matching nail stickers, for example, a great Halloween manicure can be conjured up.