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Make nail design yourself easy with flash tattoos – ideas and instructions

Make nail design yourself easy-instructions-black-undercoat-golden-flash-tattoos

Flash tattoos were a big beauty trend in summer 2015. Even Beyonce designed her own series. These eye-catching metallic body art designs looked perfect on tanned skin and shimmered in the warm sun. But summer is already over and you certainly have a lot of leftover flash tattoos in your drawer. We’re already wearing thick sweaters, long jeans and not a piece of skin can be seen. Don’t wait for next year though, because these glamorous temporary tattoos are the perfect way to spice up our nails with some interesting designs. Today we’re going to show you how to do a simple one Make nail design yourself can with these temporary flash tattoos. In our picture gallery you will find ideas that are suitable for every day as well as for festive occasions such as festivals or New Year’s Eve.

Make nail design yourself – what do you need:

nail design-do-it-yourself-instructions-what-needed

You need: base coat, colored lacquer, topcoat, flash tattoos. The gold and silver colored tattoos look especially good on a dark nail polish. For example black or red.

Make nail design yourself – stick on flash tattoos

Make your own nail design instructions-flash-tattoo-glue-water

Your nails must be dry before applying your flash tattoos. Start with a clear base coat, then apply two coats of black nail polish. Once your nails are dry, you can transfer the flash tattoos onto your nails. Peel off the plastic layer and place the tattoo on the nail. Then press down with a damp cloth for a few seconds to transfer the tattoo to your nail.

Remove paper

make nail design yourself instructions-golden-flash-tattoo-stick on

Carefully remove the paper and the tattoo will remain firmly adhered to your painted nail.

cut out different flash tattoos

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-flashtattoos

Cut out a variety of patterns and repeat the previous steps. You can stick a different motif on each nail.

Clean skin with nail polish remover

Make your own nail design instructions-golden-flash-tattoos-black-base coat

To clean the skin around the nails, you can use a brush and some nail polish remover. Dab the brush in the nail polish remover and wipe off the excess sticker.

gold colored flash tattoos on black background

Make nail design yourself instructions-pattern-flash-tattoos-black-gold

Apply a layer of top coat to make your nail design last longer and stay shiny.

nail design-do-it-yourself-instructions-gold-silver-black

teardrop-shaped flash tattoos

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-nude-undercoat-drops-flash-tattoos-black-gold

peach colored base coat

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-peach-undercoat-bottle-tattoos-dots

red nail polish and chain motif

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-red-base-coat-golden-chains-flash-tattoos

blue color lacquer as the basis for the flash tattoos

Make your own nail design -easy-ideas-flash-tattoos-stickers

different motifs on each nail


gray-blue nail polish and silver-colored flash tattoo

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-gray-blue-nail polish-silver-colored flash tattoo

cobalt blue and silver colored nail polish

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-arrows-dark-blue-nail polish

Apply silver nail polish only to the ring fringe

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-nail polish-dark blue-silver-arrows-motifs

Arrow Flash Tattoos

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-arrows-motifs-dark blue-silver-nail polish

white nail polish as the basis for flash tattoo motifs in gold and black

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-white-undercoat-short-nails-feather-arrows

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-white-undercoat-gold-black-flash tattoos

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-white-nail-polish-golden-flash-tattoos

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-white-undercoat-golden-stickers

nail design-do-it-yourself-ideas-white-undercoat-golden-flash-tattoos