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Make beautiful mermaid nails yourself – tips and inspiration for trendy nail design

Mermaid and sea inspired nail design with seashells and starfish

At least as popular as the unicorn is the mermaid as a motif and theme. And of course the nail design is no exception. Mermaids are mystical and fairytale-like and their connection to the sea makes us dream of summer and the beach. There are several options for motifs and techniques to create a mermaid-inspired nail design. And whether you are just looking for ideas for your next visit to the nail designer or you want to try it yourself at home, the inspiration and tips we have for you will definitely help. Turn your nails into a real eye catcher by opting for mermaid nails.

Design mermaid nails with the right colors

Mermaid nails in pastel shades for dandruff effect in pink coral yellow and gray

Many shades and nuances are suitable for creating mermaid nails. In principle, the design should just be reminiscent of the sea or fish. Accordingly, a certain glimmer of how it can be found on fish scales is very helpful. A chameleon effect is not only possible, but even desirable. However, this does not mean that single-color variants are not allowed. Use colors such as blue, green and orange and their nuances, gray tones, pink or other pastel tones. Also worth mentioning are gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, as they also imitate the look of scales or exude a certain elegance that is typical of mermaids. Beautiful ombre effects are very welcome for mermaid nails and make the already attractive design even more interesting and romantic.

Nail designs inspired by Arielle in pink, purple and turquoise or green

If you would like to design your fingernails yourself and be inspired by the Disney film “Ariel, the Mermaid”, the respective heroes or the color themes from the film are of course also suitable. Then the colors yellow and blue (for Fabius), red (for Arielle or Sebastian) and green and purple (also for Arielle) should not be missing. Whether with or without glitter is entirely your decision.

Extravagant mermaid nails in neon yellow, green and light blue with ombre and gold accents

Of course, you can also play with other colors and create more extravagant nail designs. So, if you are into bright neon colors, why not experiment with them if you want to create mermaid nails. After all, rules don’t always have to be obeyed. If you use more unusual colors, just use some of the motifs, patterns and decorations below to still achieve the mermaid effect.

Patterns and motifs for nails with a mermaid effect

Mermaid nails with ombre effect in blue and turquoise

The most important pattern for mermaid nails is of course the scale pattern. You may know it from furnishings, where it can be found in the form of tile showers and tiled mirrors, but also decorates the floor. The scale pattern is also very popular for nails and can either adorn all fingernails or only be used here and there as an accent.

Stiletto mermaid nails with glitter and various decorative elements

But that is far from enough. There are also other motifs for mermaid nails that are reminiscent of the sea. These include seashells, starfish, corals, pearls, seahorses and the like. A mermaid can also be depicted on a nail. You can also imitate seashells with the help of coarse glitter nail polish in mother-of-pearl. On the nails it will look like there are shimmering pieces of seashell on them.

Effects for mermaid nails

Nail polish with chameleon effect in pink, blue, orange and green

We have already mentioned above that shimmer or glitter should not be missing. Metallic or glitter nail polish are very suitable for this. But there are also other interesting products on offer that you can use if you want to make mermaid nails yourself. On the one hand, there is mermaid pigment with a glitter effect, which is used for gel nails.

A dark blue and gold go great together - idea with starfish and pearls

Or how about you imitating sand on your nails? This also works with a nail polish in the right color, but this variant still lacks that certain something. Here, too, pigment powders are a wonderful idea. In a light beige they look like real sand and if you also do without a topcoat, the effect is even better.

Extra decorations for mermaid nails

Blue and mint green with seahorses, starfish and shells

You can create glitter effects not only with glitter nail polish, but also with rhinestones. So it is a great variant for designing the mermaid nails. But also pearls, which, as you know, occur naturally in the sea, turn out to be a very suitable decoration for the fingernails if they are designed with a mermaid effect. Pearls are not only available in different sizes, but also in different colors, so that you can easily find the right model for your personal nail design.

Lush mermaid nails with shells, pearls, stones and glitter in dark green

Other suitable decorations are those that correspond to the above-mentioned motifs. There are various 3D decorations that are simply glued onto the nail. However, since these can be quite clunky, they are more recommended for gel nails, as they are better fixed there. On plain paint, they will likely come off far too quickly. But that ultimately also depends on your daily activities and how much you strain your fingernails.

Hexagonal glitter is reminiscent of scales and is suitable for mermaid manicures

Small glitter pigments in the form of hexagons or in other shapes are not really typical mermaids, but they are still very suitable to achieve the mermaid effect, provided you use a suitable color. You are welcome to combine several colors or shades on one nail instead of just using a single color. Give it a try. You will be amazed by the result! With the help of tweezers or pointed pliers, you can place the individual elements more precisely on the nail.

Do-it-yourself techniques

With the right nail art accessories, you can paint the scale pattern yourself

If you dare, you can of course paint all of the patterns and motifs mentioned on your nails by hand. But if you are in a hurry or simply have no talent for painting such small pictures, you can count yourself lucky nowadays, because there are many helpers with which even beginners can create beautiful nail designs. On the one hand, of course, there are the stickers, which are simply stuck onto the finished and dried nail polish. This is possibly the fastest and easiest technique not only for mermaid nails, but also for many other nail designs

Ideas for mermaid nails in matching colors and with stamp motifs and decoration

There are also stamps for nails, for which there are special templates with motifs and with which you can transfer the desired motif from the template to the nail. Since mermaid nails are very trendy right now, it will certainly not be difficult for you to find a suitable stencil to start with your personal design as soon as possible. If you regularly design your nails yourself, you should definitely consider investing in a stamp and thereby expand your nail art accessories.

Design the mermaid effect with typical ocean colors such as green, blue and turquoise

Then there are also the templates that are glued to the nail and then removed again at the end. It is important that the nail polish has dried well beforehand. Otherwise you would peel it off with the stencil afterwards. Such stencils are also well suited if you want to have the scale pattern nice and even, which is very difficult free hand. After you have glued the stencil on the nail, apply the desired varnish and peel it off again immediately, even before the nail varnish has dried, otherwise it will pull threads.

A dark blue and a bright light blue combine for the mermaid scale pattern

Dark blue glitter nail polish and scales of black paint

Elegant stiletto mermaid nails in green-blue with glitter and rhinestones

Shimmering nail polishes with a metallic effect are great for mermaid nails

Nail art for women with striking accents inspired by the sea

Ombre in pink, purple, light blue, and green with glitter and scales

Pastel shades like coral, peach and light blue with accents in gold for this mermaid nail design

Diamond pattern as an alternative to the scale pattern for the mermaid nails

Dreamlike gel nails in turquoise and purple with mermaids and scale pattern

These dark blue fingernails imitate the night and have a mermaid as a motif

The trendy stilettos are particularly feminine and perfect for mermaid designs

The mermaid nails can be combined with a matching hair color

Subtle nail design in blue-purple with a scale pattern as an accent

Playful mermaid nails with patterns and motifs

An original nail scale pattern in blue with a patchwork design

Sparkling nail art idea made of purple and blue for short nails

Gel nails with ombre effect and accents with glitter in gold

Glamorous nail design in pink and purple with lots of rhinestones

Mermaid nails in dark blue and light blue with a scale pattern

Make long fingernails pink with a mother-of-pearl effect for the mermaid look

Artificial fingernails and manicure ideas with decorations and glitter

Corals as motifs for do-it-yourself manicures

Combination of scale pattern, glitter and shimmer in mint green

Combination of green and purple and mermaid motif on the ring finger

Idea for short nails with a light pastel blue

Combine mermaid nails with French manicure

With coarse glitter, mermaid nails can be designed and shells can be imitated