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Logo Nails: the glamorous nail trend that all fashionistas are obsessed with!

A noble leather bag or super chic high heels – we would all like an accessory or a piece of clothing from high-fashion fashion houses such as Coco Chanel, Prada or Louis Vuitton. Designer products are something special and unique – that’s for sure. However, in most cases these could even cost more than our rent and put a lot of strain on our bank account. When it comes to nail trends, we’ve seen all sorts of crazy nail designs over the past few years. So it’s no wonder that fashionistas and fashion influencers have found a new and cheaper way to wear designer pieces. Logo nails are the latest nail trend that is currently taking social media by storm and adding a touch of glamor to our hands! Right, the logos of famous designers are now being painted on our fingernails and they look really cool! Give your classic manicure a touch of Fendi, Gucci etc. and be inspired by our wonderful picture gallery!

Burberry Nail Design Winter Nail Trends 2021 Logo Nails

Logo nails are actually not a new phenomenon in the fashion world. For three years, when Balenciaga’s legendary “B” was discovered on the models’ nails for the autumn / winter collection, the logo manicure has been enjoying increasing popularity. Similar designs were spotted on the catwalks at Marc Jacobs and Kenzo this year. The selection of motifs and colors is now huge and the looks range from subtle and elegant to bold and eye-catching. Basically, absolutely everything is allowed with Logo Nails and you can let your imagination run wild. The trend looks super stylish and is also easy on our wallet.

Logo Nails take your manicure to the next level

Glitter nail design Chanel Logo Nails

The miniature version of brand names and logos on our nails is sure to be a real eye catcher. Some of the most popular designs used for the glamorous manicure are the iconic interlocking CS for Chanel and the letters “L” and “V” for luxury retailer Louis Vuitton. However, the trend is not limited to high-end fashion houses – more and more women are choosing their favorite sports brands or have their manicures dedicated to their favorite restaurants or food companies.

Chic and incredibly elegant: Coco Chanel nail design

Chanel Nagedesign white nails Logo Nails nail trend

Since the fashion legend Coco Chanel of all people once said that a woman’s hands are her business card, it is no surprise that the logo of the designer house is one of the most popular and sought-after motifs for logo nails. And the best thing? You don’t have to run to the nail salon right away to get this trendy look. There are now an endless number of custom nail stickers and decals online with all sorts of brands and different colors. All you have to do is put the stickers on your nails and you will have your manicure given a completely new look in no time.

Louis Vuitton Logo Nails are an absolute hit

Nail design ideas for short nails Logo Nails Nageltrend

Of all the designer labels with which you could decorate your logo nails, the Louis Vuitton nail designs are without a doubt in the foreground. With a little practice and a little patience, the letters “L” and “V” can be easily hand-painted by even the greatest beginners at home. One of the biggest advantages of the nail trend is that the looks can be wonderfully combined with all kinds of nail designs and motifs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to spice up your French nails or add a touch of glamor to your blue nails – anything you like is allowed!

The nail trend is the perfect addition to your outfit

Dior Nageldesign Logo Nails Nail trend

What’s the best way to showcase your brand new Dior handbag? With matching logo nails, of course! A manicure should emphasize our own style and taste in the first place and the logo nail trend is the perfect way to achieve this.

Puma Logo Nails for all fitness fans

Puma nail designs rainbow nails nail trends 2021

Who says you absolutely have to choose a luxury brand? Sportswear Logo Nails look just as chic and cool. Whether Puma, Nike or Adidas – with these nail designs you show the world that you love sports and fitness. Combine the logos with trendy rainbow nails for a unique and incredibly feminine look.

Or how about a colorful McDonalds nail design?

red nails in almond shape Logo Nails nail trends 2021

We all have our favorite stores and restaurant chains, and the McDonalds Happy Meal remains a timeless favorite no matter how old you get. Colorful and super fun – McDonalds Logo Nails are a great option to get on the logo train and try out the new nail trend. Hand-painted designs may seem difficult at first, but like any other homemade manicure, practice makes perfect.

Logo Nails: The most beautiful nail designs to imitate at a glance

Nail design acrylic nails Adidas Logo Nails nail trend

No complicated embellishments or letters – Tommy Hilfiger Logo Nails are great for painting your nails at home

Nail trends 2021 Gel nails long Logo Nails Trend

Can’t decide on a specific brand? Then just wear them all at once!

Nail trends spring 2021 Logo Nails nail design

Nike Logo Nails in yellow and black are a real eye-catcher

black yellow nail design Nike Logo Nails nail trends 2021

The world famous “CC” logo is the perfect addition to your black French nails

black nail design for acrylic nails Chanel Logo Nails nail trend

Or how about the Playboy bunny for a fun yet chic nail design?

Stiletto nail shape Playboy nail design Logo Nails nail trend

Glitter and pearl embellishments give your logo nails an extra touch of glamor

Stiletto nail shape for short nails Chanel Logo Nails Trend

In bright yellow and decorated with the famous “Versacce” logo, these logo nails are an eye-catcher

Nail design yellow Versacce Logo Nails nail trend

Simple and elegant – Adidas Logo Nails in pastel pink

Almond Shaped Nails Long Pastel Pink Nail Designs Adidas Logo Nails

Black matte nails look super vibrant and charismatic

Nail design acrylic nails Adidas Logo Nails nail trend

And a look for the very brave ones – red logo nails with golden pearl decorations

Logo Nails nail trends red nails Nail design ideas in red

Nude Puma Nails are perfect for an everyday look

Logo Nails Nagealtrend Puma nail design ideas for short nails

The logo nail trend is a wonderful way to spice up your French nails

Logo Nails Nageltrend Pastel colored nail tips

With the classic Gucci nail design you bring out your short nails perfectly

Gucci Logo Nails Nail trend, short almond-shaped nails

Blue Fila nail design for all fitness fans

Fila Nageldesign Logo Nails Nail Trend Blue Nails Trend

Burberry Nails are great for winter

Burberry Logo Nails short nails painting nail trends 2021

Add more designs and motifs to your mani for a unique and eye-catching look

Baby blue nails Playboy nail designs

With BMW nail designs you show the world how much you love your car

BMW nail design ideas for short nails Logo Nails Trend

Nike nail design for a chic, sporty manicure

Designer Logo Nails Nail Trend Nike Nail Design Ideas