Nail design

Ideas for a fun nail art for festive occasions or everyday life

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Are you looking for cool new ideas for a nail design suitable for everyday use that will also complete your outfit for some festive occasions? Get creative with our inspirations for funny nail art. If you like eye-catching nails, you’ve come to the right place!

Funny nail art motifs for lovers of unusual nail designs


The easiest way to easily stick on original and funny nail designs. Nail stickers are a quick and cheaper alternative to expensive manicures. If you have a steady hand, you can draw wonderfully pretty nail decorations yourself instead. The funny nail art is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. For occasions like Easter, Christmas or Halloween, you can make your nails yourself or have them done – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to nail design.

Creative nail art creations


Nail art doesn’t have to be used on every fingernail. Often, single effect nails are enough to conjure up an original look. The rest of the nails, painted in a subtle shade, take a back seat. Pebbles and glitter add a sophisticated touch to your manicure.

Funny nail art inspired by movies

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But nails can also be painted in different tones and completed by hand with fine drawings. It is best to wear an outfit with a restrained color so that the nails come into their own.

make funny nail art ideas watermelon yourself

Nail art-creations-pop-art-drawings-by-hand-colorful-fingernails

Ideas for fantasy patterns


Nail art trending

Nail art creations-yellow-base coat-pink-splashes of color-martini-glass-motif

Bright paint colors

Nail decoration-rhinestones-neon-lacquer-drawings-by-hand-diy-ideas-nailart

The perfect colors for the Sommer

Nail-art-creations-funny-designs-the-smurfs-nail stickers

Nail stickers with the smurfs


Magnificently painted fingernails


Colorful dots look playful


Seasonal nail design 

cool-nail-motifs-ideas-nail-art-designs - comichelden-nagelsticker

Effect nails in screaming shades


French nail art – funny and elegant at the same time


Nail art inspiration for Halloween


Fingernails are given a nautical coating

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Funny nails motifs

Nail art-creations-christmas-nail-decor-ribbon-red-finger varnish

Nail art inspirations for Christmas and winter


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Nail decoration-ideas-dandelion-motif-blue-base coat-fingernails-art-drawing

Nail art-funny-drawings-by-hand-naildesigns-splashes of color




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