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Halloween nails – 20+ cool and creepy nail design ideas that completely round off your Halloween costume!

It’s almost that time again – in less than 2 weeks there will be the scariest festival of the year and we are already looking forward to it! Children disguised as witches, zombies, etc. go on the hunt for “trick or treat” and adults organize great and unusual parties – we’re talking about Halloween, of course! You have already finished your Halloween costume and the theme for the Halloween party has also been decided? While the costume is completely sufficient for men and children, the women still have to consider a small aspect of your outfit. No matter whether you dress up as a witch or have opted for an elegant 80s costume – original and matching Halloween nails give your look the finishing touch. From simple do-it-yourself nail designs to creepy nails that would make even Morticia Addams jealous, in this article we’ve rounded up the best Halloween nails for everyone.

Halloween nails tutorial nail design in black matt

Only with the right Halloween nail design does a Halloween costume for women look really perfect and rounded. It’s also fun to let our creativity run free and to dress our nails in creepy and colorful nail designs. Depending on whether your costume is funny or scary, you should choose the appropriate nail designs. For example, fingernails with bats would be the perfect addition to your witch costume. Bloody nail designs or Halloween pumpkin nails, on the other hand, go perfectly with a zombie costume. The possibilities are so varied that there is something for every taste and every outfit!

Make Halloween nails yourself – cobweb fingernails instructions

Almond shaped nails Halloween nail art

Would you like to dress up like a spider this year or have you decided on a great Marvel superhero costume? Then these spider web nails for Halloween are the perfect addition to your look! While the nail design looks a little intimidating, you will be surprised how easy it actually is! All you need is black and white nail polish and a fine brush or toothpick. And this is how you can easily make your Halloween nails yourself:

  • Prepare your nails accordingly and apply a base coat first.
  • Next, apply the black nail polish and let it dry completely.
  • Now use the brush and the white nail polish to first paint on the 4 basic lines of the mesh and then draw the curved lines in between.
  • For a better hold, apply a top coat and your unique Halloween nails are ready!
  • To add a little more glamor to the nail design, you can add rhinestones. Even though our guide is for black and white nails, you can easily use any other color you want.

Glow in the dark pumpkin nails for a WOW factor

Halloween nails pumpkin funny nail design ideas

A “glow in the dark” Halloween party is a great way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Decorations and costumes that glow in the dark have something magical and mysterious about them and are very trendy this year! Whether as decoration or costume – pumpkins are an absolute must on Halloween! Well, how about completing your “glow in the dark” outfit with a mani that shines in the dark down to the last detail? It is up to you whether you make it funny or creepy with a terrifying grimace. Nail polishes that glow in the dark are now available in every well-stocked drugstore and online.

Make bloody Halloween nails yourself

Halloween nails blood nail design ideas in red

Halloween nails that imitate blood look incredibly effective and unique! So if you still have no idea what to dress up as or don’t fancy complicated costumes, then these bloody Halloween nails are for you! The nail design is a real eye-catcher and will draw your eyes anyway! To get the look yourself at home, you need white and red nail polish and a dotting pen! And this is how quickly you can make your Halloween nails yourself:

  • First, prepare the nails – file, apply top coat.
  • Apply two coats of white nail polish and allow to dry completely.
  • Now draw small drops and three thin lines with the dotting pen and the red nail polish.
  • Connect the lines with the dots and pull them towards the nail bed. Let the nail design dry completely.
  • Finally, apply a top coat and you’re done!

Sweet candy corn Halloween nails

Make nails for Halloween yourself nail design trends

Candy corn cookies come from the USA and are one of the most popular sweets. Nail polish colors that are wonderfully suitable for Halloween nails include red, orange, yellow, white and of course darker shades such as black and purple. If you prefer simple and simple nail designs, then you would be in good hands with Candy Corn Halloween Nails!

Make Halloween nails yourself – the best ideas at a glance

Glow in the dark costume make easy Halloween nails yourself

Keep it simple and simple with black and white Halloween nails for short nails

Halloween nails tutorial nail design ideas in black

Get inspiration for your Halloween nails from the Mexican holiday “Dia de los Muertos”

Halloween nails pictures acrylic nails nail design ideas

Take your Halloween nails to the next level and go for an incredibly detailed nail design

Just make Halloween nails yourself

Black and purple in combination with a bit of glitter make for a stunning, mysterious manicure

Halloween nails pattern autumn nail designs in black

The black cat is said to bring bad luck and is therefore a very popular motif for simple Halloween nails

Halloween nails for short nails nail trends

Try this minimalist half moon manicure for a low key yet chic Halloween nail design

Halloween nails yourself make half moon nail design easy

Long fingernails are the perfect canvas to express your creativity

Halloween nails tutorial nail design in black matt

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns for a unique look

long halloween nails nail designs fall ideas

The combination of black and neon green goes perfectly with a zombie costume

Halloween zombie nails pictures nail design trends

You can’t go wrong with a simple spider web

Nail design make Halloween nails yourself

Black and red nails in an ombrè look look chic and elegant

Ombre nail designs matte nails Halloween design

If you don’t like intricate designs but still want to get in the Halloween mood, then go for a classic pumpkin orange for your nails

Orange nail polish trend halloween nails short nails

Rainbow Nails are the ultimate easy Halloween nails for short nails

Rainbow Nails make yourself nails Halloween design

To make your nails stand out for Halloween, choose bright neon colors

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