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Halloween nail designs and manicures – 45 creepy ideas

halloween-nail-designs-black-gold-cat-witch-nail polish

Every year in October there is the “Night of the Night”, in which witches, ghosts, monsters and vampires roam the streets. The decoration is already made, the pumpkins are carved. Masks and costumes are available – last but not least, appropriate Halloween nails should round off the creepy appearance. You can also find cool inspirations for Halloween nail design, that could match your Halloween costume this year – whether you want to dress up as a witch, a zombie or a vampire. The unique design proposals shown here can be created yourself with a little practice and expanded as desired by using different colors.

Halloween nail design – imitate traces of blood with red lacquer

Vampire nail-Halloween-lacquer-mother-of-pearl-effect-red-ornaments

The possibilities for an effective Halloween nail design are endless. For Halloween nail polish colors, shades of red, a black and a gray lacquer are particularly suitable, but there are no limits to the imagination. This year, for example, the eye-catching paint in neon colors and with exciting patterns is a trendy trend. With neon green you conjure up eerie zombie grimaces on your fingernails, with a base coat in neon yellow black cats really come into their own. You can create a great nail polish design with the sponge technique – especially if you achieve a blood nail effect. You can fall back on trendy nail stickers when the time runs out before the Halloween party. The toenails are also part of the Halloween look.

Halloween nail design – vampire teeth 

halloween-nail-design-bite-monster-mouth-teeth-nail polish

We hope you enjoy trying out these nail designs and we would be delighted if you showed us your finished Halloween manicure. The most beautiful ones will be added to this article and published on our page on Facebook

 Halloween nail design in nude colors

halloween-nail-design-nude-color-ghost-strokes-skin-color-nail polish

Halloween nail design in orange and black with crackle nail polish

halloween nail design orange black tearing nail polish

Classic in red with black spiders – a great Halloween nail design

halloween nail design red spider motif idea

Mummies with eyes on their fingernails – creative Halloween nail design

halloween nail design mummy design beige white bandage eyes

Halloween nail design with ombre effect

halloween nail design trees castle creepy purple black

Idea for the nail design in purple

halloween nail design rhinestones black orange feathers glitter

Orange and black as Halloween colors

Zombie nails-Halloween-neon-green-ideas-do it yourself

Halloween nail design with neon varnish

Bats-nail polish-motifs-Halloween-pastel-colored-subtle

Halloween nail design with bats


Neon yellow gel nails with black cat


Angular filed fingernails with a spider web motif


Pointed black nails for Halloween


Modern pointed French manicure with a bloody look


Chic Halloween nail design to imitate


Striking paint colors

Gel nails-Halloween-motifs-crows-ravens-black-angular-filed

Nail design with ravens and crows


Trendy nail stickers – last minute nail design


Glitter French manicure


Do-it-yourself blood nails

Halloween nails design glitter metallic bats

Halloween nail polish design with glitter


Halloween French manicure in neon orange

Halloween nails-angular-filed-with-black-lacquer-skull-skeleton-motif










Halloween-nail-design-ghost-black-white-nail polish



Bats Gradient Nail Polish Design Halloween Ideas