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Festive nail design for New Year’s Eve – 45 nail art variants

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The fingernails have always been a way to beautify yourself. That served in the nobility Nail design even to clarify his status. On the whole, fingernails are for many a canvas in small format on which new and interesting designs can be applied over and over again. These designs can consist of simple colors, signs, symbols and motifs and include pieces of fabric, stones, beads or stickers that were spontaneously thought up or reflect someone’s personal style and interests. Looking for new nail art ideas? Then take a look at our selection of glamorous nail design creations that are perfect for festive occasions.

Nail design – the symbol of femininity

nail design new year's eve idea christmas tree snowflakes red white gold

The advantage of Nail design as art, as with almost every other, is that the artist, or nail artist, can use any colors and materials and play with their combinations and opposites. In his hands, an ordinary bottle of nail polish turns into a tool with which he can create wonderful designs. That Nail design also serves to show his affiliation to a social group, class or culture. Since you can express your thoughts, dreams, preferences and other things through art on nails, you can say that this art is also used for communication. So it’s not just a way of showing the beauties of life. It doesn’t matter if you do that Nail design Now just choose for fun, to depict something funny or want to show something personal with her, she remains in one way or another a kind of self-expression, and a unique one at that. The nail artist gets the opportunity to implement his fantasies and ideas on the nails and create wonderful designs, as well as to learn new techniques and methods over and over again.

Elegant nail design for festive occasions

nail design glamor triangle silver gold glitter new year's eve look

A popular one Nail design French manicure has been around for many years. But that’s far from the only way to make your nails elegant and stylish. Because the nails can differ not only in color, but also in their shape. The nails can be worn long or shorter, filed straight or rounded. The stiletto nails, which are either very long and tapered to a very point, or are also available in a shorter and less pointed version, are also modern at the moment. No matter which shape you choose when Nail design All doors are open to you yourself. Starting with a large choice of colors, through stickers, stones and pearls.

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French manicure for the nails

nail design black and white ornaments french manicure silvester

The French manicure as Nail design is usually known for making the nail tip white and straight. But now there are more and more new variants. A black nail tip is often chosen. You may also have heard of the so-called “reverse French manicure”. The tip of the nail is not highlighted as usual, but the lower part of the nail, the so-called crescent moon, is highlighted using a stencil. As I said, these examples are just two of many ideas for that Nail design. There are no limits to your choice and if you do, it is simply due to a lack of imagination or a lack of courage to try something new and daring. You have the unique opportunity to choose whether you prefer a simple or striking, romantic, minimalist or provocative one Nail design want.

Needle design as art

nail design black matt glitter fireworks stripes yellow blue

In principle it is Nail design become a combination of painting and sculpture. It is also worth mentioning that the choice of materials is very large. Aside from the nail polish, there is the gel that can be used to make your nails very impressive. Furthermore, fabrics are offered with which you can create impressive 3D motifs and effects. There are also designs made from pearls, rhinestones and Swarovski crystals, from pieces of fabric, stickers, designs in the form of bows and flowers. The possibilities are endless, because the moment you believe all the variants of the Nail design Having seen new ones emerge again and again. That Nail design is a fascinating art that everyone can try out at home.

Confetti nail design

nail design confetti idea white colorful glitter new year's eve

Exceptional nail jewelry

black-gel-nails-stiletto-nail-jewelry-rhinestones-decorative stones

French nails with a pearly shimmer


French nail art idea


The matte black nail polish is fashionable on top


Sparkling glitter paint


Fresh stripes in neon colors

black-nails-design-neon-stripes-pattern-ideas-new years-fingernails-magic

The nail design as an accessory

festive-manicure-ideas-effect-nails-french-glittering-edge-gold-leopard pattern

Eye-catching nail art for an outfit in cold colors

pointy-nails-stilettos-black-and-white-french-manicure-new year's eve-ideas

Festive nail design with mica varnish

nail-design-red-black-ornaments-new years-party-ideas

gel-nails-ideas-winter-new year's eve-nail-design-ornaments-black

new years eve-nails-glitter-varnish-geometric-pattern-diy-ideas

nail-art-lace-black-diy-ideas-new years eve-party-ideas

nail-art-ombre-effect-winter-christmas-new year's eve


nail-art-ideas-do-it-yourself-glitter-lacquer-gold-effect-accent-nails-with-gold stripes








nail-design-modern-ideas-new year's eve-nail-decoration-metallic-effect


nail-design-new year's eve-christmas-glittering-varnish-iridescent


nail-art-ideas-new year's eve-french-pointed-fingernails-stiletto-black-contour-emphasizes-the-shape

ombre-nails-blue-white-tips-decoration-ideas-new year's eve-nail-art-diy



nail-design-ideas-new year's eve-black-decorations-elegant-nail jewelry



french-manicure-black-nails-silver-nail-edge-diy-new year's eve


ideas-manicure-festive-new year's eve-marble-nails-french-nail-accent