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Eggshell nails are the nail trend that all fashionistas are obsessed with!

A pretty and stylish manicure is arguably the easiest way to lighten our mood and spice up our looks. Although the nail trends for 2021 tend to be more natural, the designs are more diverse than ever and offer something for every taste. Gorgeous blue nails or playful logo nails have had a huge impact on social media and on the catwalks in recent weeks. But for the coming season, another trend has found its way to our nails and numerous fashionistas seem obsessed with it. We are talking about the so-called eggshell nails, or in German – eggshell nails. The funny and colorful nail designs were inspired by the chocolate giant Cadburry’s and are clear proof that there are no limits to our manicures. From gentle and elegant in pastel colors to funny and crazy motifs – we have put together the most beautiful looks for you and explain how you can maintain the trend yourself at home!

Eggshell Nails Nail trend pastel colors Nail design trends spring

Sometimes some trends make no sense at first glance, until you have tried them out yourself and convinced yourself otherwise. And this is exactly the case with Eggshell Nails. It doesn’t matter whether you like them on your plate or not – all fashionistas are now wearing the playful egg designs on your nails! Even if it will be a while before Easter, it certainly won’t hurt to check out some fun and suitable ideas for our manicure. Because let’s be honest – a suitable nail design is ideal to put us in a festive mood! And the best thing? Eggshell nails not only look incredibly beautiful, they are also super easy to make yourself at home!

Eggshell Nails: It’s that easy to do the look yourself at home

Eggshell Nails nail design ideas for Easter

A nail design that is not only pretty, but can also be easily copied at home – what more could you ask for from a nail trend? And since all nail salons are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eggshell Nails come in very well for us! To get the look, you have two options to choose from. You can either create tiny dots with a dotting tool or use small confetti to combine two nail trends into one wonderful look. We’ll explain how to do this below!

Required materials:

  • Base and top coat
  • Nail polish in colors of your choice
  • Black nail polish
  • A fine brush or a small dotting tool
  • Confetti if necessary

Long almond-shaped nails Eggshell Nails Nail trend

And this is how easy it is to make eggshell nails yourself:

  • File the nails and shape them into the desired shape.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint the nails with a nail polish color of your choice. Here you can get creative and take whatever you like.
  • If you use confetti, you have to apply it with the brush to the still damp nail polish.
  • However, if you paint the dots yourself, wait until the nail polish is completely dry.
  • Record several dots with the dotting tool and allow to dry.
  • Then seal with a thin layer of top coat and your eggshell nails are ready!

Or how about an eggshell nail design in a mosaic look?

Eggshell nails make yourself rainbow nails Nail trends spring

These mosaic-look eggshell nails remind us a bit of a broken eggshell and are another great way to try out the nail trend. A little time, a white nail polish, and 2-3 different bright neon colors – that’s all you need for this colorful look.

It’s that easy:

  • First apply a layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint the fingernails with the white nail polish and let them dry completely.
  • Now, to get the mosaic look, use a thin brush to draw the cutting lines in any order and shape.
  • Finally, apply a layer of top coat and you’re done!

Trendy eggshell nails with a difference: Fried eggs for a fun yet elegant design

Easter nails ideas nail trends spring 2021 Eggshell Nails

Always have the breakfast classic with you! While this look may not be for everyone, it is still perfect for anyone who feels brave and likes to experiment with their nails and try new designs. We believe that with a natural surface, the fried eggs can even look amazingly stylish. It’s that easy:

Required materials:

  • Top coat and base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Yellow nail polish
  • A dotting tool

Make fried egg nail design yourself:

  • File nails and apply 2 coats of Base Coat.
  • Drip some white nail polish onto a foil and draw the shape of the fried egg with the dotting tool. Let it dry completely.
  • Drip yellow nail polish onto a foil and use a smaller dotting tool to paint the yolk in the middle.
  • Let everything dry completely and fix with a top coat.

The eggshell nail polish color for a simple look

painting short nails Eggshell Nails nail trends 2021

Eggshell Nails actually mean two nail trends. We have already shown you the fun variant, which is wonderfully suitable for Easter. But the eggshell as a nail polish color is also one of the most popular nail trends for spring 2020. The color is ideal for all fashionistas who prefer a minimalist style, but still don’t want to do without a pretty manicure. The gentle shade looks chic enough on its own, but can be wonderfully combined with other looks such as micro French nails.

Eggshell Nails: The most beautiful nail designs to imitate at a glance

Confetti Nails Nail Trend Eggshell Nails Trend

Give your nails a fine matte finish for a more elegant look

Eggshell Nails Nageltrend nail design matt

Delicate pastel nuances are ideal for the warm spring days

Eggshell Nails Nail trend nail design ideas for Easter

Incredibly chic and clean – no wonder the eggshell nail polish color is one of the most popular nail trends for 2021

Eggshell Nails trend nail polish colors spring 2021

If you don’t like pastel colors then go for black eggshell nails that look just as good

Almond-shaped nails, short Eggshell Nails, nail trend

Rainbow nails are on trend and give a trendy and cute look

Nail designs for short nails Eggshell Nails nail trend

Experiment with different nuances and decorations to give your eggshell nails a personal character

Nail design Matt Eggshell Nails Nail trend

Cute and easy to imitate – the perfect nail trend for anyone who wants to do their own nails

Nail trends spring 2021 Nails in almond shape Eggshell Nails Trend

These eggshell nails will literally pop your fingernails

Nail Trends Spring 2021 Easter Nails Ideas Eggshell Nails

Nude nail polish with a fine allusion to the nail trend

Nude nail design ideas Eggshell Nails Nail trends spring

Colorful flower nail designs round off the look wonderfully

Easter Nail Design Ideas Nail Trends Spring 2021 Eggshell Nails Trend

Or try Eggshell Nails as a fun variation on the classic French Nails

Make your own Easter nails Eggshell Nails Nail trend

Rainbow nails in soft shades look incredibly stylish

Rainbow nails ideas Eggshell Nails nail trend

Keep things simple and elegant at the same time with a black and white combo

white nails nail designs easter eggshell nails nail trend

Eggshell nails in yellow are the best possible option to greet the sunny weather

Mustard yellow nail design Easter nails make yourself Eggshell Nails trend