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Easter nails: the most beautiful spring nails for the ultimate festive mood!

Spring is finally here and Easter is just around the corner! The nice weather and the first rays of sunshine are perfect for putting away the dark winter tones and opting for elegant spring nails instead. In addition to brightly colored and cheerful decorations and delicious treats, glowing nail designs are another excellent way to put us in a festive mood. Seasonal nail art has been trendy for years and brings our individuality perfectly into focus. When it comes to Easter nails, we immediately think of fun motifs, cute accents and bright nuances that are full of life. Easter may be just another holiday for some, but for us, it’s another lovely excuse for a pretty manicure. From funny and girlish Easter bunnies to elegant pastel French nails – there is definitely something for every taste and there is practically nothing that is not allowed in the nail designs or would be inappropriate. So what are we waiting for? Be inspired by our picture gallery and give the nail salon a quick call!

Spring nails 2021 nail designs in yellow easter nails pictures

The perfect addition to any spring outfit? The right manicure, of course! So instead of just painting the eggs, how about you go a step further this year and solemnly spice up your nails too? Think of floral patterns, subtle pastel colors, elegant eggshell nails or even funny Easter bunnies – really, what is there not to love about them? Easter nails are definitely a clever and fun way to set the tone for spring and summer. And the best thing? Some of the ideas below don’t require you to be a pro or run to the nail salon – you can easily do your own nails at home with nail stickers and a little patience.

Easter nails: which designs and nail polish colors are trendy this year?

Eggshell Nails Nail trend Easter nails simple

Typical motifs that adorn not only our apartment but also our fingernails at Easter are, of course, Easter eggs or bunnies in light, shining nuances. The selection of motifs comes with a great variety and in many strong colors. Subtle and spring-like shades such as light green, sky blue or powdery pink are perfect for pretty and radiant Easter nails that you can also wear after the holidays. The nail designs have a special charm and the refreshing motifs and decorations always ensure a good mood. Color combinations that make every nail shine in a different shade are particularly popular. Whether you go for something fun and playful or more elegant Milk Bath Nails depends on your own taste and style. Anything you like is allowed! For more elegance, the design can be made with lots of glitter and rhinestones.

Nail stickers and stickers for an easy yet gorgeous manicure

Nail stickers nail designs for short nails Easter nails

You have two left hands and complicated nail designs are not for you? Or do you lack the time to visit the salon? Then you are well advised with nail stickers in all conceivable shapes and variations. Choose classic Easter motifs such as Easter bunnies or chicks or use delicate flowers for a timeless and elegant look. Butterflies and small birds also enliven the Easter nails with their filigree beauty.

It’s that easy to make an Easter bunny nail design yourself

Easter bunny nail design instructions Easter nails make yourself

Funny bunnies are a must at Easter. So if you are in the mood for a fun and cute manicure, then you can decorate your nails with a little rabbit. We’ll tell you how exactly this works in the following!

Required materials:

  • Nail polish in white, black and red
  • Dotting tool or toothpick
  • Base and top coat

Make your own Easter bunny nail design:

  • File the nails and shape them into the desired shape.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • Next, paint the nails in white and let them dry completely.
  • Draw a small point with the red lacquer and two small points with the black.
  • Draw three lines for the whiskers on the right and left and let them dry.
  • For the ears, paint two ovals with the black nail polish and fill them in with the red nail polish.
  • Let it dry completely, apply a layer of top coat and voilà – your Easter nails are ready!

Pastel French Nails for elegant and classic Easter nails

Pastel French Nails nail trend Easter nails pictures

Pastel-colored nail tips are currently all the rage and are ideal for gently bringing some color into play and creating an elegant and timeless look. Discreet, modern and beautiful – Pastel French Nails as Easter nails are ideal for those who prefer it simpler and more reserved and absolutely suitable for the office. To show off your manicure perfectly, go for the typical spring colors like purple, mint, blue, pink and lilac.

Classic spring nails in white and pink

Easter nails pictures gel nails pink long

White nail polish forms the perfect basis for nail art of any kind and is an excellent choice for spring-like Easter nails. White represents joy and purity and can add a bright and refreshing touch to even the simplest of nail designs. Pink, and especially pastel pink, impresses us with its versatility and makes for a particularly romantic and lively look, especially in spring.

Rainbow nails are still on trend

Rainbow nails spring nails 2021 easter nail designs easy

Easter nails don’t always have to be complicated and richly decorated. If you are looking for a sleek and simple nail design that still looks festive, then you should try rainbow nails. Subtle pastel colors offer a wonderful palette for Easter and you can achieve the look yourself at home quickly and without much effort.

Easter nails: The most beautiful nail designs to imitate at a glance

Nail Polish Colors Trends Nail Trends 2021 Easter Nails Pictures

Easter bunnies and carrots are perfect for fun and playful Easter nail designs

Almond Shaped Nails Nail Trends Spring Easter Nails Ideas

Even short nails can be wonderfully decorated with the funny motifs

funny easter nails nail designs for short nails pictures

The soft pastel nuances transform these rainbow nails into the perfect Easter look

Pastel pink nail designs easter nails pictures

Nail stickers are ideal for anyone who wants a pretty and fun manicure with little effort

Easter nails ideas spring nails 2021 nail trends spring

Abstract French nails are trendy this year. So don’t be afraid to make your own version in different shades

French Nails nail trend elegant Easter nails

The combination of different shades of blue is perfect for an elegant and chic nail design for Easter

Blue Nail Designs Ideas Easter Nails Pictures

Easter nails is all about fun designs and bright colors

Blue nails pictures Easter bunny nail design instructions

Milk Bath Nails are a great way to spice up your manicure

Flowers nail designs spring easter nails

In combination with pastel pink, Easter bunny nail designs look surprisingly elegant 

Spring nails 2021 almond shaped nails long nail trends spring

The gingham trend has not only conquered our wardrobes, but also our nails

Gel nails pink short easter nails ideas spring nails nail designs

Elegant Easter nails in purple and pink

Nail Polish Colors Trends 2021 Easter Nails Easy Nail Designs