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Confetti Nails are the cutest nail trend of the year: 20+ ideas and inspirations at a glance!

Beautiful hands are simply essential for a well-groomed and clean look and the right manicure gives our outfit the finishing touch. From pastel-colored nail tips to classic French nails or rainbow nails – the nail trends for this year are more diverse than ever and offer us the perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd and underline our individuality. But nothing screams more for summer and parties than the latest trend, which is particularly popular with the fashion industry and fashionistas. We’re talking about confetti nails or, in German, confetti nails. Whether with a subtle touch of glitter or eye-catching and sparkling nail designs – the look always creates a good mood and there is something for every taste. The next nail appointment is just around the corner? Then you’ve come to the right place – in this article we have put together the most beautiful ideas for trendy confetti nails!

Gel nails pink Confetti Nails Trend nails in almond shape, short

As the name suggests, the nails at Confetti Nails are provided with small confetti in all conceivable shapes, sizes and shapes. The manicure will make your hands shine and create a unique and original design. The shimmering particles are an excellent alternative to stamps, nail stickers and the good old glitter nails. And the best thing about it is that even beginners can easily get the look themselves at home.

Confetti nails are the must-have manicures for this season

Baby Boomer Nails Ideas Confetti Nails Trend

Confetti Nails are perhaps the easiest way to change the style of any nail design in a snap. The fashion trend originally comes from Japan and is still known as “Kamifubuki Nails”, which translated into German means something like “paper storm”. Whether small dots, hearts, stars or flowers – the confetti are now available in all possible shapes and sizes. The diverse color scheme allows you to create subtle and chic as well as super eye-catching and motley designs. Confetti Nails are therefore the perfect solution for those who cannot paint their nails very well, but still want a spectacular manicure!

The shimmering nail trend brightens our mood

Rainbow nails trend short nails varnish confetti nails

Confetti Nails shine in all the colors of the rainbow and can spice up and freshen up even the most boring nail design in an excellent way. The shimmering particles are particularly effective on beige, cream, white or even on transparent nails. After all, the brilliant effect of the confetti is enough to create an unforgettable manicure. The sets are available both online and in drug stores. You can either buy these in one color or opt for a mix of different and color-coordinated shades that will pucker your eyes.

It’s that easy to make Confetti Nails yourself

Make confetti nails yourself Instructions Confetti Nails Trend Summer

To get a coveted and stunning design for confetti nails, you don’t necessarily have to run to the nail salon. With a little imagination, a steady hand and a sure instinct, the nail trend can also be successful in your own four walls. As soon as you have learned the technique of applying the small particles, you can develop your creativity and conjure up incredibly beautiful nail designs yourself. And it’s that simple:

Required materials:

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish in the color you want
  • tweezers
  • Top coat

Nail design ideas for short nails Pfrisisch nail polish Confetti Nails Nail trend summer

Make confetti nails yourself:

  • The first thing you need to do is prepare your nails for the manicure – file them into the shape you want and remove the cuticles.
  • Apply a layer of base coat and allow to dry completely.
  • Paint the nails with the desired color and apply the confetti just before they are dry.
  • Carefully apply the confetti to the nails with tweezers and immediately seal with the top coat. And your confetti nails are already sparkling!

Give the classic French manicure a fresh upgrade

French Manicure in Black Short Nails Design Confetti Nails

Traditional and simple nail designs like French Nails or Baby Boomer Nails have always been valued and will likely never go out of style. But the timeless classics have been reinterpreted this year and get a fresh, summery upgrade. The small particles that float on your nails are real eye-catchers and make your hands shine.

Confetti as a statement design

Christmas Nail Design Ideas Confetti Nails

Are you looking for an eye-catching manicure that really catches the eye? A slightly bolder version for Confetti Nails is to cover the entire nail with confetti in different sizes and colors. So that the look doesn’t look too cluttered, the small particles should be color-coordinated.

Painting short nails yourself Home Nail Design Trends Summer Confetti Nails

Confetti nails in themselves are extravagant and eye-catching enough and therefore work best with a light base in beige or white. The nail design looks harmonious and impresses with a special elegance, which makes it the perfect manicure for the office!

Confetti Nails: Let our picture gallery inspire you for your next nail appointment!

Summer nail design ideas paint short nails Confetti Nails

The fashionable manicure always looks fascinating on both short and long nails. 

Black Nails Design Confetti Nails Nail Trends Summer

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the colorful trend then this look is for you!

Rainbow nails trend nail design summer confetti nails

A beige base and a statement nail with a fine confetti scatter looks subtle and chic at the same time

Nude nail polish trend nails in almond shape Confetti Nails

Regardless of whether you use it to create a specific pattern or simply hang the confetti on your nails in a messy manner – the result is always breathtaking

Almond Shaped Nails Long Confetti Nail Designs Nail Trends Summer

Even the simplest manicure becomes a real eye-catcher thanks to the sparkling particles

Painting your nails yourself at home simple nail designs Confetti Nails

At Confetti Nails, anything you like is allowed – so don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and designs

Almond shaped nails short nail polish trends summer confetti nails

This look is as wearable as it gets. The milky base and the colorful confetti together result in a soft and very elegant design. 

Matte nail design for short nails Confetti Nails nail trend

You can’t go wrong with a beige nail polish and colorful confetti as a highlight

Confetti nails yourself make Confetti Nails trend nail design ideas elegant

Turn your hands into a disco ball and decorate your nails with confetti in every imaginable color and shape

Confetti Nails Trend French Manicure Variants Short almond-shaped nails

Elegant patterns put your confetti nails in the limelight

Confetti Nails Nail trend Nail designs for the summer Confetti nails yourself instructions

Neon colors are simply a must in summer and these colorful confetti nails make our hearts beat faster

Confetti Nails Nail trend Making confetti nails yourself is easy