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Christmas tree nail design: instructions and ideas for the perfect Christmas nails!

One thing is certain – the Christmas season has something very special about it and is the best time of the year! Watching funny Christmas films, singing Christmas carols, festively decorating the house and baking delicious cookies – there are countless ways to get yourself into the ultimate holiday mood. And in addition to the selection of the right outfit, a cheerful manicure also increases the anticipation of the holidays. 2020 was without a doubt a very strange and difficult year and in these difficult times we all need some joy in our lives. Festive colors, fun motifs and designs – pretty Christmas nails are ideal for this purpose. And hardly anything else screams “Christmas” like a beautiful Christmas tree nail design. Whether discreet and elegant or colorful and playful – the fine Christmas trees make our hands shine. And the best thing? Thanks to nail stickers, stencils and a few simple tricks, the following ideas are perfect even for beginners! what are you waiting for? Read on and be inspired by our picture gallery!

Christmas nails for short nails Christmas tree nail design instructions

Even the thought of painting our nails ourselves sounds quite challenging and instantly makes some of us shiver. But here’s the good news – the range of stencils, stickers, and video tutorials is now so huge that the perfect manicure is a breeze. Christmas is the perfect time to show off our personal style and creativity and a pretty Christmas tree nail design would be the perfect way to do that. The range of motifs and decorations ranges from super bright and colorful to unbelievably subtle and elegant and we bet that you too will find the right look for your taste!

Christmas tree nail design instructions: It’s so easy to make beautiful Christmas nails yourself

Without a doubt, the Christmas tree nail design is one of the most popular and classic motifs for Christmas nails! Whether you use it to decorate all of your nails or just choose one accent nail, of course, depends on your personal taste – everything is allowed! And how about combining two nail trends to get a really unique look? Confetti nails are very popular right now and will turn your hands into a sparkling wonderland. And it’s that simple:

Required materials:

  • Base and top coat
  • Nail polish for the base color of your choice
  • White nail polish
  • Confetti stickers in different colors and sizes
  • duct tape

Make Christmas tree nails yourself Confetti Nails Nail trend

Make Christmas tree nails yourself:

  • First a thin layer of base coat is applied and the nails are painted in the desired basic color. So that the focus is on the Christmas tree nail design, we recommend that you choose a subtle and light color. Soft nude and pink nuances as well as light green or blue are ideally suited for this.
  • Let the nail polish dry completely for about 20 minutes.
  • For the outline of the Christmas tree, cut small strips of adhesive tape and stick them on the nails in a triangular shape.
  • Now paint the inner area between the adhesive tape strips with the white nail polish and immediately attach the small confetti to it in any order.
  • Seal with base coat and allow to dry completely.
  • Finally, carefully remove the adhesive tape strips with tweezers and apply a thin layer of top coat.
  • To give your manicure an extra touch of glamor, you can decorate the Christmas tree with rhinestones or star stickers.

Easy and Colorful Christmas Nails for Beginners: Abstract Christmas Tree

Make abstract Christmas tree nails yourself

Incredibly festive and gorgeous yet super easy to create – this abstract Christmas tree nail design is the ultimate manicure for beginners! About 30 minutes of time and a little creativity – that’s all you will need!

Required materials:

  • Base and top coat
  • White, green and red nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Fine brush
  • Depending on your wishes: glitter, rhinestones or similar Christmas decorations

Abstract Christmas Tree Nails Instructions:

  • First of all, the nails are given the desired shape and prepared for the manicure.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • Apply two thin coats of white nail polish to make sure the nails are well covered.
  • And now the fun begins! Using the dotting tool and the green nail polish, you need to create two points each in a straight line, with the smallest distance between the points on the top and bottom of the nail.
  • In order to create the Christmas tree, you now have to connect the dots with the fine brush.
  • After the Christmas tree is done and dry, it’s time to add the missing part, which is the star on top!
  • For this purpose you can either paint a small star yourself with the red nail polish or, to be on the safe side, use a small star sticker.

Christmas nails with a difference: Christmas tree nail design in black

French nails for short nails Christmas nails pictures

When we think of Christmas nails, bright colors like green, blue and red immediately come to mind. And although there is nothing wrong with that, not everyone is attracted to these shades and let’s be honest – they are rather unsuitable for the office or an official occasion. So instead of going with the traditional nail polish colors, how about trying something new? A Christmas tree nail design in black is a bit unusual and takes getting used to, but it looks really surprisingly elegant and chic.

Give your classic French nails a celebratory touch

Christmas French Nails Christmas tree nail design easy

Super elegant, chic, subtle and perfect for every occasion – French nails are the timeless favorite of many women. Celebrate Christmas in full glamor this year by opting for a classic French manicure with gold glitter and a fine Christmas tree nail design.

Christmas tree nail design: the most beautiful ideas to imitate

Nails in almond shape short Christmas tree nail design instructions

Subtle and elegant at the same time – golden glitter makes your hands sparkle

Nail design for short nails Christmas tree nails yourself

A Christmas tree nail design can also come into its own with short nails

Nail design ideas for short nails Christmas tree nail design instructions

Small snowflakes and colorful Christmas trees for the perfect Christmas nails

Christmas French Nails for Short Nails Christmas Tree Nails

Nail stickers and stencils are the perfect way to create a superb Christmas manicure in no time

Christmas tree nails instructions Christmas nails short

An abstract Christmas tree nail design in soft nude and gold nuances looks incredibly chic and elegant

Christmas tree nails yourself make Christmas nails pictures

Experiment with colors and sizes to create a unique look

Christmas tree nails make yourself Christmas nails ideas

Can’t decide between snowflakes, Christmas trees and reindeer? Then just get it all on your nails!

Christmas nails pictures Christmas tree make nails yourself

Deep forest green is perfect for an elegant Christmas tree nail design

Christmas Nails 2020 Christmas Tree Nail Designs

Gold is another color that is ideal for elegant Christmas nails

The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with your manicure and try bold looks

A Christmas tree nail design in different shades of pink looks just as beautiful and solemn

Red, green and a little silver – it couldn’t be more Christmassy!