Nail design

A sparkling New Year’s nail art for elegant fingernails

celebratory-nail-design-stars-sequin-nail-art-decoration-new year's eve-ideas

In order for it to be particularly festive and elegant on New Year’s Eve, in addition to the make-up and the festive outfit, the nails should also match the occasion. The selection of varnishes and nail designs is very diverse and offers you imaginative possibilities. We show you 25 different ideas for sparkling New Year’s nail art that are very simple and yet very elegant!

New Year’s nail art for the glamor look

fresh-silver-star-nails-conjure-up-sparkling-effects-blue-purple-base coat

You already have the outfit for New Year’s Eve, but you are still missing the right idea for New Year’s nail art? Get sparkling effects on your fingernails with small sequins, nail art powder, metallic glitter, nail piercings, gold or silver foils. A nail design made of black and gold nail polish creates a very special look. If you have a steady hand, you can also conjure up something unusual on your nails.

An elegant French grid design for the New Years Eve party

Sparkling-nail-art-French-skin-colored-glitter-edge-New Year's party outfit

French manicures, when done correctly, always look very classy. This is then simply decorated with a glittering edge, rhinestones or sequins and sealed with a topper. You can of course choose the colors according to your taste or adapt them to your New Year’s outfit. The design is done relatively quickly and your nails are perfectly staged in just a few simple steps. This classic manicure goes with any outfit!

ideas-for-new year's eve-nails-designs-chic-mother-of-pearl-gloss-glitter-particles

New Year’s nail art with a noble mother-of-pearl shine

ideas-New Year's nail art-effect-lacquer-glitter-effect-nails-blue-nuances

Glitter paint as an accent on the middle finger

Nail-art-for-New Year-confetti-nail jewelry-colorful-ideas-to-style

Colorful silver star nails with confetti nail decorations

festive-nail-art-for-New Year's-Eve-red-black-gradient-ideas-to-re-style

Nail design with ombré effect for New Year’s Eve

Nail-designs-for-New Years Eve-gold-nails-oversized-gold-ring

Golden highlights accentuate lips and nails

black-new year's eve-nails-designs-sparkling-effects-golden-stripes-ideas

Classic combination of black and gold

New year's eve nails-designs-party-outfit-blue-nuances-gradient-petrol

New Year’s nail art in petrol green

Chic-New Year's-Nails-Designs-Glitter-Sequins-nail-bed-base-coat-dark-blue

Glitter nail polish on the nail bed


New Years look with black nails

Nail-art-for-New Year's Eve-Metallic-Gold-Silver-Effect-Geometric-Pattern

Geometric design nail polish


New Year’s Eve design in subtle colors


New Year’s Eve nails with golden glitter

festive-nail-designs-for-New Year's-Eve-elegant-mint-green-effect-varnish-ring-finger

Wonderful nail design with an accent on the ring finger

Sparkling-nail-art-mint-green-silver-triangular-patterned-diy-ideas-new year's eve

Sparkling nail art for New Year’s Eve

Sparkling-nail-art-new year's eve-sequin-designs-to-style-festive

Nail art for New Year’s Eve with sequins

geometric-nail-art-new year's eve-look-golden-glitter-particles-mint-green-white

Elegant nail design for advanced users

ideas-for-nail-designs-for-New Years-Eve-glitter-particles-wonderful-effects

Nail polish with golden particles


Stylish French design with glitter particles and color gradient


Ideas for elegant fingers with effect varnish

Nail-art-matching-the-New Years-Look-red-fingernails-gradient-shiny

Ombré nails for New Years Eve

extravagant-nail-art-for-New Years-Lattice-white-finger-jewelry-golden-rings

New Year’s nail design with a grid look

new year's eve-nail-design-simple-elegant-with-gold-stripes-easy-to-do-yourself

An elegant striped design for New Years Eve