Nail design

Nail design

Nail design – some great ideas to imitate

nail design ideas-design-styling-ladies-colorful-colors

That Nail design as a modern form of art, like all other technologies, it is developing very quickly. As a result, more and more methods and materials, such as gel, are available to create a wide variety of designs and effects. As a result, we can use even fingernails that are not so pretty like a canvas these days and design them in a remarkable way and through our own creativity. Nowadays, a lot of ladies want to and often do their own styling their nails in their own home.

A nail design with lush nail jewelry

nail design deco-jewelry-bow-beads

However, it is advisable to inform yourself well beforehand, as for that Nail design certain knowledge is necessary to work the nails in a high quality. In addition, an expert can also explain and give you tips on how to shape certain figures or create 3D effects by applying the different materials. And once you start styling your nails yourself, go boldly at each one Nail design approach no matter how complicated they seem. There is always a way to get there, provided you don’t give up right away. And your work is ultimately rewarded with beautiful designs with which you can express your own personality. Just follow your ideas and implement your ideas.

Nail design with marble effect

nail design marble-effect-blue-white

A very popular one Nail design, which you can also imitate at home is the marble effect. But it can also be that you need a little practice first and it does not work the first and second time. First, have nail polish of any color and a small container ready. Fill this with warm water. Next, drop a few drops of each nail polish into the water, the more colors the better. Now all you have to do is dip your fingernails into the container so that the nail polish sticks to the fingertips in a great pattern. Finally, simply clean the skin around the nail with a cotton ball and nail polish remover and you’re done Nail design with marble effect.

Trendy gel nails


The so-called gel that is used for the Nail design is a sticky mass with a portion of plastic. This is then hardened with a UV lamp. However, this takes a little more time and is not suitable if you are in a hurry. In this case, we have another suggestion: paint your nails any color. Just before the nail polish has dried, add a few drops of nail polish of a different color, which you smudge with a nail polish remover so that different shapes are created. This creates great effects. Then apply a clear top coat to make the Nail design complete.

Animal motifs


Below we have a couple of interesting examples of that Nail design prepared. Let yourself be inspired and get started right away!

Two nail art suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Nail Design Ideas-Valentine's Day-Nail Edge-Heart Shaped

Nail-Design-Valentine's Day-Idea-Stars-Hearts-Motives-Decoration-Ideas

Spring-like motifs

Fingernails-manicure-spring-flowers-blue-base coat

Fingernails-manicure-blue-tip-motif-as-nail jewelry


Fall nails

Fingernails Manicure Fall Tree Drawings Ideas Nail Art


Glitter French for Christmas and New Years Eve

Fingernails-manicure-sponge technique-French-glittering-gold

Geometric designs


Nail-design-pink-fingernails-manicure-matt-base coat



French-nail-design-bow-beads-3d-jewelry-ideas-nail art


Nail design snowflake light pink base coat









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Nail design

Nail design motifs – 75 ideas for attractive summer motifs

nail design motifs summer look ideas red rings stones colorful

In summer, clothes, make-up and nails can be bright and colorful! Luminous colors like yellow, turquoise and pink are all the rage. Your summer nails can either match your outfit and styling, or simply express your summer feelings. Try some of these trendy ones Nail design motifs out for summer and every time you look at your nails you will get summer mood. Even if it rains outside.

Nail design motifs – neon colors in ombre look

nail design motifs neon ombre idea pink orange summer

When it comes to the design of the artificial and longer nails, there are of course several options available, but if you are looking for ideas for short nails then you will find them in this collection too. The main thing is that summer nails should express happy attitudes to life. Sunny yellow, sea blue, mint, orange, salmon, coral and bright neon colors are real eye-catchers on summer nails. Nails with a maritime look in red, navy blue and white are very popular. A small anchor or a steering wheel often adorns the ring fingernail.

Nail design motifs in a maritime look

nail design motifs maritime mint green salmon anchor gold

Color gradients can be easily implemented here. You can also add small decorations such as stickers and rhinestones. Think of summer motifs that would give us that holiday feeling. Palm trees, cocktails, ice cream, starfish, parasols and colorful summer fruits such as melons and strawberries are of course at the top of the list. Exotic animals like parrots and leopards also work well for the summer nails. Plus, you can paint a whole landscape on your nails – a palm beach, a beach with shells, or even the colorful underwater world. Check out these cool designs here, choose a combination of sunny nail polish colors and let your imagination run wild.

Flower motif and nails in rose

nail design motifs rose white flower ring finger idea

The possibilities that there are for decorating nails are huge and very diverse. If you have a steady hand, you can paint filigree motifs on the nail with a thin brush. There are also stickers and nail tattoos in different designs. They are printed on a thin sheet of adhesive and stuck on the nail.

Beautify nails with the stamping technique


Stamping is a very popular technique. With simple means you can make beautiful, filigree motifs on the nails. The stamping technique is also perfect for beginners. For this you need a stamping template with the desired motif, a stamp, the so-called scraper and colored nail polish. Many recommend a special stamping varnish, but it also works with a normal nail varnish.


The varnish is applied to the stencil. Then you pull over the motif with the scraper so that the color only remains in the punched out motif. Now the stamp is used: the motif is removed with the stamp and applied to the nail with light pressure.

Monarch butterfly nail design

Summer nails-monarch butterfly-neon-orange-pink

Nails with playful color gradients look absolutely beautiful. First the nail is primed with a soft nude shade. Then a small sponge is painted with two to three colors. To create a nice beach look, you can choose a dark blue for the tip of the nail, a light turquoise blue for the center of the nail and a light sand tone for the lower nail area. For Monarch butterfly nail designs, however, you should use yellow and orange. With a dotting tool it is very easy to score points.

Marbled nails with water and nail polish

summer nails-idea-orange-pink-blue-blurry

Unique random patterns are created using the marble technique. The principle is very simple: you put a few drops of nail polish in a yogurt cup with water. You will stay on the surface of the water. Drop another varnish in the middle of the first varnish. Then take a toothpick, model a pattern and insert your finger into it. The design should be printed on the nail. The paint residue is removed with a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover. The best: No special nail polishes are required and you can try out different color combinations and patterns.

Waves motif in yellow for the summer

nail design motifs orange pink yellow wave summer design

Two-tone fingernails can also be made without a sponge. The easiest nail design in the world can be done with tape and nail polish. Simply cover one half of the nail with tape, apply the second nail polish, let it dry and peel off the tape. You can add a different color accent where the two colors meet.

Crescent manicure in pastel colors

nail design-summer-colors-pastel-purple-green-pink-white

The half-moon manicure is also particularly popular at the moment and can be implemented using almost the same technique. For masking, you simply need a sticker with a rounded edge. You can use ring hole reinforcements for this, for example. First, paint the nails with a light shade of nail polish. A white nail polish was used here. Let the nail polish dry well. Then cut the ring hole reinforcements once on one side so that they better conform to the curve of the nail. Now the crescent is pressed firmly against the nail bed. Paint the rest of the nails a darker shade. Let the nail polish dry for at least ten minutes before removing the ring hole reinforcement.

Adhesive strips are well used

nail polish-summer-pastel-colors-pink-mint

Nail designs with adhesive strips are another great idea. The thin decorative strips are sold in rolls and can be cut to the desired length. They are also self-adhesive and come in many different colors. The strips are simply stuck onto the nails at any distance and pressed into place. You can also use tweezers to position the adhesive strips more precisely. You can experiment with different patterns and motifs. Your designs can be as amazing as only your imagination allows.

The stripes can either stay that way or be painted over with a different shade of nail polish. While the paint is still damp, the strips are gradually removed. At the end there is another layer of top coat and the manicure is done.

Trendy nail design motifs for the summer – aztec pattern


Nail design motifs that convey that holiday feeling


Maritime look

summer nails-maritime-motifs-stripes-dots

Colorful and gaudy

summer nails-short-zig-zag-pattern-black-multicolored

Neon colors and graffiti look

Summer nails-ideas-neon-color-graffiti-motifs

Turquoise and gold

Summer nails-idea-mint-gold-rhinestones

cool effects with glitter nail polish in pink

Summer nails-idea-light-pink-lacquer-color-particles

summer nails turquoise nail polish color glitter particles

Luminous maritime blue


Ethnic motifs

nail polish-blue-white-ethno-motifs

Mint and gold for the beach


Stickers and stampings


golden anchor on the ring fingernail

nail design motifs summer-maritime-theme-red-white-blue

colorful fruits like watermelons are sweet


Coral, orange and gold – look perfect together








summer nail-fuchsia-turquoise-dotted

Summer nails-ombre-effect-white-blue-glitter-ring-finger-palm


summer nails nail polish color orange coral ring finger golden glitter

summer gel-mint-golden-glitter-black-white


Summer nails-ideas-silver-nail-polish-color-dots-neon-colors



Summer nails-blue-white-silver-stripes



nail polish-design-ombre-glitter-paint-color

nail design motifs beach motif sea sand

nail design-summer-black-white-light blue-zig-zag-dots

nail design-summer-neon-pink-black-white-aztec-motifs

nail-design-summer-motifs-colorful-dots-sugar sprinkles


summer nail designs lilac-color-flower-stickers

nail design-summer-ideas-blue-white-glitter-lacquer


nail design-summer-yellow-white-goose-flowers



nail design motifs summer-neon-pink-lacquer-black-stripes-kiss-stickers

nail design-motifs-summer nails-colorful-gaudy


nail design motifs-summer-blue-purple-pearls

nail design-motifs-summer-animal prints-blue-white-black

nail design-maritime-motifs-summer-stripes-anchor-red-white-blue


Summer nails-red-white-ribbon-flowers






sun nails-coral-paint-color-silver-glitter-paint


Summer nails-neon-green-salmon-nail polish-color-strips

Nail design motifs -summer-white-maritime-blue-paint-paint-anchor-ring finger

nail-design-motifs-summer-pastel-lacquer colors

nail design motifs summer kiwi neon green

Summer nails nail design motifs -ideen-2014-lacquer colors

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Straight from the catwalk – 25 nail design ideas for manicure


That Nail design should always be coordinated with the outfit and style. This guarantees that it will always look pretty and it doesn’t matter what color or shape it is. The fashion designers prove this again and again. Manicure belongs to them too and that Nail design the final touch. As you know, the designers and their collections are numerous, as are the lines of each brand and their shows. That was also the case with this year’s shows for spring / winter. Because of this diversity, everyone can be sure to find something suitable for themselves. There is something for everyone.

Nail design trends 2014


Under the Nail design Ideas are all possible variants. There are manicures in matte or glossy, neutral and bright, provocative colors, with stones or stickers in different patterns, from geometric figures, such as points, but also the length and shape varies. As always, the designers used the manicure to highlight their collections. For the purpose, they used stylish and interesting, effective, up to simple and inconspicuous variants for the Nail design.

Discreet and inconspicuous nail design



If you are curious, you can take a look at the 25 examples of manicures straight from the catwalk below and get inspired.

Bright nails and eyeshadow


The Blonds




Holmes & Yang


Rebecca Taylor




Marc Jacobs


Carmen Marc


Band of Outsiders


Phillip Lim

Nail polish-dark-blue-ideas-manicure-costello-tagliapietra

Costello Tagliapietra


Nicole Miller


Tadashi Shoji

Nail polish design ideas for summer-manicure-ombre-tess-giberson

Tess Giberson


Alexandre Herchcovitch


Louise Goldin


Naeem Khan


Lela Rose


Charlotte Ronson


Tsumori Chisato


David’s coma








Vivienne Westwood / Gold Label

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Nail art of the toes – 17 great ideas for beautifying the feet

nail art of toes black white geometric nail polish

With all the hype around the fingernails, the Nail art of the toes often forgotten. They should also be well cared for, no matter what time of year, and they can be a perfect base for various designs. That way, the first rays of spring sunshine won’t be the only reason for you to show your feet through sandals. Some pretty designs will make you feel more womanly and attractive, so try to always find some time to care for your feet and toenails. After all, nails in general are a hallmark of women. In this article, we’re going to show you some great examples of toe nail art that you can take inspiration from or easily imitate. There is something suitable for every occasion, so have fun trying it out!

Toe nail art – pink design with rhinestones

manicure toes pink rhinestones nail art idea

Be brave and try something striking instead of always choosing the same simple colors with floral motifs. You can use various tools for this, such as rhinestones, fabric or different patterns. You have the choice: Either you design a nail art of the toes as a combination to match the shoes or the outfit, or you choose a surprising design in, for example, bright colors that contrasts with the rest of your outfit. It all depends on your taste and mood and the best thing is that you can easily hide any defects with the nail art of the toes and with a stroke of the brush.

Nail art of the toes – red nails with snowflake and dots

nail art of toes red christmas snowflakes dots

As with your fingernails, you can use any type of material for the toe nail art to create a pretty design. Gel is also suitable for applying a wide variety of patterns, figures and motifs. Just let your imagination run wild. Depending on the occasion for which you are creating the design, you can choose bright, bright colors or neutral and natural nuances, design motifs with a 3D effect or apply an ordinary nail polish with a shimmer. You have the perfect opportunity to decide for yourself and to choose a design for the nail art of the toes that corresponds to your character and style.

Nail design pictures- 27 subtle ideas for nail art

Pictures of nail design – autumn nail trends 2015/16

Create nail designs for holiday nails – matching colors and motifs

Nail art of the toes with a colorful leopard print

nail art of the toes animal motif leopard colorful feet

Gel nails of toes in orange gold accents

orange design nailart toes glitter elegant feet

Toes in pink with rhinestones and white dots

gel nail design toes pink dots stones feet

Black and white nail art of the toes

black white nail art of toe tip design

Cute toe nail design with flowers

red design toes flower stripes white cosmetics

Nail art of the toes in pastel shades – blue, white and pink

design toes nail polish pastel blue white stripes pink glitter stone

Toes in purple with rhinestones

nail art of the toes purple glitter stones design beauty

Nail art in light blue with a pretty pattern on the big toe

nail art of toes blue flowers design idea

design christmas green red glitter finger toes

toes design art nail polish pink flowers motif

nail design light blue toes tattoo foot beauty

design beauty toes gray turquoise purple nailart

toes nail art hello kitty cat pink dots

beauty toes feet point pattern orange red purple

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Create nail art – tips & 27 cute designs to imitate

nail art-design-leoprint-pattern-checkerboard-metal-gloss-modern

If you are looking for a romantic design for your fingernails for Valentine’s Day, the French manicure is a great choice. You can try these in different variations, from the ordinary, white nail tip that runs straight to designs in the shape of a heart. You can choose these in different, bright or neutral colors, as well as use different means for decoration. You can go for the nail art for Valentine’s Day choose a delicate or funny, romantic or crazy design. It all depends on your taste. Find out more interesting ideas and tips about the Design nail art.

Design nail art – idea with a heart motif

nail art-design-black-glitter-heart-diagram-white-contour

As you know, well-manicured and designed fingernails are a must for the bride during the wedding. It doesn’t matter whether the wedding takes place in autumn, at Christmas or in spring, because the nail design is an example of how the little things can make the difference and provide elegance and class. In this case, the only important thing is that the design goes to Design nail art cute and romantic and not too flashy. You can also use natural and neutral colors such as pastel, pink or white and choose delicate motifs such as flowers. As for the shape, the nails shouldn’t be too pointed. You can use different materials as decoration. Rhinestones are particularly suitable for this. Swarovski are particularly popular for nail art at weddings, with which you too can set a great accent.

Design nail art – it depends on the colors

nail art-design-pink-mint-green-pink-zugzag-creative-lines

The colors for Design nail art you can choose depending on the season, the occasion or your mood. In winter or at Christmas, for example, colors like white and blue are very suitable and you can choose motifs that are associated with winter. Such motifs can be snowflakes. For spring, on the other hand, when the flowers begin to bloom and the world becomes more colorful again, are suitable for Design nail art pastel colors very good, as well as delicate floral motifs. Choose a delicate, rather simple design that reflects the characteristics of spring and give your fingernails a lively look.

Create nail art with colorful chaotic dots


If you still don’t feel like styling your nails depending on the season or another occasion, you can choose a personal style that, for example, suits your interests. You also have the option of adding a design Design nail art to choose that is neutral and fits at all times. You have the choice between various styles, such as the minimalist or oriental, or you choose a warm design for winter, an elegant one for rendezvous or business lunches, or you can design your nails wild, adventurous or internationally suitable.

Create stylish nail art 


A combination of light and dark blue is also suitable for winter time Design nail art, that you can spice up with a few glitter effects. Such a nail design with snowflakes can perfectly reflect the cold and frost of this season, but also intense feelings.

An interesting nail design – nails with a black tip


Nail stamping with a golden effect

Design-nails-nail stamping-with-gold-effect

There is one particular color that you can easily wear any time of the year, any holiday, and any occasion. What is meant is the color gold. This elegant color has many great properties in itself. Not only is it elegant and stylish, it also exudes strength. It is also suitable for every type of woman. Try them, for example, once for a Design nail art for Christmas out.

Cute short nails

Nail art-design-nail-design-Valentine's Day-with-hearts

Equally popular and a great choice for Design nail art is the feminine and natural color white, as it creates an elegant look with which every lady can stand out. On the one hand, it stands for purity and innocence, but it can also represent adulthood. The color works perfectly in combination with all other colors and is a kind of bridge for new colors and new designs, as is the case in spring.

Create a matt effect and unique nail art


Hearts and kisses – design nail art

Nail art-design-love-design-pink-nails-stiletto

Nail art “Hello Kitty”

Nail art-hello kitty-ideas-girly-designs

Design nail art – idea with a heart motif


A winter nail design

Snowflakes-for-nail-art-design-pastel-pink-base coat

Geometric pattern nails


Cute rabbit motifs


Pokemon nails for a fun design

Nail Art-Design-Pokemon-Nails-Design-Pikachu

A great design for autumn time

Nail art-design-autumn-time-motifs-colorful-foliage

Cute owls


Design nail art – straight nails in pink

ideas-nail art-design-straight-nails-in-pink

Create nail art – a design for Christmas

Nail art-design-Christmas motifs-red-base coat

White snowflakes

Winter Nails Design French White Snowflakes

Christmas motifs


Short stiletto nails with a heart

diy-short-stiletto-nails-with-heart-white-base coat

Black and white nails


A nice design in white with flowers


Decorated nails with animal motifs

Nail art-design-decorated-nails-animal motifs-pink

Black heart-shaped nail tips


Stiletto with an effective design


Create nail art – Hello Kitty


Nail design with Hello Kitty in black

Nail art-design-ideas-Hello-Kitty-with-hearts

Nail art in two colors


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Autumnal nail designs – simple motifs to paint yourself

Autumnal nail designs -stripes-pastel-colored-brown-orange-violet-silver

The cold season is coming, and with it comes the gloomy mood. And if you are already fed up with the bad weather, there is an opportunity to improve your mood – paint colorful motifs on your fingernails with. We offer you some ideas for autumn nail designs, that go with different outfits and look both elegant and playful. So let yourself be inspired!

Autumnal nail designs – motifs that go well with jeans

Autumnal nail designs - colored-white-blue-yellow-gold-glitter

Decorate your fingernails with floral motifs – daisies look super cute and playful and go perfectly with jeans with a classic cut. Roses emphasize your femininity and are best combined with vintage jewelry.

Autumnal nail designs -almond shape-brown-decorated-extravagant-long-fingernails

The second idea is to use several colors in an abstract autumn nail design – for example, apply a varnish in the trendy nude tones, but a little darker, then paint small lines or dots in pastel colors, black or red would also be one good choice. Complete! Fall nail designs will compliment an outfit with boyfriend jeans and a white shirt.

Autumnal nail designs -gold-rose-glitter-beautiful-decorated-Gold carries the sunny mood from last summer into autumn and this color looks young and chic – just the necessary whistle for the boring combo of white T-shirt and jeans.

Autumnal nail designs – elegant motifs that complement your new dress

Autumnal nail designs -floral-pattern-white-gray-stones-glitter-pearls

If you like to wear clothes even in the cold season, then you certainly need ideas for suitable ones autumn nail designs. In contrast to jeans, where colored nails spice up the outfit, these look rather exaggerated in combination with elegant clothes. Here we recommend rather simple French nails – they emphasize femininity and at the same time look classically elegant. Also in trend – black and white designs.

 Fall nail designs with geometric patterns and pink are one of our favorites

Ideas to combine two colors of nail polish

Another take on the classic French manicure

french manicure ideas super nice

Flower motifs remain popular even in autumn

inspired fingernails design ideas pictures

Autumnal nail designs with delicate pastel colors

Fingernails design ideas paint bunnies

 Sweet and playful – rabbits on your nails

beautiful nail designs paint flowers yourself

 Fresh floral motifs on the fingernails

Fingernails white flower pattern paint ideas

Red fingernails with beautifully painted flowers

just paint cool daisies yourself

To match jeans – apply blue lacquer and paint flowers on it

green dots french nail design ideas

 Playful motifs for a happy mood even in autumn

autumnal nail designs ideas black dots white paint background

 White fingernails with black dots

Nail designs flowers rhinestones delicate pink

 Nice fingernails with rhinestones

Motifs triangle figures flowers pattern

Paint geometric figures on the nails

nail design flowers stickers attach ideas

French manicure

Fingernails blue silver varnish apply ideas

white blue stripes original chinese pattern

Hearts stick on pattern cool nail design

Design ideas neutral colors geometric patterns

Fingernails, nail designs, autumn motifs, roses

Fingernails Design Ideas Chevron Pattern

Motive nail designs paint ideas yourself

Fingernails white background rhinestones design ideas

autumn fingernails paint yourself ideas flowers

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Ideas for a fun nail art for festive occasions or everyday life

funny nail art ideas-minions-motifs

Are you looking for cool new ideas for a nail design suitable for everyday use that will also complete your outfit for some festive occasions? Get creative with our inspirations for funny nail art. If you like eye-catching nails, you’ve come to the right place!

Funny nail art motifs for lovers of unusual nail designs


The easiest way to easily stick on original and funny nail designs. Nail stickers are a quick and cheaper alternative to expensive manicures. If you have a steady hand, you can draw wonderfully pretty nail decorations yourself instead. The funny nail art is suitable for both fingernails and toenails. For occasions like Easter, Christmas or Halloween, you can make your nails yourself or have them done – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to nail design.

Creative nail art creations


Nail art doesn’t have to be used on every fingernail. Often, single effect nails are enough to conjure up an original look. The rest of the nails, painted in a subtle shade, take a back seat. Pebbles and glitter add a sophisticated touch to your manicure.

Funny nail art inspired by movies

funny-nail-art-ideas-everything-stands-upside down

But nails can also be painted in different tones and completed by hand with fine drawings. It is best to wear an outfit with a restrained color so that the nails come into their own.

make funny nail art ideas watermelon yourself

Nail art-creations-pop-art-drawings-by-hand-colorful-fingernails

Ideas for fantasy patterns


Nail art trending

Nail art creations-yellow-base coat-pink-splashes of color-martini-glass-motif

Bright paint colors

Nail decoration-rhinestones-neon-lacquer-drawings-by-hand-diy-ideas-nailart

The perfect colors for the Sommer

Nail-art-creations-funny-designs-the-smurfs-nail stickers

Nail stickers with the smurfs


Magnificently painted fingernails


Colorful dots look playful


Seasonal nail design 

cool-nail-motifs-ideas-nail-art-designs - comichelden-nagelsticker

Effect nails in screaming shades


French nail art – funny and elegant at the same time


Nail art inspiration for Halloween


Fingernails are given a nautical coating

creative-ideas-nail-art-fingernails-monster-inc-nail decor

Funny nails motifs

Nail art-creations-christmas-nail-decor-ribbon-red-finger varnish

Nail art inspirations for Christmas and winter


nail sticker-drawings-by-hand-mini-animals-ideas-nail-design-funny


Nail decoration-ideas-dandelion-motif-blue-base coat-fingernails-art-drawing

Nail art-funny-drawings-by-hand-naildesigns-splashes of color




Nail-Art-Designs-nail stickers-base coat-color-nude-drawings-black


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Own nail salon – finally become self-employed!

Nail salon self-employed manicure courses

Well-groomed fingernails are the figurehead for many people. Especially if you have frequent professional and private contact with others, it is important for you to leave a good impression with it. It is therefore not surprising that a own nail salon is a very popular alternative nowadays. For many women, having their own studio is also a great way to start their own business.

Open your own nail salon – a job with great responsibility

Nails painting tips professionals nail salon design

However, it is easy to take it lightly in this emerging profession. After all, nail designers “only” make the fingernails pretty. However, the opposite is true:

– The women and men who visit a nail salon are generally willing to pay a lot of money for the luxury of beautiful fingernails. In return, they expect a good performance.

– The customers’ fingernails are advertising for the studio. If they fail or if the nail designer does not generally do a good job, other people will notice this at a glance.

– Careful and professional work is necessary. If the owner does not work carefully, small injuries can occur on the nail or cuticle. If inflammation forms here, it is often tedious to treat and associated with severe pain.

Hygiene also plays a major role in nail design. If this is not the case, there is a risk that infections will spread from one customer to the other. This is possible with nail fungus, among other things. During the diagnosis, the thought quickly arises that having one’s own nail salon could be the cause and can lead to customers staying away in the following period. In addition, there is a high probability that a complaint will be received by the health department and controls will be carried out.

Own nail salon – the necessary capital and know-how to get started

Applying nail polish tips tricks nail salon

Even if setting up in many studios is not very expensive, sufficient capital should be available to set up a business. The smallest item is the work material and tools that are necessary to shape fingernails. The furniture and renovation of the shop are also to be planned. If you only intend to design nails on a small scale, you could save a lot of money by using a room in your own four walls for this. However, it must be clarified with the health department whether all hygiene regulations must be observed there.

If, on the other hand, you want to appear professional to the outside world and perhaps even plan to employ employees or open branches in the future, you should prefer a retail store from the start. Since the rent can be relatively high depending on the location, equity is necessary here. Initially, there are not enough customers and a solid base only builds up over time, but there should still be enough money to bridge at least the first year including all ancillary costs. This can quickly result in sums of € 15,000. If there is no capital, the likelihood is that the studio will close again after a few months because the owners cannot pay outstanding bills. A compact overview of how it should proceed from the idea to starting a business is offered This article.

Your own nail salon – find the right training

open your own studio become self-employed

A professional impression can be reinforced if the self-employed have a good education. The profession of nail designer is not standardized and the designation is not protected. Even those who have not attended a course should be able to start their own business with this activity. In order to differentiate yourself from self-proclaimed professionals, it makes sense to seek training from a recognized provider. Nail polish manufacturers like Alessandro International often bid Nail design courses for career changers and professionals on different subject areas.

In many schools, the training is quite extensive, so that the graduates can start their own business with a good feeling. However, you should not assume that you are creating perfect artificial nails from the start. After an apprenticeship, there is time to test and refine your new skills on as many friends, acquaintances and family members as possible.

The courses include:

– Health aspects such as skin and nail diseases and allergies

– Hygiene in the studio

– Material science

– Basics in business administration

– nail design

The nail design is not of the greatest importance, as it attracts customers. But the other points should not be neglected either, since the business can only be operated in the long term if the relevant knowledge is available. If they fall short in the training, it is advisable to deepen them in self-study.

Attend a nail design school

Make nails decorate ideas

If the school is within easy reach, it is advisable to pay a brief visit before booking.

– It is advisable to announce your arrival by telephone so that an employee has time to answer questions.

– He should react calmly to questions that arise. If the student does not feel that they are being taken seriously, it is questionable whether lecturers will address their problems in class.

– The training rooms must be clean and tidy. A dirty company can hardly convey hygiene regulations properly.

– In order for every student to have sufficient practical experience, it is necessary that the classes are relatively small. A maximum of eight students is often recommended.

– The teachers should not be young professionals, but should have been able to gain experience with customers for some time.

– The school provides the students with working materials and reading material.

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