Why MSGM Shouldn’t Ban Social Media

Last year in the Spring, there were reports that Anna Wintour had banned selfies and social media from the Met Gala and celebrities did not listen. Then the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that the theme for this year’s Met Gala is “fashion in an age of technology” which would make banning social media a problem for the event. Now, Massimo Giorgetti, creative director of MSGM, has announced a ban on social media at his next show on February 28th during Milan Fashion Week.

According to an article on WWD, Giorgetti will send out invitations that read “Put back your phone and enjoy the show” in an effort to have attendees actually enjoy the clothing on the runway. Giorgetti also says he won’t be posting photos of the show until summer when the clothes will actually be available for purchase in stores.

Giorgetti has explained why he decided to ban social media at his show saying,

“It’s been hard to make this decision but I really don’t understand anymore how social media are actually influencing this business. I think that by posting all those images with fittings, castings, etc. — which for us are familiar things, — we are really making feel customers confused. They don’t actually really know how this world works. I’m totally confused… A few days ago I was at La Rinascente [Milan’s department store] and I saw a dress in the MSGM corner which I’ve never seen on social media or in editorials and I realized I had totally forgotten about that…I mean, I designed that. This shouldn’t happen.”

That shouldn’t make anyone ban social media at a fashion show. As I explained when I talked about how Anna Wintour shouldn’t ban social media at this year’s Met Gala, social media helps people see the collection who can’t go to the shows. It helps connect brands with costumers and sell mores products, which is what every brand wants isn’t it?


Also, brands are now adopting a “see now, buy now” business model, which I’m sure social media had a part in as the reason brands are doing this is because they think their collections are already boring when they are finally available in stores. It’s clear that social media has had an impact on fashion and Giorgetti should move forward with fashion and present collections for the current season. That would make it easier for him to remember what he is designing and would make into easier for consumers, which is what he is concerned about in the first place, and would let him post photos when he showed the collection. Letting people take photos of the clothing that just became available would be free advertising and would only make the brand sell more products.

What’s more, it’s not anyone else responsibility but Giorgetti’s to remember what he has designed. It’s not anyone else’s fault but his that he forgot about something he himself made. Blaming social media for that is just ridiculous.

It’s good that Giorgetti is concerned about consumers but he is blaming social media for something that he should be taking responsibility for. He should learn how social media helps the fashion industry connect with consumers. Luckily, Giorgetti says the ban isn’t permanent? That would only make him and his brand seem archaic and behind.

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