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Tattoo on arm for man – ideas and motifs for self-confident boys with style

laughing man with beard and modern hairstyle shows his arm tattoos men

Nowadays, getting a new school tattoo on the arm for men is the cool and modern way to demonstrate your personality or sentimentality. Even if you have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for, making the final decision on what to get can be a challenge. After all, it will be there forever. Also, your arm tattoo will be visible roughly halfway through the year so it will stand out. As a modern arm tattoo, you can choose a detailed tattooed design and thus look really cool if you let an experienced tattoo artist do the whole thing right. To help you choose, we have compiled this guide with inspiration and advice for your next arm tattoo.

Variants of the tattoo on the arm for men

tattoo arm man with mustache and pipe posing with his works of art on his body

If you want something subtle that you can still hide, the best thing is to get an upper arm tattoo. This way, t-shirts should cover most of your tattoo. If your upper arm tattoo is small and starts on your shoulder, a unique rounded shape can look cool too. Also, keep in mind that the upper arm is quite a large work area that allows for some great tattoo designs.

military soldier with tattooed upper arm and weapon rifle

A simple tattoo on the upper arm is a great choice for men who want to be humble. This variant is of course the easiest to cover up, but still looks cool when you flaunt such an arm tattoo. The most beautiful tattoos in the world contain minimal detail and are increasingly popular, so you can’t go wrong with a simple design.

Colored or tribal tattoo

colorful forearm tattoo with dragons and manga characters

Colorful upper arm tattoos make a difference and are sure to attract attention. Usually you can color your tattoo design especially if it has become very detailed. As a result, a tattoo on the arm is always a bit more noticeable, whereby a large or small tattoo motif can also look more three-dimensional.

black tribal tattoo tribal tattoos on a man's biceps

As for the tribal tattoo, it usually starts on the shoulder and has a rounded shape at the top. Usually this is where they look coolest and can have quite a bit of detail. A detailed upper arm tattoo can usually take a few sessions, depending on the size. There are so many different designs to choose from. But no matter what you choose, all of them can be pretty powerful.

Delicate tattoo designs on the arm for tough men

finger tattoo man and rose on the wrist modern tattoos

Who says men can’t get delicate tattoos? Although they remain fairly detailed and masculine, they tend to be of a nice quality. The rose as a tattoo on the arm is not the only acceptable flower if a man wants to show his sensitive side. In fact, you can choose what you want, and we guarantee it will suit you. If you want to use the flower for a tattoo on your inner arm, you also have a wide selection of designs.

male delicate tattoo motifs with rose on arm

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to have a tattoo on your upper arm or on your forearm, because there is little you can do wrong with either variant. Both areas look decent with some ink. Where you get the arm tattoo can again depend on whether it should be visible more often or not. Of course, the forearm is harder to cover in the warmer months. It is best to choose your desired design first and only then its placement. Depending on what motif you’re trying to get, the top or bottom of the arm may work better than the other.

Texture and detail with inside and forearm tattoo

jason momoa with luggage as ideas for arm tattoos men with lettering

Your forearm offers a longer work surface so this is a good place if you’re looking for a detailed tattoo. For example, it works well if you want to get an image similar to the one we selected. The inner arm and forearm are also perfect for tattooing a few words, lettering or even a picture. Because of this, you can’t go wrong with this placement if you are planning on getting a sentimental tattoo, for example.

inside forearm tattoo with roman numerals clock and eye as a cool tattoo arm man

Such tattoos and motifs such as a clock or clouds usually take a lot of time because they require a lot of line and dot work. They can also be quite painful. So it is best to choose an area where the whole process will be bearable for you.

colored tattoo sleeves with rose on the elbow and motifs on the wrist

The arm is a suitable area for many types of tattoos, not to mention that the placement is always on trend. However, if you’re not the type of person who plans to get covered in tattoos but still want at least one, the inner arm is a great place for subtle designs. A simple tattoo is a perfect choice when you don’t want anything complicated in general, as it may look a little inappropriate otherwise.

inner arm with lettering tattoo familie above all

A lettering, for example, fits well on the lower inner arm and also looks damn good. This area is perfect for any type of font, including names, characters, dates, and more. The lettering also fits any size at this point. You can make it big enough to cover the entire inner arm or just choose a small section.

Bicep tattoo on arm

ink and ink paint on biceps tattoo symbol with eye

If you have impressive sized upper arms and love showing them off, a tattoo on your biceps can make it look even better. However, choose wisely because if the muscle is tense it can distort the picture. Placing your tattoo on the inside of your arm won’t always be visible, but don’t let that stop you. There are some great tattoo designs that are very popular and creative on this part of the body. The position is easier to obscure than the forearm and can look amazing when you can see the main detail of a half sleeve on the biceps, for example.

Tiger tattoo with green eyes on outside of man's arm

Animals also seem to be a popular motif, not just for the biceps, if you want to have a totem tattoo, for example. Whether you choose your totem animal or your favorite species, this area is a great choice for placement. If you’re looking to get yourself a religious tattoo as well, whether it’s praying hands, a portrait of Jesus, or some other type, then the biceps is a place to go. It’s also easy to add new designs later if you opt for a full religious tattoo.

Travel tattoo

travel tattoos with compass and map with lettering quote tattoo arm man

Travel is an important part of young adult culture these days, and some would like to symbolize their experiences through tattoos. If you are one of those people, the biceps are a great part of your body for this. Whether you want the world map, a compass, or the North Star, they will all look perfect there.

Sleeve tattoos

david beckham with tattoos on both arms and t-shirt is smiling

You have to be pretty extreme or 100% devoted to your tattoos to get a sleeve. For him, it’s usually best to pick a topic and hold it across your arm. It is best for you if your sleeve tattoo tells a story and is a little sentimental. You’ll also want to cover as much skin with it as possible. That’s why you can have a full motif, half a or even a third of it tattooed. So the decision is entirely yours. Whichever you choose in this case, it is guaranteed to look brilliant in this spot.

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Sleeve

alice in wonderland tattoo cheshire cat tattoo with clock and color

“Alice in Wonderland” is a traditional and popular motif. It generally consists of the famous characters and a pocket watch, usually surrounded by writings on a banner or other contemporary pattern. If you also want the tattoo on your arm to be punky or gothic, this design will suit you just as well. Also, think of the skull tattoo, crows, burning candles, and other similar fairytale designs. While it may sound pretty spooky, these can look especially impressive on the arm.

Tattoo whole arm

whole tattoo sleeve man with geometric figures and small details in black

Full arm tattoos can look beautiful if you stick to a theme or a single design that runs the length of the arm. Again, you shouldn’t simply decide on different individual motifs that you can stab at random at different intervals if you want to have your entire arm or a large part of it tattooed. Think carefully about what you might want and move on with this idea.

religious tattoos or santimental motifs with cross tattoos and rose ideas

However, if you don’t have a tattoo on your arm yet, it’s usually a good idea to start with a simple tattoo just to see how it will make you feel when it is actually on your skin. Nine times out of ten you will become addicted to ink tattoo designs and add to them as you wish. New tattoos are usually very delicate. In doing this, tattoo artists simply use thin lines or a sparse design to create the artwork.

Tattoo band on the arm

man colored nature and ribbon tattoo sitting with girlfriend in cafe

The simple band tattoo consists of a few lines that wrap around the arm and is only ever located in this area. These usually symbolize sadness, strength, or equality, depending on the thickness of the lines. So if you want a symbolic tattoo this is the right option. Why not wrap a single ribbon around your arm and then add a little detail, such as a geometric shape or a symbol? If you’ve never done an old school tattoo on your arm, it’s usually better to start with something small. Some of these tattoos are simple while others can be quite detailed for something of their size. However, just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s insignificant. In fact, some small tattoos for men can look cooler than larger ones.