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Small tattoos for men – stylish subtle motifs for men with taste

thematic tattoo as chef of crossed knife and whisk

As a modern man, you probably want to get some humble ink as this is trending right now. Whether you’re just starting out or adding to your collection, small tattoos for men are a great option to remember. Even for the gentlemen who usually go for an arm sleeve, a single small tattoo is a great way to showcase a unique design with a statement. So it doesn’t hurt to choose something that looks a little more subtle. In this post, you can see for yourself because we’ve picked out cool little tattoos for men who just need a little ink.

Variants of the small tattoos for men

Tattoo on the face from small letters of a man with a beard

We have all seen men with huge works of art covering their back, chest, or arms. But what if you want to be a little more subtle with your tattoo? Here are some reasons and ideas to go small and simple. Getting a small tattoo on your chest is like putting on a necklace or shirt. A small tattoo on your wrist or biceps is like putting on a watch or a shirt.

Cobweb tattoo on elbow of biker while holding hands in forest

In the world of tattoos, there is also a difference between wearing a ring and wearing jewelry. So sometimes less is more. Small tattoos for men also fit better in certain workplaces. A small tattoo on your chest or biceps is also easy to cover up before heading off to work. This is how you get the body art you want without your boss or clients questioning your professionalism.

Small tattoos for men with great meaning

young blond man with back tattoo dream catcher

Even if you want to have a lot of tattoos, you might not want to take up all of your space with a few large tattoos. Our interests change over time. Just as you change the posters on your wall or the picture on your desktop, you can also present new interests with small tattoos. Sometimes a simple tattoo can even be more artistic than a large, full-color variant.

colored sunglasses tattoo on forearm with skyscrapers and sky

For example, when companies design logos, they try to keep them small and simple, but also artistic enough to pique your interest. With this in mind, little men tattoos can be quite artistic in their minimalism. However, this also requires a lot of creativity in order to realize ideas in the easiest possible way. Likewise, a small tattoo can mean a lot. From religious symbols to tattooed wedding rings, small and simple tattoos can be used to remind yourself of the deepest and most important events in your life.

Small chest tattoo

writing tattoo on the chest with statement as small tattoos men

While many men think that a large chest tattoo is the best option when tattooing this area, a small and simple variation can look even better. If you plan to spread this across your arms, it will be held together by a large chest piece and will look amazing too. Otherwise it will keep getting small.

Wrist tattoo

ideas for little men tattoos with meaning and meaning on the wrist

It’s your wrist, it’s not a very large surface area so naturally go for a smaller design. The wrist is a nice flat piece of skin that your tattoo artist can work with as well. So it looks good, regardless of whether it is a lettering or a drawing. Again, if it’s your first tattoo, it can be a good place to experiment to see if you want more.

Small tattoos for men on the arm

michaelangelo tattoo hands small tattoos adams creation

Depending on the size and length of the tattoo, think about where it will look best. If it’s something really small, maybe you could place it on the very top of your arm. Otherwise, the back of the arm is another good spot, just above your elbow. If the design is a little longer, the accent in the middle of the arm looks great. However, you should be careful when choosing the designs because you don’t want something to come out that doesn’t belong there.

Forearm tattoo

flying birds depicted as small tattoos men for a subtle look

Your forearm is the perfect size for a small to medium-sized tattoo design. Plus, there is so much to choose from with its interface. It’s a decent area for a long script that won’t just fit over your wrist. Otherwise, you could also go for a cool shape or design that sits right under where your arm bends.

Back tattoo

father with back tattoo angel holds his child thematically

Rather, if you’re getting a single small back tattoo, stick to the upper back area. So either the side or the middle of the back is a great place for a tattoo to create small for man. Just remember, whatever you choose, it should be centered. This means you have to place it either along your spine or right between your shoulders and under your neck.

Hand tattoos keep men small

small tattoos men on the forearm door stairs with planets

The hand is an easy place to get a small tattoo. While these types of tattoos look amazing the first time you finish them, they tend to fade quickly. This means that the ink should be thicker. Usually this happens because our hands spend quite a bit of time in the water, which affects the tattoo. However, keep this information in mind and talk to your tattoo artist about it before you decide to go for it.

Neck tattoo

dark-haired man with beard and bird tattoo on the neck in the back area under the ear

If you are considering getting a neck tattoo then you have made a bold decision. It’s usually an area to get inked with after you’ve already had a few tattoos. However, if it’s your preferred location and you want something small, then you have plenty of choices. Either writing or symbols running down the side or the nape of the neck, or a small piece of art roughly behind the ear are a good way to go.

Tattoo on the face

tattoo small man on the face cross tattoo and sleeve tattoos on fingers

Before getting a tattoo on your face you should think carefully. However, if you’ve already done this and are still committed to the idea, the best place to place it is on your cheekbones. This is probably not the best spot if this is your first tattoo. You might want to try something finer first and slowly work your way up to something as brave as this.

Rib tattoo

david beckham rib tattoo writing show under the shirt

The ribs can be a great place for a small tattoo for many reasons. A rib tattoo is easy to hide under clothing and there is plenty of room in the area. This means you can choose from many different locations, such as right on the side of your body or slightly forward or backward. Both art and lettering look great here, making the area a versatile spot for small tattoos.

Small tattoos for men – leg tattoo

leg tattoo under the thigh and on the ankle

Leg tattoos give you a variety of options. You have to decide whether you want it on the thigh or the lower leg. And then whether you want to have it stabbed on the back, the front or the side. Think about the design you want and then decide where the best placement is for it. You can play with your decisions before making the final choice.

Foot tattoo

wave tattoo design on foot tattoo for men

The surface of your foot allows only a small design. Hence, it is an easy choice of placement if you don’t want your tattoo to look lonely under all of your skin. It’s also an easy-to-hide place that comes in handy when you don’t want the tattoo to be seen 24/7. Once you’ve made up your mind to tattoo your foot, you may want to think about your pain threshold. Sure, it will be a small tattoo so it shouldn’t take too long. However, it will be a bit crumbly while the tattoo artist does it.

Tattoo crown

Crown tattoo on the back in gray with number

You have two options with this design. You can either have a black outline of a crown engraved or make it more detailed. Small tattoos for men tend to look great when intricately designed. You just have to make sure you find the right artist. In general, you should find someone who specializes in fine lines for the best result possible.

Animal tattoos

small wolf tattoo in black and white on the forearm as a sea animal totem

Animal tattoos tend to be great designs, whether you are getting a replica of your beloved pet or your soul animal, guardian animal, or totem. You can play with your design by, for example, adding geometric shapes or inserting a picture into the animal’s body. For example, if you get a bear, you can include a forest in the design. Portrayed animal tattoos can also look detailed and realistic if done by a good artist. When getting a tattoo, you should put a lot of thought into what type of artist would suit the job.

Skull tattoo

tottenkopf tattoo combine on arm as small tattoos men in the car

Whether you are just getting the outline of a skull tattoo or you want to make it look realistic, a small design will do the trick. As much detail can be added as if you were getting triple the size or incorporating it into a sleeve. Skull tattoos always look pretty terrifying so your manhood is certainly not in question with this design.