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Finding a tattoo artist – Tips for finding the right studio and a good tattoo artist

tattoo artists find tips for searching for the right studio and good tattoo artist

Are you interested in a specific tattoo artist? If the answer is yes, you have probably tried to find his tattoo studio. Surely you’ve also been looking to see if there are perhaps a few similar places for tattoos that you can find on Google too. Additionally, if you are a perfectionist, the quality of the tattoo would be one thing that would interest you the most. There are many great tattoo artists out there, but don’t think about them like you are getting the perfect haircut from them. A tattoo is forever. For this reason, in this post we try to put together some useful information and tips about it for you.

Find the right tattoo artist

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There are great hairdressers and barbershops where you can cut your hair or beard in style. In a barber shop, however, the haircut will cost you more because it underpins its quality. This is the same ideology that you need to consider when choosing a tattoo studio or from a specific tattoo artist. If you are looking for the right quality, you have to pay more for it too.

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First and foremost, it is also important to pay attention to hygiene in the studio. A tattoo artist is not required to take such training, which can lead to health problems. That’s a fact that isn’t a bad thing either. In our opinion, it only makes sense if you select some of the best quality work that is usually hugely rewarded. Follow the next simple steps and you will be able to easily find your next tattoo artist in no time.

Step 1: Sign in to Instagram

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Regardless of whether you are using a computer or a smartphone, the first thing you can do with this regard is to create an Instagram profile. If you live under a rock and don’t know what Instagram is, it’s basically a blog made up of pictures – like a virtual bulletin board. You can upload, share, and search millions of images from around the world.

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In addition, Instagram is freely accessible to users with an internet connection. Many studios and tattoo artists have logically turned this brilliant marketing strategy to their advantage. With this method, it becomes easy to determine what styles and qualities each studio and tattoo artist can produce.

Step 2: Search under “Places” with Google for tattoo artist

google maps find places tattoo artist search

After you click the Places tab and start typing, you’ll see a list of places. These are accordingly relevant to what is in the search bar. For all non-tech savvy people, there is also an image from the Instagram app that can help you navigate.

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The desktop version of Instagram is so smart that you don’t have to click through different tabs. Anyway and whatever you type in the search bar will return a mix of relevant users, hashtags, and locations. You may have to scroll down a bit to find the locations and tattoo artists in your area. If you get lost, you will find a screenshot of the desktop version here, which can also help you with this.

Just look around

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Now there should be a generous list of tattoo parlors and artists in your area. Not only is this a lot easier than trying Google or asking around, but it’s also more efficient. Each place you click shows where it is on the map and any Instagram photos that mark that particular place. In simple terms, you can now compare the varieties in style and quality between these studios and artists in your area. Accessing this knowledge should make it clear which studio or tattoo artist is right for you.

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You may find certain locations that you never knew existed, but that’s a huge benefit of this strategy. Generally, the locations that don’t show up at the beginning of your Google search are private studios and tattoo artists. Rarely will these advertise under the radar in public because they are not like any traditional low quality tattoo shop on the street.

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As a rule, private studios produce such high-quality works of art. They can be booked a few months in advance. For this reason, make sure that you contact them quickly or in good time.

What does a tattoo cost?

Pay attention to quality and use quality materials for tattoos

It is an unknown fact that the cost of a tattoo does not necessarily depend on its size. If you are looking for the best value for money, you must also take into account the disinfection and sterilization costs incurred by the tattoo artist. The preparation, the materials, the design and the level of difficulty are also included. For this reason, most studios have a starting price, even if the tattoo is just a small black dot.

Final steps

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Also, be aware that some of the photos you discovered will be uploaded by the user. So look for the photos uploaded by the tattoo studio or the artist himself. This makes browsing tattoo positions more efficient and less complicated.

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If you dig deep enough, you will discover talented tattoo artists and unique styles that you thought were only available in the other side of the country or even the world. We hope that you can find out where the best tattoo artist is through these simple ways and ideas.

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Also, don’t be afraid to show off your embarrassing tattoo that you did while studying, for example, during the spring break. The morning you wake up trying to remember who has a girl’s name etched on your bum forever can be just as fun. Or maybe the time a shady guy tried to offer you a tattoo in a bathroom. Otherwise what would life be worth without a little risk?