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Quarter socks for men – style ankle socks or other socks correctly

blue geometric figures on socks looking like socks and black tight jeans

Quarter socks are currently a big trend, which is mainly associated with the fashion of short-cut trousers. The days when sock holders were only filled with white socks are accordingly also over, although this color can always be the right one. Whether it’s about strong colors or eye-catching patterns, the standard for men’s socks has changed a lot. The tie is no longer the most important accessory in men’s clothing. Men now start with the toes first and work their way up. Try a pop of color or a fun print for chic ankles. Step on your feet and discover how to wear quarter socks and other combinations properly in this post.

Stylish outfits with quarter socks

quarter socks with sneakers and trousers ankle socks wear short socks trend for men

Socks or short socks are often confused with no show socks, but they are quite different. The latter sit under the ankle and are meant to remain hidden. Ankle socks can be worn on or slightly above the ankle while protecting your heels from chafing. So far, quarter socks have not been a real fashion accessory. This means that wearing it should be limited to the gym or other physical activity. The same rule applied to white sports socks of any length, which were mostly replaced with their black versions, which look less noticeable and look cleaner for longer.

cool combination of sports socks and sports shoes air jordan 23 for sportswear

How do you integrate this trend into your wardrobe? Well, it’s super easy and affordable, so you can grab multiple pairs of socks for it too. So you want to wear quarter socks while keeping your cool outfit. Socks are short socks that also give you more flexibility. You can combine these with formal clothes as well as with casual outfits for sporty looks.

short socks for men with toes and lettering on the underside

So the ankle socks are versatile and great to wear as they expose part of your ankle. So you can, for example, put on cropped pants or short-cut trousers to feel the pleasant breeze. Stylistically, short-shaft socks can also create a contrast between pants, socks and shoes that look good. Because so many people like socks, we’ve also compiled a list of the best sock materials.

Quarter socks made of cotton

orange socks with blue heels and toes as well as japanese symbols ankle-length trousers

You have probably already found that cotton is the best material when it comes to comfort during exercise or other occasions. The fabric is therefore suitable for both formal and sporty socks. Cotton is light, keeps your feet cooler, and is more durable than other fibers. It also keeps its shape over time. For this reason, most of the relatively inexpensive socks are made of a cotton blend or a cotton blend fabric. This makes the fabric a regular companion of your feet.

Wool socks

sheep and knitted wool sock in gels and blue

Wool has been used in sock making from the very beginning. Woolen socks keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool when the temperature rises. They also don’t absorb as much moisture as other materials. These properties make them ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing.

socks for men in different colors made of wool, cotton blend or cashmere

Pure wool socks can be scratchy and thick, so many are mixed with synthetic fibers like viscose. This blend of yarns makes them softer while improving strength and durability. The biggest disadvantage of wool socks, however, is that they cost more than cotton or synthetics.


gray suit with pink striped socks and whiskey in hand

This is a luxurious material that is similar to wool, but is softer and even more comfortable to wear. However, since it is more likely to lose its shape and be easy to tear, cashmere quarter socks require proper care. If you are investing in accessories like this, it would be better to do some hand washing to make a living. In addition, these are not suitable for the dryer.


black and white socks short socks quarter socks or ankle socks with heart shape pattern

Silk socks are often reserved for elegant black tie outfits and formal affairs. Not only are they more expensive, but they also don’t last as long as the cotton, wool, or even cashmere variants mentioned above. Silk is often blended with wool for extra warmth or with synthetic fibers for durability. This may not be the most practical choice for socks, but there is no doubt that your feet will feel chic and comfortable in them.

Light quarter socks with a statement

modern colored notes socks with ankle boots and tight jeans as current men's fashion

Bright, contrasting socks have made a comeback in recent years. Men become more conscious and self-assured with the fashionable, vibrant colors. If you go for brightly colored socks, it is best not to attract all the attention. You want people to see you, but you don’t want people to look like a clown. Pair this variant with boots or some fancy oxford shoes, but make sure your pants aren’t too short.

trend outfits for men with suits and a sporty look set colorful socks as an accent

Brightly colored and light colored socks are generally not ideal for important work meetings or really formal evening wear. However, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wears his brightly colored socks with suits, and so can you. This variation is acceptable, but be careful with the length of your pant leg.

colorful striped men's socks with elegant suits and shoes combine pink blue yellow

Wearing light-colored socks therefore requires a certain dose of self-confidence. When deciding on a color for your men’s socks, be sure to properly contrast or complement them, otherwise they will collide and look like a disaster.

Solid socks and bold patterns

Seated men in colorful clothes with only underpants and colored socks in front of the fireplace

For this purpose, it is best to use sturdy and colored socks to give your look a sense of fashionable know-how. Lightly tinted socks are the easiest way to dip your toes in impactful accessories. The next safe use after colored solid are stripes, dots or diamonds. Three of these sock patterns are timeless and allow easy styling and customization.

colorful striped men’s socks with elegant suits and shoes combine red purple blue yellow diamonds

When it comes to the question of color, we suggest that you mirror your sock color with another color that you wear above the waist. This color continuity completes your outfit. However, if you already have good color coordination, you can use whatever color swatches you want.

modern colored square-shaped pattern on socks for men with beige trousers and dark blue leather shoes

Avoid combining the pattern of your quarter socks with a pattern that is already present in your outfit. If you wear a polka dot shirt, avoid dotted socks. If you want to wear an Argyle sweater, you can leave out Argyle socks in this case. Matching patterns can look a little too intentional – and not in a good way.

yellow socks made of solid material in combination with colorful trousers and oxford shoes in black

The modern socks with colorful patterns are not for everyone, but when you wear them correctly, you can have fun. So if you like your new socks, don’t hide them from the world. Instead, try rolling up your pants or wearing shorts to flare the socks off.

colorful bright socks with yellow black and green geometric shapes as an accent for outfit

So let your socks be the star. We’re big believers in ankle socks that can show off your personality. So if you do decide to wear a modern pair of socks, consider toning down the other aspects of your overall look. The more subtle the rest of your outfit, the more noticeable your socks will be in comparison.

Hold sock holder with colorful rolled socks in a drawer

Therefore, keep your sock holder well organized. The clearer this is, the more likely it is to find the right pair for your desired outfit. Try folding your quarter socks and stacking them horizontally in a row instead of tying them together on the outside. So you always have a good idea of ​​which variant you can choose.