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Ankle-length trousers or cropped pants – wear short-cut men’s trousers in style

new york style with coats and cropped pants in winter outfit modern formal wear

With bespoke styling in everyday fashion, ankle-length pants become a key element bringing this trend together. As bold as they sound, the so-called cropped trousers with a short length can be the right item of clothing for every fashion-conscious man. Cropped pants are very versatile and can be worn with many different outfits. However, you need to know how to style these properly to achieve the striking look. Start with neutral colors and boost your confidence with colored socks, for example, to add a few pastel shades. If you’re feeling bold, you can even add a lighter color accent. Layering is also an option, but make sure that you are wearing the clothes, not the clothes you are wearing. Just read on to find out how to better customize and wear ankle length pants for each season.

Wear ankle-length pants

striped pants with white socks and denim jacket combine skater street clothes fashion

The majority of men opt for jeans or suit trousers when it comes to a chic and elegant outfit. Ankle-length pants rarely come to mind for this reason. However, these should be at the top of your list, or even in the top five of the best clothes to wear during the day or evening. So cropped pants or short-cut pants can give your style a fashionable look. So you will always be one step ahead.

jeans short cut and wide simple combination with polo shirt

So you can wear cropped pants for men both casually and formally in summer or winter. This makes them the ideal pants to invest in. You can also wear these types of fashion pieces in light, dark, or any other color you dare. It can be difficult to find pants that make your outfit look too uneven or too tight. However, once you’ve nailed it, the style will be all natural. The amount of trim determines how risky and brave you feel, but you need to get this right. If the pants are cut too long, the trend won’t be that obvious. Too short and you look like you just grew out of a pair of pants your mother bought you when you were young.

Ankle-length trousers made of linen

lovers with casual clothes ankle-length trousers plaid shirt skirt and pockets

The linen trousers for men are the ideal light variant for the summer. The loose fabric makes the fabric very breathable, while the comfort and texture make it comfortable to wear. Linen models are usually a little looser, and if you still wear these with a tight top or shirt and white trainers or Birkenstocks, your summer style will be refreshed. Light colors such as white, beige or pastel tones give the summery atmosphere an atmospheric, unique holiday look without noticing Mamma Mia.

choose cropped trousers for men in earthy shades to wear with a jacket in the wilderness

Combine a pair of ankle-length linen trousers with a short-sleeved, lightly patterned shirt and create a suitable look for a relaxed barbecue evening, for example. Also, make sure the shirt isn’t too loose, or you could lose the sense of shape and look like the fit of your outfit is generally too big. If you want to spice up the look, hit all the summer trends with white linen pants and a white shirt.

Short cut wool trousers for men

ankle-length trousers for men in black combine with shirt and oxford shoes

You probably can’t think of wool as a fabric that you will wear all year round. However, due to the breathable and durable fabric and the ability to make different thicknesses, wool is just right in both summer and winter. Ankle-length wool pants can also look quite formal, which is also a bonus. Usually this should be combined in a light or dark gray shade with a loose-fitting sweater or T-shirt.

brown ankle-length trousers with leather shoes and sweater combine with hat and backpack accessories

You should also use similar colors to focus on the pants as one of the main parts of the outfit. So in this case, think primarily of brown, blue, black, gray, and occasionally white. Layering clothes for a suitable look in winter creates a robust, just rolled out of bed, but still trendy outfit.

Wear ankle-length cargo pants

short-cut cargo pants with sneakers and a denim jacket protrude from white socks and gray coat

If you’re after more of the skater, then men’s cargo pants are a great choice as casual street wear. Functional ankle-length pants adapt to a wide variety of people, so you can pair a cool weekend look with a hat and slogan t-shirt. If you want to dress up a little more, wear your combat pants with a plain white t-shirt and denim jacket. This may not be a smart look, but when you wear it correctly, the cargo pants won’t look as casual as you might think.

Black cropped pants

plaid shirt with t shirt white sneakers and black ankle pants street style hipster

Of course, black is a key color that must be present in every man’s wardrobe. The cropped trousers are no exception. Black can be worn with almost anything, including crop pants. This is the best combination, and despite the fact that the color is dark, the pants can be designed to look great in the summer months. With a light shirt and loafers, this garment also has the summer charm.


However, if you want to dress up in this style for the winter months, a t-shirt and sweater combo with an oversized coat will also get you points. It is therefore best to wear the black men’s trousers with a long, slim-fitting shirt and a leather jacket. A pair of black moccasins will also finish off the look and give a more formal approach while staying on trend at the same time.

Wear gray ankle-length pants

gray shades outfit ankle-length trousers shirt and sports shoes elegant and casual look

An equally important and indispensable color for every wardrobe is gray. Gray sweaters, gray T-shirts and gray pants are also included. Style them with neutrals or add a colored jacket, as well as blue or brown shoes. So if you want to keep your outfit subtle and appear stylish, the gray clothes will do just the right thing for that. This also makes the body look a little longer as the color flows through the entire outfit. A gray, tight t-shirt and a pair of gray sneakers or plimsolls are the basic requirements to get such a look.

gray pants combine ankle-length wear with matching shoes and tight shirt

So make sure the gray pants are a little tighter than other models as a loose fitting version can ruin the look you want. To add a casual appeal to the outfit, a hat will instantly add a street style look and there will add an oversized bag that is both practical and fashionable. When you put all of this together, you create a sophisticated yet casual outfit that you can wear every day or for an occasion.

Pants for formal occasions

winter quilted jacket coat with white ankle-length trousers and brown moccasins turtleneck sweater sunglasses

Match the color of the pants with your jacket or blazer for more formal dress. The top doesn’t have to completely fit together, but it should be in the same direction. Darker colors work just as well as lighter colors. However, make sure that if you are dressed all in white, for example, that there is a hint of color somewhere. The color can be added through a pastel shirt, brown or blue shoes, or a brown belt that divides the outfit. For darker colors, consider keeping the shirt or t-shirt light as this will make the shorts look modern and not too much like a suit.

the right look for summer wear ankle-length trousers elegantly

When making ankle length pants look formal, it is important that you wear the right shoes. With this smart men’s outfit, loafers are the best choice. Brown or black are the best in terms of color, but they depend a lot on the color of the pants. Lighter colors with brown shoes and darker colors with black shoes keep the overall sound together and make for a well put together look.