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With these eyeliner instructions you will be successful!


 The special thing about the eyeliner is that it goes with every style. No matter whether you are just walking with friends, going to the office or going to an official dinner. It is also one of those trends that will never go out of style. With the eyeliner you can emphasize and open your eyes and turn men’s heads. You can wear the eyeliner alone for a cat’s eye effect, i.e. without additional make-up such as eyeshadow, or you can use it as the basis for the “smokey eye” effect. And although the eyeliner looks complicated at first glance, it only depends on the technology to make it perfect. To help you with that, we have one here Eyeliner instructions prepared in five simple steps that are guaranteed to have success!

Now we come to Eyeliner instructions:


1. Eyeliner instructions – Hold your head so that your chin is slightly raised. That way you have a better view. First, pick up a kohl eyeliner. Even if you actually want to use an eyeliner. With the kohl, which is easier to apply and can be wiped away if mistakes are made, you can draw the desired shape of the line more easily. Then simply repeat the eyeliner with the eyeliner. Always start at the outer corner of the eye on the upper lid. Also, notice that the thin line from the center of the eyelid becomes thicker and thicker outwards towards the back. Keep drawing the line towards the nose. Also make sure that the line is as close as possible to the lash line.


2. Eyeliner instructions – If there are any flaws or bumps, you can fix them with a sponge, cotton swab or ear swab. It is also important that the eyeliner and eyelashes do not miss each other.

3. Eyeliner instructions – For the next step, keep your head down in front of the mirror and look up. Now it’s the turn of the lower lid. Apply an eyeliner with a kohl eyeliner there too. Again, start at the outer corner. Be sure to apply the kohl to the lashes themselves.

eyeline instructions-pink-bronze-eyeshadow

4. Eyeliner instructions – You should try to connect both lines of the eyelid. This creates a softer and more natural effect. If you want to emphasize your gaze even more, you can apply two layers of mascara and an eye shadow made from a mix of bronze and gold.


5. Eyeliner instructions – You can now trace the kohl with an eyeliner. In this case, your lashes will look thicker. This makes the eyes look bigger and open optically. But you should note that the lower eyeliner should only be emphasized with a black eyeliner if you are a darker skin type. For light skin you prefer to rely on a dark brown eyeliner.


 We hope you enjoy trying these out Eyeliner instructions and wish you every success. We would also be happy if you send us your finished eyeliner. The most beautiful will be added to this article and all others will be published on our page on Facebook and Google+.

The dream of all women: the perfect eyeliner