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Tricks to help you draw the perfect eyeliner the right way

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With the following tips for a perfect eyeliner, you will be amazed at your own dexterity. The eyeliner rarely goes out of style and is particularly popular at the moment. He is often part of the make-up of the stars. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford a personal stylist who can put our make-up on our eyes perfectly. With the following tricks and a little extra effort, you’ll be able to do a den all by yourself Eyeliner right draw can.

Helpful tricks for drawing eyeliner correctly

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1. A sure hand

This is one of the most important requirements for a straight and perfect Draw the eyeliner correctly. It is imperative that your hand be secure and not tremble. If that’s not the case for you, you can help yourself by resting your elbow on the table. This will make it easier to put on your make-up and reduce the likelihood that you will have to remove the line and redraw it.

2. A liquid eyeliner

If you have trouble drawing a straight line, you will most likely not be able to get the wing (the curved end of the eyeliner) either. So if it is more difficult for you to draw the perfect eyeliner with a Khajal, you can try a liquid or gel eyeliner. They are softer than the khajal and don’t scratch the eyelid like that.

3. Make a “sketch” for the perfect eyeliner

Before you shape the wing, mark the point on the outer end of the eye where you want it to end. It should be just a little above the outer corner of the eye. Otherwise, the end result will be rather ridiculous. Repeat the same thing with the other eye so they become the same.

Pull the eyeliner right and look irresistible!

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4. Start slowly

Don’t try to draw a thick line right away, as you might screw the line up. Start with a thinner and lighter line. After that, you can still darken or thicken it. Even if more time is required for the perfect eyeliner, this is the best way to guarantee a satisfactory result. In addition, the whole thing will certainly take more to complete if you have to constantly remove and redraw the eyeliner.

5. Errors in applying the perfect eyeliner can be corrected

Have ear swabs and make-up remover ready, because no matter how careful you are, mistakes can occur. They will be of advantage to you when it is not absolutely necessary to remove everything, but only to correct something.

6. Uniformity for one Draw the eyeliner correctly

Make sure that the length as well as the thickness and shape of the eyeliner of one eye match that of the other.

Correctly draw the eyeliner to achieve a dramatic look

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7. Artificial eyelashes as an additional accent

Many stick on fake eyelashes for a more dramatic look. If you’ve only recently started using eyeliner lines, you will likely have a tendency to attach your lashes first and then draw the eyeliner line. It should be the other way around. Do that first Draw the eyeliner correctly and then take care of the eyelashes. There will be no visible distance between your and the artificial eyelashes.

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