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Smokey eyes make-up – how the stars put on make-up


That Smokey eyes makeup is most likely so popular because it not only looks great, but fits almost every type and can be worn on all kinds of occasions, regardless of whether they take place during the day or in the evening. The smoky-eye effect makes the eyes look bigger. The view also seems to be deeper and more magical.

Smokey eyes makeup for green eyes

Smokey Eyes Make-up make-up-purple-nuance-kristen-stewart

Regarding the color for that Smokey eyes makeup Incidentally, you have a free choice. The eye make-up can also be designed in dark gray tones, as well as in light, neutral and bright colors. The choice of color should best match the occasion, your outfit and your type. Below we have a couple of interesting examples of that Smokey eyes makeup of the stars for you, from whom you can be inspired. There is something for every skin and hair type and for every eye color. We hope you enjoy copying!

Smokey eyes makeup for brown eyes

Smokey Eyes Make-up -black-vanessa-hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Smokey Eyes Make-up blue-eyes-lipstick-skin-color-olivia-wilde

Olivia Wilde


Jessica Alba


Eva Longoria


Debra Messing


Nicole Scherzinger


Ashley Benson


Kristen Steward

tyra-banks-smokey-eyes-make-up-green-eyes-lipstick-skin color

Tyra Banks