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Radiant make-up styling in gold for New Year’s Eve

Nuances eyeshadow eyes New Year's Eve make-up

 Are you looking for a new make-up for New Year’s Eve? Then we have just the thing for you here and it suits both brunette, red and blonde hair. Surprise your friends with one Make-up styling in gold for New Year’s Eve and forget about the simple styling that you use in everyday life.

And this is how the makeup styling in gold is done:

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1. The makeup

As with any makeup, you should start by applying a moisturizer. This is not only used to moisturize the skin, but also to ensure that Make-up styling in gold lasts longer and looks more natural. Let the cream soak in. Next, apply the makeup. For the occasion and to match the rest of the styling, it’s best to choose light-reflecting make-up. This way your face will get an extra shine and will ensure that you radiate positive energy throughout the evening.

Next is the T zone for that Make-up styling in gold your turn. This means the forehead, the area under the eyes, the nose and the middle of the chin. You should make this area a little lighter. To do this, simply use make-up in a lighter shade or a light correction pencil.

It is best to choose the blush for the cheeks in a beige shade with a golden shimmer.

2. And this is how the makeup styling in gold is done: The lips

Lips gold make-up ideas New Years Eve

Take a lip liner and trace the contours of the lips. You should then use it to apply make-up to the entire lips. This has the advantage that the actual lipstick lasts longer. When it comes to choosing lipstick, you have a wide range of choices. The only requirement for that Make-up styling in gold is that you choose a shade with a golden sheen. You can choose a shade of pink or brown. Bright red colors with a golden shimmer are just as effective. It all depends on your taste and type. After applying it, dab it off with a napkin or handkerchief and apply it a second time.

If you are for the Make-up styling in gold If you want extra shine, you can apply a lip gloss to the lipstick. In this case, however, you should have it with you all evening as it won’t last that long. But you can reapply it regularly.

3. Emphasize the eyes

Make-up tips ideas eyes New Years Eve

Especially with the eyes, it is important that you stand out, shine and attract the looks of others. After all, as you know, the eyes are called the windows to the soul. You should also take care of the eyes Make-up styling in gold fall back on the golden shimmer. To do this, choose a golden eye shadow in a strong color that you apply to the entire upper lid, as well as a little under the eye and on the inner corner of the eye. But even if you don’t have an eyeshadow in a strong gold shade, but rather it is pale, that’s not a problem. In this case, just apply a thicker layer.

The eyes Make-up styling in gold can last longer by applying a golden eyeliner beforehand. Only then does the golden eyeshadow come. Next, take a brown eyeliner pencil. You can use it to add extra emphasis to your eyes by applying it to the end of the eye. Finally, a black mascara is added. As you apply it, be sure to separate the lashes well.

Do you prefer more extravagant ideas? Then raise for that Make-up styling in gold Make your eyebrows stand out with a glitter gel. To do this, dip an eyebrow brush into the gel and run it through your eyebrows. In addition to this, you can also apply a glittery mascara after the black mascara.

4. The fingernails

Nail design ideas to celebrate New Year's Eve

As you can probably guess, you should also style your nails in gold. You don’t have to overdo it, of course. So if you are reluctant to paint your nails entirely in gold, you can go for that instead Make-up styling in gold Apply your favorite nail polish and top it with a layer of clear polish with golden glitter. If you also want to decorate the nails, you can use rhinestones, crystals or Swarovski.

5. The clothes

New Year's Eve long pleated skirt

Should you have decided, Make-up styling in gold To use for New Year’s Eve, of course, you should also choose the clothes accordingly. It should match him in terms of both style and color. Therefore, choose an outfit from either brown, yellow or golden shades.

6. The jewelry

Jewelry ideas party evening

You shouldn’t overdo it with the jewelry, which should of course be made of gold. Choose for that Make-up styling in gold simpler variant, such as, for example, a thin chain with a pretty pendant and hanging earrings.

With this Make-up styling in gold you will attract everyone’s attention and are guaranteed to feel beautiful. We wish you a lot of fun copying and a pleasant New Year’s Eve!

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