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Modern fingernail manicure – make it suitable, depending on the zodiac sign

Fingernails manicure fire-red-almond shape

Every modern woman nowadays is interested in her fingernail manicure. Depending on the zodiac sign, different designs will suit your nails. Would you like the design of your fingernails to reveal your zodiac sign? You are definitely asking yourself which color of the base coat you should use … How which one?! .. Of course, the one that should match the color of your zodiac sign! Here are a few ideas, depending on your zodiac sign.

Fingernails manicure: Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


These fiery zodiac signs are the best fit Fingernails manicure in colors like red and yellow and everything in between.

These colors explain and embody all the warmth and strength of these “fiery” zodiac signs. Then use red nail polish as a base. Then the nails are adorned with “golden” stones and “metal beads”. A silver border is made on the tips of the nails. As a top coat, you could use a clear or body-colored nail polish.



modern-fingernail-manicure-stiletto-nails-bright red

Jagged fingernails dark red design manicure zodiac sign

nail polish ideas design red fiery zodiac-appropriate colors

Ideas for manicure fingernails red fire zodiac sign aries-leo sagittarius

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Manicure design trends dark blue lacquer trends ombre lips

Nail design earth color nuances pearls matt shimmering green

The colors pink, green, light and dark blue match these characters.

Nail varnish design ideas Earth Taurus-Virgo Capricorn zodiac sign

Another option would be all the shades of brown. Everything that is round is suitable for this zodiac sign – all round shapes. The nail design should be adorned with metallic elements and of course on top – a colorless top varnish that fixes the whole thing.

Finger design nails manicure ideas pink shades-ombre colors

Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

brightly painted nails ideas based on the zodiac sign Gemini Libra Aquarius

Colors: silver, white, light blue, orange, yellow

nail polish design modern ideas white black swab

The nail design includes dark blue, white and black. There are also various stones to match, followed by a top varnish, without color.

Blue nail polish manicure idea zodiac sign air

Coloring yellow nail polish design ideas according to zodiac signs

Jagged nail trends Design paint tips glitter particles

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

colors nail polish neon details-manicure fingernails design ideas

Nail polishes in the color pink are suitable for these zodiac signs. Miniature stones, small rhinestones, and tiny pearls would also look very good. Then don’t forget – the top varnish – it fixes everything. A white border could be made at the tip of the nail.

Manicure design finger nails decoration stones water cancer scorpion fish