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Makeup Tips You Didn’t Know About


With a few Makeup tips and Tricks you will get a professional and fabulous makeup. It sometimes takes years for every woman to discover for herself which face shape, which color, how much make-up and how best to apply it. In the end you find your routine and in a few minutes you can put emphasis on certain facial contours and hide your others. In today’s article you will find 12 good tricks and tips for successful daily makeup.

Makeup Tips- How To Liquify A Lumpy Mascara


Every woman can confess that her mascara dries out quickly over time and forms an unsightly lumpy mass. The professional Makeup tips state that you shouldn’t try to pump out your mascara every time. Although they should be changed every third to fourth month, the women try to get the little remaining amount out with the applicator. To do this, you should fill in a drop or two of a good eye drop agent and mix the inside nicely with the applicator. You won’t believe how it becomes liquid. Almost like a new mascara!

Makeup Tips Before You Apply Your Lipstick


These Makeup tips will really surprise you; before applying your lipstick, do a little peeling off your lips. With sugar and coconut oil and a baby toothbrush, your lips will be soft and fine. This is the handmade bark, otherwise Vaseline or your lip balm could also be used, but not more effective than the first method mentioned.


 The highlights on your eyelids

 There are three places on your eyelids to start applying lighter makeup – the inner corner of the eye, the center of the eye, and the second half of the eyebrow. Then use the darker eye shadow and colors.


Soften your bags under the eyes

Lighten the area of ​​the wrinkle and apply a dark foundation or concealer to the swollen area of ​​the eye bags.


Tesafilm stencil for a perfect cat-eye look and get straight lines from the eyeliner or kajal pencil


Apply blush on the right spot on your cheekbones depending on the shape of your face

Use a plastic spoon for the lower eyelids

Use a plastic spoon to protect against mascara marks when you apply it to the lower lashes


When applying make-up, you will have to determine what eye shape you have and what kind of look you want to imply

white kohl pencil

For a bigger look, use a white kohl pencil in the lower inner area of ​​the eye instead of a black eyeliner


Seal the base of the eyelashes only halfway for an almost invisible approach


You bought a glossy eyeshadow and found at home that it was matte !? Apply a white kohl pencil to the entire eyelid and then cover with the purchased dull make-up.

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