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Makeup Tips and Tricks – Apply a dark lipstick

make-up tips and tricks for applying darker lipstick stars

Lipstick is a woman’s trademark. If you’d like to try a dark lipstick but aren’t sure how to apply it, we’ve got a few to help you Make-up tips and tricks for her. With you, you don’t need to be afraid of looking like a gothic teen in the end, either.

1. Make-up tips and tricks – The best way to make your lips look fuller in a natural way is to use lipstain. This is a product that is similar to lipstick, but not as opaque as lipstick. It is best to choose a berry color or wine and apply the lipstain with your finger in dabbing movements on the lips.

Make-up tips and tricks – lipstain

Make-up tips and tricks darker-lipstick-plum-aubergine

2. When choosing the color, you should be guided by the color of your skin. Do you have darker skin? Then purple nuances are best. Lighter skin types, on the other hand, should rely on berry tones.

3. Make-up tips and tricks – With a dark lipstick, unkempt lips are particularly noticeable. Because of this, you should prepare them well. For example, use an exfoliating cream to remove dry flakes of skin. Beeswax and jojoba oil are best for greasing the lips.

Make-up tips and tricks – Lipstick tailored to the skin type

Make-up tips and tricks darker-lipstick-purple-berry toene

4. If you want to make up your lips with a dark lipstick, you should not forget the lip liner. But you should apply this before the lipstick so that it can last longer.

5. Make-up tips and tricks – Since a dark lipstick is quite noticeable, the rest of the makeup should be kept simple and natural. For the eye make-up, for example, choose neutral, pastel colors. The only thing you are allowed to emphasize is the eyelashes.

As long as you have this Make-up tips and tricks note, you are guaranteed to have success with your modern styling and amaze everyone present.

Vanessa Hudgens


 beautiful full lips

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 dark lipstick looks especially good on blondes

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Berry tones lipstick

Make-up tips-tricks-darker-lipstick-berry toene

 chocolate lipstick for green eyes

Make-up tips-tricks-darker-lipstick-evening-make-up

 Emma Watson

Make-up tips-tricks-burgundy-red-lipstick-emma-watson

 Megan Fox

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 Jessica Alba


Make-up tips-tricks-darker-lipstick-marsala-color-jewelry-large-mediterranean-skin type

Make-up tips-tricks-darker-lipstick-marsala-color-mediterranean-skin-type

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Make-up tips-tricks-dark-lipstick-marsala-color-dress-party

Make-up tips-tricks-dark-lipstick-marsala-color-boho-style-chic-make-up