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Make-up tips for a glamorous New Year’s party make-up

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At the end of the month it’s that time again: It’s party time! Of course, a woman has to look beautiful and stylish on New Year’s Eve! Finally pamper yourself with luxurious perfume and cosmetic products and a flashy one New Years Eve Party Make-Up! So if you are looking for suitable ideas, here are a few tips and hopefully inspiration for individual make-up!

New Year’s Eve Party Make-Up – Trendy Looks

Eyes make-up ideas New Year's Eve party make-up tips for a radiant look

Opt for two optimal facial zones that you want to emphasize. Either lips and eyes, lips and cheeks, or cheeks and eyes. You can cover imperfections, redness and dark circles with a concealer. To achieve a smoothing effect, you need a good primer that can be easily spread and does not leave any edges. A radiant complexion will make you look even more elegant at the party.

Highlight car bones with a powder

Apply eyeliner-Pink Lips-Glos New Years Eve Party Make-Up Tips

Choose powder in a shade that matches the skin color. So you can give your face beautiful contours. Rose-colored blush looks better on lighter skin types, while peach-colored blush is suitable for bronze-colored skin. Powder and blush are applied with a bushy brush.

Eye highlights

Eyes make-up Festive rainbow-colorful party-ideas make-up

Smokey-Eyes is a universal party make-up that is suitable for almost every occasion. Mysterious and expressive eyes are best created with monochrome eyeshadow, with a voluminous mascara and eyeliner. But the perfect nightlife make-up can be a little more glamorous. Shimmering colors are particularly effective.

Lengthen eyelashes

False eyelashes red orange flaming ombre-eyeshadow correctly-apply ideas

Shimmering eye shadows in earth tones are considered suitable for every occasion. But an effective New Year’s party make-up is best achieved with metallic tones – gold, bronze, silver and with narrow brocade particles.

Sensual lips

New Year's Eve party look Glamorous look-false lashes-ombre eyes properly make-up

The perfect New Year’s party make-up contains its finish on the lips. If you have strong eye make-up, you should avoid expressive lips. You can do this with a light, transparent gloss. Red and dark lips are seductive as they remind you of the femme fatale look.

Glue rhinestones to the edge of the eyelid or eyelash line

false eyelashes-shiny eyes-ideas evening make-up-rhinestones

Emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes

Metallic eyeshadows really make-up on light skin type cheeks. Apply blush

Highlight lips through naturalness

Party Make Up New Year's Eve Ideas Red-Lips Eyes Green bright

Ombre lips lip gloss makeup trends evening nail polish design blue

Dark purple-lip contours-make-up ideas-makeup-tricks-tips-new year's eve

Make up ideas purple lips make up black lipstick

festive look glittering lips-red lipstick-decorative stones make-up New Year's Eve

Evening make-up New Year's Eve party blue shimmer lipstick nail polish

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