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Make-up idea for a quick start to the day

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You probably know that: after a long night you wake up in the morning and look for a way to freshen up as quickly as possible. But even on every other, ordinary morning we sometimes wish to be able to get ready with just a snap of our fingers. Well, while we can’t work miracles, in this article we’re going to show you one Makeup idea, with which you can freshen up your look in just a few steps and with only 3 cosmetic products. In addition to the following instructions for the Makeup idea we also have instructions in pictures that illustrate the individual steps even better.

Natural makeup idea – instructions in several simple steps

Make-up ideas apply powder 1

1. Apply an eyeliner made of a light, skin-colored Kayal.

2. Apply a creamy or powdery eye shadow with a pearl sheen on the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

3. Makeup idea – Next, pick up a brown or black kohl eyeliner. Use it to draw an eyeliner on the upper lid. This should run from the outside to the middle.

4. Smear the line with a brush.

5. After curling the lashes, apply a volumizing mascara.

And the make-up is done. As you can see this takes Makeup idea takes very little time and is perfect in moments when you do not have that much time or even inclination to get ready, but you still value it. Have fun trying these out Makeup idea!

Make-up idea for beginners – explained step by step with photos

Apply make-up to face concealer 2

Apply concealer

Instructions distribute the concealer evenly 3

Apply powder

Make-up instructions step 4

Powder the eyelids as well

Make up instructions Eye brush emphasize 5

Apply light eyeshadow

Apply makeup eyeshadow top 6

Apply dark eyeshadow

Ideas, of course, suitable for everyday use, fast 7

dark light brushes mix colors 8Ideas light dark color 9

emphasize eyeshadow darker shade 10

Mixing ideas light and dark 11

Eyes accentuate beautifully in style Instructions12apply ideas beautiful color 13

Make-up 5 minutes photo instructions 14

Crotch cheeks emphasize eyes 15apply lip gloss natural shade 16

Everyday quick eyeshadow mascara final result